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The Syfy channel and I have not always gotten along the best. Sure, they gave me Battlestar Gallactica, but they also gave me Sanctuary, one of the worse sci-fi/fantasy shows I have ever seen. I always go into Syfy original programming with low expectations, so I didn't expect much from Witchville. Even so, Witchville was on a level of the bad movie scale that is reserved for movies like Birdemic and After Last Season, simultaneously campy, silly, and boring.

Prince Malachy (Luke Goss) is slowly traveling home taking plenty of time for boozing and carousing when his father dies. He returns home accompanied by his buddies Jason (Ed Speleers) and Erik (Andrew Pleavin), and a mystical crackpot named Kramer (Simon Thorp) claims that all the troubles facing the realm can be easily explained. There are witches around, and they need to be burned! Long story short, Kramer is right,
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Get Your Medieval On With Syfy's Witchville

With costumes unquestionably inspired by Dragon Age and Kung Fu action racing along at the speed of Chronicles of Narnia, Syfy's latest, "Witchville", is coming to set your Saturday night to a light smolder this May 22nd. Director Pearry Teo allegedly poured his heart and soul into the project so as always, I hold out hope that I'm wrong, but this new clip posted by the denizens of Syfytopia hasn't convinced me this is anything more than ... well ... more of the same for Syfy.

Summoned back to Draeganoth upon the death of his father, King Malachy (Luke Goss) discovers that witches are responsible for the blight and disease that have destroyed his kingdom. Accompanied by his knights Erik (Andrew Pleavin) and Jason (Ed Speleers) and, reluctantly, by self-proclaimed witch hunter Heinrich Kramer(Simon Thorp), Malachy sets off in search of the evil ones. Overcoming obstacles such as a rogue band of thieves,
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