Who Won Season 10 of America's Got Talent?

America's got some serious new talent! Tonight's two-hour finale slowly took the top ten acts and whittled them down to five, including mentalist Oz Pearlman, comedian Drew Lynch, professional regurgitator The Professional Regurgitator (also known as Stevie Starr), R&B duo the Craig Lewis Band, and ventriloquist Paul Zerdin. In the end, it was down to Lynch and Zerdin, but only one act could win the million dollars and show on the Vegas strip. That act was... Paul Zerdin!  Host Nick Cannon revealed that there was only a 1% difference in votes between the two men, who both impressed the judges and America on a consistent basis throughout the season.  Zerdin is...
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America's Got Talent Finale: Who Will Win? (And Who Should Win?)

America's Got Talent Finale: Who Will Win? (And Who Should Win?)
The 10 remaining acts in America’s Got Talent‘s 10th season have spent nearly three months pouring their blood, sweat and (in some cases) contents of their stomachs into the competition — and in a few hours (9:57/8:57c-ish) , a victor shall be crowned.

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But before the winner is revealed, let’s take a look at the 10 remaining hopefuls:

* Oz Pearlman, the mentalist — no not that mentalist — has a pretty decent shot at the Top 5.

* Uzeyer Novruzov, the ladder acrobat, barely escaped elimination last week. (Thanks, Dunkin Donuts!) Talented though he may be,
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Howie Mandel Makes Bulimia Joke And Then Immediately Apologizes On ‘America’s Got Talent’

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Howie Mandel made an insensitive comment about eating disorders on Wednesday’s live broadcast of America’s Got Talent. When contestant Stevie Starr, who is a professional reguritator (Aka he swallows random objects whole and brings them back up in one piece), was being judged, Mandel praised him in a politically incorrect way. “This would probably come […]

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Howie Mandel Apologizes for Insensitive Eating Disorder Comments: "I Made Light of Bulimia"

Sowie, says Howie. America's Got Talent judge Howie Mandel apologized on Tuesday, Aug. 25, after his ill-conceived joke about eating disorders during the show's live broadcast sparked backlash on social media. Mandel, 59, praised fan favorite Stevie Starr — "The Regurgitator" — a professional who swallows objects whole and well, regurgitates the items. Only Mandel's praise fell flat. "This would probably come out wrong," Mandel told Starr during the broadcast. "But you, sir, make bulimia entertaining." Immediately, fans reacted with outrage, lashing out against Mandel for his insensitive comments. Mandel [...]
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Howie Mandel Apologizes For Bulimia Joke On ‘America’s Got Talent’

The pitfalls of live television in the era of social media continue: Comedian Howie Mandel found himself in hot water Tuesday night over an ill-conceived bulimia joke on a live episode of NBC’s America’s Got Talent that sparked immediate backlash on social media. Mandel shared his suspicion that the joke would likely not go well but proceeded with it anyway. Capping a rousing judge reaction to the act of a fan favorite, The Regurgitator (Stevie Starr), who swallows…
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Howie Mandel Apologizes for Calling Bulimia ''Entertaining'' on America's Got Talent

Howie Mandel Apologizes for Calling Bulimia ''Entertaining'' on America's Got Talent
Howie Mandel is doing damage control. The America's Got Talent judge is apologizing after making a comment that wasn't well-recieved during tonight's live telecast. It all started when fan-favorite Stevie Starr, who is known as a "professional reguritator"—for his talent of swallowing random objects whole, and managing to bring them back up in one piece—was being praised by Mandel on the show. Admitting that his remark would "probably come out wrong," the comedian declared, "You, sir, make bulimia entertaining." Oof. There wasn't an immediate reaction from the audience, but it seems as though Mandel caught wind of backlash on social media,...
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WWE Sign Welsh Wrestler Steve Evans

WWE have signed Welsh wrestler Steve Evans who currently works under the name ‘Stevie Starr’, to a development contract. Evans was spotted by WWE scouts while working an event at the 02 Arena in London last April. Evans who is 28 years old and from Swansea in South Wales was wrestling for the promoter of Welsh Wrestling, Alan Ravenhill when he was caught the eye of WWE officials.

Giving an interview to the local paper in South Wales ‘The Evening Post’, Steve had this to say:

In regards to his current ring name:

Once I get over there, I am their property.

They can call me what they want.

His ability in the ring and the opportunity he’s been given:

Everyone says I’m quite athletic.

I’m a guy who can move around.

I can do some high flying.

I’m just going to go out to America on my own to start.
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Britain’s Got Talent 2010: Judges didn’t expect Spelbound’s throwing trick

Britain’s Got More Talemt presenter Stephen Mulhern has revealed that the Got Talent judges had no idea that Spelbound were going to be throwing people over their heads on Saturday night’s final.

As part of their impressive Bgt finale routine, a few of the gymnastic acrobat group gathered behind the judges table and proceeded to throw a member back and forward over their heads. Amanda Holden looked genuinely shocked when she realised what was going on and Stephen has revealed that she wasn’t acting.

He told Phil and Holly on This Morning:

“What the viewers at home won’t know is on the night, they came up behind the judges at the very last minute so the judges had no idea. So anyone that has filmed or recorded it should watch the judges after he flies over them. It’s amazing!”

“They never see the rehearsals, well
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Britain’s Got Talent 2010: voting percentages revealed

ITV have released the voting figures for this year’s Britain’s Got Talent series and they proved that in most cases, the judging panel sent the right act through to Saturday’s final show.

Each night, when the judges chose between the acts in second and third place, they made the right decision, except on Tuesday 1st of June when they saved boyband Connected at the expense of singing doorman Neil Fullard.

On that occasion, Neil received 17.2% of the public vote, while Connected got only 15.2%.

The figures also revealed that winning group Spelbound attracted a whopping 62% of the public vote on their semi final show, the highest result of the week and in second place were Tina and Chandi, with 58.1% on Tuesday night.

Check out the full table of results below.

Semi-final 1

Spelbound – 62.4%

Tobias Mead – 14.3%

Olivia Archbold – 11.3%

Stevie Starr – 6.4%

Josh Barry – 1.7%

Threebee – 1.7%

Kevin Cruise – 1.5%

Sean Sheehan – 0.7%

Semi-final 2

Tina and
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Britain's Got Talent 'Regurgitator' Act Prompts Complaints

Media watchdog Ofcom is investigating viewer complaints about Monday night's episode of Britain's Got Talent. Stevie Starr, also known as The Regurgitator, was seen swallowing a lightbulb, a mobile phone and an engagement ring belonging to judge Amanda Holden. ITV1 broadcast a warning before the act was shown, urging people not to try the stunts at home, but according to Ofcom "a handful" of viewers were concerned that the act would encourage young children to emulate Stevie's behaviour.
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Britain’s Got Talent: Amanda Holden ‘terrified’ by Stevie Starr ring trick

Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden has admitted that she was ‘terrified’ when Stevie ‘The Regurgitator’ Starr swallowed her ring last night.

On the first Bgt semi final, Stevie swallowed Amanda’s engagement ring along with a locked padlock, and a key. He then appeared to unlock the padlock, insert the ring and relock it before regurgitating all three items up again.

Today she wrote on Twitter: “I honestly was terrified I’d lose my ring last night! Chris was on the edge of his seat even though it’s insured!”

Britain’s Got More Talent presenter Stephen Mulhern attempted to silence cynics earlier today and insisted that Stevie wasn’t using illusions on last night’s show. More here.

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Britain’s Got Talent 2010: Stephen Mulhern says Stevie Starr ‘The Regurgitator’ is the real thing

Britain’s Got More Talent presenter Stephen Mulhern appeared on This Morning today and told Eamon and Ruth that Stevie Starr really can regurgitate on demand.

On last night’s Bgt semi final, Stevie swallowed Amanda Holden’s engagement ring along with a locked padlock, and a key. He then appeared to unlock the padlock, insert the ring and relock it before regurgitating all three items up again. In a bid to silence the many cynics, when asked if it was some sort of trick, Stephen Mulhern replied:

Everybody asks me this and do you know something, I can assure you now. It’s not a slight of hand, it’s not misdirection, this guy is a regurgitator. That’s what he does, he can hold it down and when he wants it to come back up as you’ve seen…he can do it!

I’ve been championing this guy!
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Stevie Starr – The Regurgitator: Britain’s Got Talent 2010 Semi Final (Video)

Stevie Starr came with a health warning from Ant & Dec on tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent semi final, with presenter Declan Donnelly telling people not to try this at home.

Stevie started by swallowing a whole light bulb…..a few stomach wobbles later and the thing came back up whole! He then asked Amanda for her engagement ring…she was Not amused…we guess that she didn’t expect this because she looked genuinely shocked and she’s just not that good an actress (did you see Big Top?)

Amanda then watched as Stevie put the ring, a padlock and a key into his tummy while he attempted to open the lock with his key, insert the ring and then lock the padlock Before bringing it back up. He did it…..but was it real? Can someone really do that? It didn’t even appear to be covered in bile or salvia or anything…
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Britain’s Got Talent 2010: Final 40 revealed!

On tonight’s final Britain’s Got Talent audition show, we saw the judging panel deliberate and choose their final forty acts who will appear on next year’s live semi finals.

After bringing the few hundred hopeful act down to London and making them wait for hours, Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan finally reached a decision and revealed who had made it and who was going home.

Check out the list of this years finalists below (we will be updating it as soon as names come in) and make sure you leave your comments below. Do you agree with the judges choices? Did your favourite make it through? Let us know!

Tyler Patterson

Paul Burling

Chloe Hickinbottom

Christopher Stone: singing accountant

Michael Sr & Jr Fayombo

Maxxie Oliver

Kevin Cruise

Sean the wood chopper

Jimmy Ford


Shaolin Team UK

Kieron Gaffney

Father & Son Graham and James
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Stephen Mulhern names best of Bgt

Stephen Mulhern has selected his three favourite 'Britain's Got Talent' acts. The television presenter - who hosts the show's spin-off programme 'Britain's Got More Talent' - is backing The Regurgitator Stevie Starr, boy band Connected and schoolgirl singer Olivia Archibald in the variety competition. He explained to WhatsOnTv: ''Connected could capture the public's vote, especially the teeny-boppers. ''Olivia is brilliant. She has such a lovely voice and isn't a pushy drama school kid. She's just genuinely got talent.'' Stephen - who used to be a TV magician - went on to praise coin swallower Stevie for his unusual talent. He stated: ''It's a genius act. He ..
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Flute Magic leave Britain’s Got Talent 2010

Just a day after husband and wife act Othelio were put out of Britain’s Got Talent, another married couple have pulled out of the show.

Flute Magic appeared on a recent audition show in which Clive Hodgson carried out magic tricks while his wife Claire played the flute.

Clive’s magic act was quite good and we were positively entranced by the little white dove, but the flute playing made our murderous urges surface. Claire was abysmal. Piers Morgan called it “therapeutic” but thankfully Simon Cowell told it straight. He said:

“Without being rude Claire, every note was out of tune.”

The pair have now announced that they will be leaving the show for “personal reasons”.

A Bgt source told The Sun: “They decided not to take part any more. We wish them well.”

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Mulhern reveals 'Got Talent' finals picks

Mulhern reveals 'Got Talent' finals picks
Stephen Mulhern has picked his three favourite acts from the Britain's Got Talent auditions. The More Talent host praised boyband Connected, 14-year-old singer Olivia Archibald and The Regurgitator Stevie Starr, describing them as the ones to watch when the live shows start next week. Speaking to WhatsOnTV, he said: "Connected could capture the public’s vote, especially the teeny-boppers. Also, there's no young boyband, all under 16 out there - plus they all can genuinely sing. "Olivia is brilliant. She has such a lovely voice and isn't a pushy drama (more)
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Britain’s Got Talent 2010: Stephen Mulhern picks Connected, Olivia Archibald & Stevie ‘The Regurgitator’ Starr as favourites

Britain’s Got More Talent presenter Stephen Mulhern has picked his three favourites on this year’s Bgt series.

Laying out his hot tips for next months live semi finals, the 33 year old presenter revealed that he is backing Connected, Olivia Archibald or Stevie ‘The Regurgitator’ Starr to win.

On Connected he told What’s On TV:

“There’s something about young boy band Connected that could capture the public’s vote, especially the teeny-boppers. Also, there’s no young boy band, all under 16 out there – plus they all can genuinely sing.”

Praising Olivia he added:

“Fourteen-year-old Olivia [who wowed judges with her rendition of Sarah McLachlan’s In The Arms Of The Angel] is brilliant. She has such a lovely voice and isn’t a pushy drama school kid, she’s just genuinely got talent that she’s now been allowed to show.”

Stephen also revealed that he likes the variety element Stevie Starr brings to the show. He said:

Stevie Starr, the Regurgitator, is also a favourite.
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Britain’s Got More Talent: Stephen Mulhern gets death threats

Britain’s Got More Talent presenter Stephen Mulhern has been on the receiving end of internet death threats, it has been claimed.

Bgt viewers set up The Stephen Mulhern Hatred Society Facebook group two weeks ago and members have posted comments such as:

“I wish sum1 would crack his f**king skull wide open and let him bleed to death.”


“I hope he dies in a fire…

A source close to Stephen told The Daily Star: “Stephen’s gutted and is worried about his safety.”

A spokesman for Mulhern said last night: “It’s an unfortunate downside to being in the public eye.”

We have to admit to finding Mulhern more than slightly irritating….let’s face it he’s no Holly Willoughby….but perhaps these haters are taking things a little too far. Lets play nice eh? He’s not that bad!

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Britain’s Got Talent 2010: Children try to copy Stevie Starr ‘The Regurgitator’

Two children have been forced to seek medical assistance after trying to copy Britain’s Got Talent hopeful Stevie Starr ‘The Regurgitator’.

Stevie stunned the Britain’s Got Talent judges on an earlier audition show, when he swallowed numbered coins and a billiard ball and then regurgitated them on demand and in order. He later claimed that he had learned the trick while trying to protect his pocket money in a children’s home.

Three-year-old Abi Busby’s was rushed to hospital last week after tring to emulate the act by swallowing a two pence coin.

Her dad told The Sun: “As the doctor was checking Abi he asked her why she had swallowed the coin. She told him ‘the magic man on TV with the yellow coat told me to do it’.

“I knew immediately she was talking about Stevie Starr as she loves to watch the show because
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