Trailer for Gritty Power Rangers Web Series

This is the trailer for a new web series that offers us a different take on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. It's a more grounded, gritty take on the franchise, and it actually looks like it could be really freakin' cool! Here's the synopsis:

Evil Rebuilt. Power Reborn. - As the world celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Power Rangers, a controlling paramilitary group known as The Silver Guardians has taken over the duty of protecting the citizens of Angel Grove. Claire Ashmore (Dina Cataldi) is a former top soldier of the Silver Guardians, until she unearths the plans made by the head of the organization, General E.A. Collins (John Damroth). For the first time on the other side of a conflict, Claire must stop the Silver Guardians before it is too late. She will stumble upon the help of the ancient mythological being known as Zordon, the former mentor of the Power Rangers,
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Dark and Gritty Fan Trailer for Power Rangers Film

Just because you re-imagine something as being dark, gritty, grounded, and realistic doesn't mean it's going to make it better. It's still fun to see when fans take older properties and do it though! Here's a teaser trailer for a new vision of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers directed by Dominick Sivilli and written by Alex Gavin. The teaser has pretty solid production value, and it features the Power Rangers villain. There are no Power Rangers seen in the trailer, which I was a little bummed about, but that's ok. I was never a big fan of the Power Rangers in the first place. If you are a fan, after you watch the video let us know what you thought!

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The Big Bad (2011)

Directed by: Bryan Enk

Written by: Jessi Gotta

Cast: Jessi Gotta, Jessica Savage, Alan Rowe Kelly, Timothy McCown Reynolds

Movies like The Big Bad frustrate me. It's clear there's talent involved, but in service of what? The filmmakers obviously had some cool ideas, but they've been stitched together in such a way that we're not provided an emotional context, and by the time we are provided one, it's too late.

Think about it like this: A talented seamstress delivers to you a nicely made winter coat, but with no buttons. The coat is okay and all but, man, it really needs some buttons.

As a werewolf riff on "Little Red Riding Hood," The Big Bad does have a plot, but the tale is told in what is essentially a series of three setpieces that seem more concerned with style than story. I guess these sections could be described as acts,
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Exclusive: Adam Barnick Talks What is Scary?, Mainstream and More

A few years ago while covering Paul Solet’s Grace during what almost seems like a lifetime ago now, this writer was introduced to Adam Barnick, the mastermind behind the extensive behind-the-scenes featurettes for Anchor Bay’s home release of the title.

From the start, Barnick struck me as a filmmaker who wasn’t just about rocking out brilliant behind-the-scenes featurettes (even though he certainly raised the bar for anyone looking to make a name for themselves doing bonus material work within the horror community) but more of a storyteller looking to give fans a different perspective on the genre he holds dearest to him.

Case in point: Barnick’s 2007 short film Mainstream, which was part of Fangoria’s Blood Drive II collection of short films of that year, was a dark and surreal examination of the human condition that gave me a whole new reason to fear needles while
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Exclusive Interview: Cinematographer Dominick Sivilli Vs. Brian S


Cinematographer Dominick Sivilli recently took a time out of his busy schedule to talk about how he got into film making all the way to his new partnership in codebreakerproductions  . The guy is as talented and professional as they come but can crack a joke in an instant, just read on and you'll see! Sivilli keeps good company too, working with talented award winning actors, actresses and directors you can see why the films get the praise that they do, it's all about the chemistry.   Check out my latest "Versus" where you'll find out why Sivilli is considered to be one of the best if not the best at what he does, how Robocop got into our conversation all the way to the highly anticipated upcoming horror/slasher The Sadist and to other cool projects in the works.  

Brian  S- First off, how'd you get into film making?

DS- This
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Exclusive Interview: Director Scott W. Perry Vs. Brian S

Scott W. Perry is an independent filmmaker who I just recently have had the pleasure of getting to know some and helping to spread the good word of his new horror short called 'Something Just', which we have shared with y'all here on Gt already. Check out my latest "Versus" to find out more on this cool filmmaker, how he got into the game and see what other projects he has for us horror fans to look forward to.

Brian S- First off, how'd you get into film making?

Swp- I’ve always loved film and I guess it was just a product of being raised in the right era for horror. It’s a clichéd story but it’s a true story. My relatives never looked beyond the rating of a horror film to allow me to watch it and there were some movies I remember seeing in the theater.
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First Look: New Teaser Trailer for Scott W. Perry's upcoming indie short thriller 'Something Just'

Oh dear indie horror how I love thee! Hey peeps, here's another spanking new teaser trailer for Scott W Perry's upcoming 'Something Just' that shows just how twisted some people can be!

From YouTube:

Teaser for the upcoming short film from Slick Devil Entertainment, as featured on Starring Joseph Zaso, Jerry Murdock, Evan Robert Smith, Joslyn Jensen, and Alan Rowe Kelly as Thomas Sutcliffe. Assistant Director Jeremiah Kipp. Cinematography by Dominick Sivilli. Written, Produced, and Directed by Scott W. Perry. Go to for more information. Music from the Nine Inch Nails album "Ghosts I-iv".

We have much more on this cool looking short!

Support Indie Film!
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First Look: The Trailer For Jeremiah Kipp's Film 'The Sadist' Starring Tom Savini And Jerry Murdock

Indie film continues to make it's statement letting all of us know where the cool and original films are! I had the pleasure interviewing filmmaker Jeremiah Kipp a few months ago and I'm totally impressed with the guy and his short film 'Contact'! Here's the new trailer for The Sadist , the latest from Kipp and Big Caper Films which stars genre legend Tom Savini along with Frank Wihbey, Mackenzie Christine Hawkins, Miguel Lopez, Jerry Murdock and Santo Fazio from a story by Frank Wihbey. I'd file this one under a horror/action hybrid, watch the trailer below and give us your feedback.

If this trailer is any indication we have a bloody treat heading our way soon! We will keep y'all posted on all new things that are The Sadist!

Be on the lookout soon for my "Versus" interviews with actor Jerry Murdock. super-producer Alan Rowe Kelly and Dp Dominick Sivilli.
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Indie Horror Alert: First Trailer for Jeremiah Kipp's The Sadist

Director Jeremiah KippThe Sadist was previously known as Swine and the film stars make-up phenom Tom Savini (The Dead Matter). The script has been penned by Fangoria writer Jeremiah Kipp and The Sadist will be Kipp's debut in the director's chair. The first trailer for this feature shows a crazed Savini taunting and tormenting hunters in the bush. Maniacal eyes aside, this independent project has potential despite the challenges of a small budget. No word on the release, but low budget horror fans can look at the clip inside.

The synopsis for The Sadist here:

"The Sadist stars Savini as a combat veteran with serious psychological damage who stalks campers and hunters in the woods" (Fangoria).

Director: Jeremiah Kipp.

Writers: Frank Wihbey, Joe Pisani and Pedro Ondrush.

Cast: Tom Savini, Mackenzie Christine Hawkins, Miguel Lopez, Jerry Murdock, Santo Fazio, Zoe Daelman Chlanda, Carl Burrows and Tom Reid.

The trailer for
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Exclusive Interview: Director/Producer Jeremiah Kipp Vs. Brian S.

I was introduced to Jeremiah Kipp's creepy short film masterpiece 'Contact' just a few weeks ago and I instantly became a fan and found out alot of cool info about him afterwards. Kipp has been involved in some really cool projects from the critical smash zombie opus I Sell The Dead to the upcoming Psycho Street horror anthology. Check out my interview with filmmaker Jeremiah Kipp where we talk about the cool projects he has going on, some of the cool people he's involved with in filmmaking, working with some legendary genre vets, his acting and I brought up my crush on actress Debbie Rochon. Brian S- Hey Jeremiah, we posted your short film 'Contact' a few weeks ago and people really are digging it! It feels like I'm actually watching an episode of The Twilight Zone (on drugs) and with it being shot in
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More special screenings of new fear fare

  • Fangoria
More special screenings of new fear fare
Halloween is over, but the horror-film screenings continue. A quartet of genre features that have yet to achieve general distribution will be shown this month on opposite coasts, all with special guests on hand.

Tonight at midnight (actually 11:55 p.m.) at Los Angeles’ New Beverly Cinema (7165 Beverly Boulevard), the Grindhouse Film Festival presents a special showing of Lee Damarbre’s Smash Cut, about a horror filmmaker (played by the original Last House On The Left’s David Hess) who uses real body parts in his screen shockers. Inspired by the films of Herschell Gordon Lewis (who has an onscreen role, along with his The Wizard Of Gore star Ray Sager), the movie also features adult-film star Sasha Grey, Jesse Buck and Fango fave Michael Berryman. Demarbre and Hess will introduce the Grindhouse showing—Smash Cut’s only big-screen engagement in La—and take part in a Q&A afterward.
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A Contact high for Sinister Six festival

  • Fangoria
Fango contributor Jeremiah Kipp sent along some photos and info on Contact, a new genre short film he created for New York City’s annual Sinister Six festival, hosted by Bryan Enk every October. “This is the final incarnation of the fest,” Kipp tells us, “and since I kicked it off four years ago with my movie The Pod, I decided to go all-out and do another harrowing drug/body-horror project.”

This year’s Sinister Six will be presented Saturday, Oct. 31 at 8:15 p.m. and Sunday, November 1 at 5:15 p.m. at Millennium Film Workshop (66 East 4th Street). Kipp describes Contact, shot in black-and-white hi-def, as “a dark urban fairy tale, a kind of reboot of The Pod distilled down to the most intense, graphic elements. I thought of the movie as an emotional hand grenade about a young woman [Zoë Daelman Chlanda, from Alan Rowe Kelly’s I’LL Bury You Tomorrow and Bart Mastronardi’s Vindication] who runs away from suburbia to engage in the
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First report, exclusive pics from Something Just

  • Fangoria
Fango recently spent a day on location with the new horror short Something Just—specifically the basement of filmmaker Scott W. Perry (pictured left). Here, sadistic serial killer Thomas Sutcliffe, portrayed in a bit of against-type casting by East Coast horror stalwart Alan Rowe Kelly, terrorizes a bound, captive girl played by genre newcomer Joslyn Jensen. You can see some exclusive pics from this and other Something Just moments below.

Perry’s follow-up to his vampire story Insatiable (which we covered here) also stars Jerry Murdock as the guardian of one of Sutcliffe’s victims, who goes to an old friend (Joe Zaso) to seek vengeance; in the process, dark secrets from the past are revealed. This is the first production of Perry’s Slick Devil Entertainment to be lensed in 1080p high definition, with cinematographer Dominick Sivilli creating an oppressively creepy atmosphere in the smoke-suffused basement as Kelly manhandles and murders Jensen.
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Kelly’s Gallery Of Fear anthology wraps wraparound

Indie filmmaker Alan Rowe Kelly sent along word that his long-aborning anthology feature Gallery Of Fear has wrapped, with the completion of the wraparound segment “Critic’s Choice.” This part of the film stars Fangoria Radio’s Debbie Rochon (pictured) as Roberta Van Houten, a nasty art critic who introduces each story.

The four tales are “A Far Cry from Home” and “Down the Drain,” along with “By Her Hand, She Draws You Down” and “It Rips,” directed by Anthony G. Sumner, also a cinematographer and FX creator on the project (see more details and photos here). The filmmaking team additionally includes cinematographers Bart Mastronardi and Dominick Sivilli, composer/sound designer Tom Burns and FX artists Brian Spears, Benzy, Michael Todd Schneider and Henry Boriello, along with actors Zoë Daelman Chlanda, Jerry Murdock, Joshua Neslon, Terry Shane, Raine Brown, Katherine O’Sullivan, Don Money, Benzy, Susan Adriensen, Terry M. West,
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