Please, no more brilliant TV. I’m at breaking point | Jack Bernhardt

From Breaking Bad to the latest House of Cards, there are just too many great shows. So I’m begging Apple: refrain from joining the streaming frenzy

There are several phrases I expect to never come out of my mouth. “I am overwhelmed by Nick Clegg’s raw sexual magnetism … This Abellio Greater Anglia train is so comfortable and fast … That thing David Davis just said actually makes sense.” There is one, though, that goes against the core of my nature, but it’s one that I feel must be said: I think we have enough TV shows now.

Don’t get me wrong – TV is good right now. We entered the Golden Age of Television about four years ago with Breaking Bad and Broadwalk Empire, and since then it’s only gotten better - Game of Thrones, Westworld, Orange Is the New Black, Broad City, that version of Blind Date where everyone’s naked,
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MPs: Behind Closed Doors review – rare peek at MPs listening to people

Narrator John Prescott has a little dig at Nick Clegg but Jacob Rees-Mogg gets off lightly in this fascinating fly-on-the-wall documentary. Plus: celebs train for the toughest stage of the Tour de France

That’s a familiar voice, the narrator’s in MPs: Behind Closed Doors (Channel 5). An actor? Off Corrie perhaps, somewhere around that latitude … it’s John Prescott! Who can actually sound quite actorly.

But he’s better than an actor, because he brings his own experience (40 years of it) as an MP to his narration, plus a bit of attitude and mischievousness. Like when he introduces one of the three MPs whose surgeries the cameras are visiting. “Nick Clegg’s heady days as a deputy prime minister may be long gone, but he still remains the MP for Sheffield Hallam,” he says. Ooh, just a teeny bit bitchy John (also a former deputy Pm of course, now Baron Prescott)?

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MPs Behind Closed Doors: 'I didn't get any reptilian vibes from Nick Clegg'

A new documentary follows three parliamentarians as they meet the general public in their constituencies. But can they pass the lizard test?

Now that all politicians are basically regarded as Die Hard villains firing bazookas at anyone without a Coutts account, it’s easy to forget that you – yes even you, there, with that face – can book an appointment with your MP. MPs’ surgeries, which sound both terrifying and stunningly dull at the same time, are weekly powwows between MPs and Joe and Jolene public. During them, constituents air grievances while sitting on distressingly cheap office furniture. It’s democracy in almost entirely actionless action.

Well-intentioned obs-doc MPs: Behind Closed Doors follows three at their respective surgeries. There’s Labour’s Naz Shah, MP for Bradford West, reinstated to the party following a suspension for antisemitic posts; there’s North East Somerset MP and plummy poster-boy for Toryism Jacob Rees-Mogg; and,
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Monday’s best TV: MPs: Behind Closed Doors, Tour De Celeb, The Last Miners

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Nick Clegg, Naz Shah and Jacob Rees-Mogg show us what happens when they meet their public. Plus: a gruelling celebrity cycling challenge

Former deputy Pm Nick Clegg, leading lady of Labour’s antisemitism row Naz Shah and comedy Tory Jacob Rees-Mogg show us what they get up to in their constituencies. Beyond the rough and tumble of the Commons are MPs’ surgeries, where constituents rival the sternest of TV interviewers in grilling their representatives on everything from blocked drains to Brexit. The quirks of the electorate make this good fun. Grace Rahman

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Today programme guest editors revealed in BBC radio Christmas feast

Miriam González-Durántez and Michael Sheen to edit festive editions of Today programme

Lawyer Miriam González-Durántez and actor Michael Sheen are among the festive guest editors of Radio 4’s Today programme this Christmas.

The wife of the former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg will be giving the show what she called a “practical twist” and discussing the challenge of getting children to eat healthily with chef Jamie Oliver and Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain.

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The power of Towie – how ITV’s hit show changed Essex

Five years of The Only Way is Essex haven’t just made Amy Childs, Mark Wright and pals into stars, it has also made Brentwood a very modern kind of cultural destination

Brentwood in Essex is home to what must be the most opulent Slug and Lettuce in the country. Chandeliers hang above the boozing City boys and glamorous twentysomethings who sit on crushed-velvet chairs, enjoying the first stop on a night that may well end up inside the Sugar Hut nightclub across the road.

It’s what you might call the Towie effect. When The Only Way is Essex first aired on 10 October 2010, its structured reality format and cosmetically enhanced, orange-hued beings we saw on screen felt like a gimmick: Hollyoaks relocated to the edge of the M25. Critics mocked the characters acting their way through their own lives in such wooden fashion that it must have been scripted
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Alex Brooker interview: 'I got called a cripple online... and Twitter did nothing'

Alex Brooker has hit out at Twitter for failing to protect its users after he was called a "cripple" on the site.

Speaking to Digital Spy to promote Scope's End The Awkward campaign, Brooker suggested that the social network needs to start tackling abuse more strongly.

"I do believe that the people who run Twitter really need to get a hold of it soon and start really enforcing some rules on it, because at the moment you can just say anything to anyone," he said.

"I had a guy call me a 'cripple' after I was on A League of Their Own. I reported that to Twitter and they said it wasn't against their rules. And then they said, 'If you disagree with this, please give further evidence'. I basically explained to them who I was, what I did - bearing in mind that I'm a verified account as well
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What we learned from the weekend TV: Hignfy works best when there's news

Hislop and co were fabulous as they reacted to the election fallout as it came down. And the Bafta paradox – boring television about great television – reared its head once again

How fabulous to have an episode of Have I Got News For You, filmed as election news was still coming in (Friday, BBC1). With all the demob feeling of “EastEnders go to Marbella”, this had a real frisson of the improvised. There was a certain catharsis to be had hearing Ian Hislop officially voicing what everyone had been talking about all day: “Everyone said it was unpredictable. Because they’d got it wrong.” And the live quality really added something: “Can I just tell you something? It is the end of Farage.” “Can we stop for a minute? Nick Clegg has resigned.” Line of the night went to Romesh Ranganathan, on the failure of Mori and the like: “Farage has
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The Callow Way – How Films Predicted The UK General Election Result

This week Neil Calloway looks at a movie based way of predicting election outcomes…

If you hadn’t noticed, there was a General Election in the UK this week. The result was probably best summed up by the American gentleman I overhead outside the Houses of Parliament on Friday, who said “The Prime Minister who was the Prime Minister is still the Prime Minister.” There were lots of losers on the night – the Lib Dems went from having 57 seats and being part of the government to having 8 seats and their leader resigning. The Labour Party lost 24 seats, including that of the Shadow Chancellor and accidental meme creator Ed Balls. As well as Nick Clegg standing down, Labour leader Ed Miliband and Ukip chief Nigel Farage all quit their positions the day after the election. However, the biggest losers of the night were the pollsters.

For the entire election campaign all
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Best - and most bizarre - moments from Election Night 2015: From hat-eating to cross-stitching

It's been a long Election Night.

From a BBC political editor soldiering on in spite of illness to a political stalwart whose hat became the butt of many a joke, it was quite a surreal evening on all accounts. As always, we at Digital Spy are here to curate everything through the weirdness that was Election Night.

1. Liberal Democrat stalwart Paddy Ashdown and his hat

Forget about Nick Clegg, clearly the Liberal Democrats' loser of the night was party chair Paddy Ashdown. Paddy offered the following gem when presented with disappointing exit poll figures: "If that exit poll is right, I'll eat my hat." Oh Paddy, don't tempt Twitter....

Couldn't resist @paddys_hat @paddyashdown #paddyashdownshat #GE2015

— Claro Creative (@WeAreClaro) May 7, 2015

And even Andrew Neil got in on the act.

Paddy Ashdown's hat narrative reaches its conclusion. #GE2015

Toby Earle
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Watch Charlie Brooker's brilliant Election Wipe 'immigration report'

Charlie Brooker's been taking an irreverent look at the General Election for tonight's (May 6) Election Wipe special.

In a new preview clip from the show, generic reporter Emily Surname presents a spoof news report focusing on immigration.

Brooker has also teased the show with a sweary compilation promo.

David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband are seen appealing to the UK's "f**king people" in cleverly-tweaked clips.

Brooker's unique take on the General Election will air tonight at 9pm on BBC Two, on the eve of the big day itself.

Regular favourites Philomena Cunk and Barry S**tpeas will also return for the 60-minute special along with other guests.
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Cameron, Clegg and Miliband support the "f**king people" in Election Wipe teaser

Charlie Brooker has teased tonight's (May 6) Election Wipe special with a sweary compilation promo.

David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband are seen appealing to the UK's "f**king people" in cleverly-tweaked clips.

How to watch the General Election this week: Your complete guide to all the TV

Brooker's unique take on the General Election will air tonight at 9pm on BBC Two, on the eve of the big day itself.

Airing a few hours before the polls open, Brooker will present his irreverent look at the election campaign, delving into the big stories and the weirdest moments from the big parties.

Regular favourites Philomena Cunk and Barry S**tpeas will also return for the 60-minute special along with other guests.
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Here are the best reactions to Joey Essex's leap into politics: What Are You Sayin?!

We're merely two days away from Thursday's big election, but the moment you've been waiting for finally arrived tonight...

Joey Essex met the likes of Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage on - *takes breath* - Educating Joey Essex: General Election, What Are You Sayin?! as he attempted to learn more about politics.

The ITV2 show was met with mixed reactions on social media - some applauded the Towie star's enthusiasm, while others weren't impressed with his lack of knowledge. Let us know what you thought as Digital Spy rounds up the best Twitter reactions below:

Thank you for all of your amazing tweets tonight .. you got #EducatingJoey trending. love you guys so much. Vote !

Joey Essex (@JoeyEssex_) May 5, 2015

@LabourEoin ed milliband came across so well with joey Essex just convinced my hubby to vote for first time!

— jess (@jessicakate77) May 5, 2015

Joey Essex is the only person who
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Joey Essex: "I don't think people take politics seriously anyway, really"

If you had to think of one TV star to sit down with the country's politicians ahead of this week's General Election, then it probably wouldn't be Joey Essex.

The former Towie star has previously admitted to having a seriously limited knowledge of what goes on in Westminster, and he's never before voted at an election. So what did he learn when he sat down with Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage recently?

We met up with Joey last week to talk about his first impressions of the candidates, what he thinks politicians can do to improve their reputation, and whether he sees any future for himself in politics...

What was the most surprising thing you learned about the world of politics while filming the show?

"The most surprising thing for me was being around people who are almost like royalty. David Cameron lives behind big gates; do you know what I'm saying?
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BBC Question Time leaders' special draws 4.3m viewers

Final election showdown attracts the same audience as the ‘challengers’ debate’, with less popular than the 2010 TV clashes

More than 4 million viewers watched David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg grilled by a studio audience in BBC1’s Question Time Election Leaders Special.

The 90-minute programme hosted by David Dimbleby attracted 4.3 million viewers, a 21.1% share, from 8pm on Thursday with a five-minute peak of 4.9 million.

Related: Election leaders Question Time: live from dreamworld …

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Question Time's General Election special polls 4.3m on BBC One

Question Time's pre-election special topped the ratings outside of soaps on Thursday (April 30), according to overnight figures.

David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg's appearance on the debate show brought in 4.28m (21.1%) for BBC One at 8pm. Later, Peter Kay's Car Share entertained 4.15m (20.3%) at 9.30pm.

On BBC Two, Alex Polizzi: Chefs on Trial continued with 1.27m (6.4%) at 8pm, before The Game averaged 1.63m (7.9%) at 9pm, and W1A amused 1.13m (6.7%) at 10pm.

ITV's Tonight aired to 1.68m (9.2%) at 7.30pm (39k/0.2% on +1), while Double Decker Driving School brought in 2.05m (10.2%) at 8.30pm (72k/0.4%). Fraud Squad interested 1.68m (8.1%) at 9pm (148k/1.0%).

Over on Channel 4, The Supervet was seen by 1.36m (6.8%) at 8pm (277k/1.3%), and The Island with Bear Grylls dipped slightly to 2.01m (9.7%) at 9pm (270k/1.8%).

The Body in the Freezer: Countdown to Murder shocked 641k (3.2%) on Channel 5 at 8pm (41k/0.2%), while The Hotel Inspector gathered 935k
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Question Time leaders’ performances: Guardian columnists give their verdict

Our commentators analyse how David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg fared in the last main televised event before the election

If Liam Byrne could turn back time, I think we all know which four words he wouldn’t write. That “there’s no money left” note has played a bigger role in the Conservative election campaign than many cabinet ministers and Thursday night was no exception, David Cameron at one point whipping it from his pocket with the air of a kid hoping to get off double Pe.

Related: Miliband: I won't have Labour government if it means Snp deal

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Thursday’s best TV

  • The Guardian - TV News
David Dimbleby throws politicians into the ring in Question Time Election Leaders Special, Soviet threat looms in The Game, and scammers flog bad land on Fraud Squad. Plus: David Tennant talks us through mockumentary W1A and The Mentalist concludes with a perilous double bill

In this epic election edition, David Dimbleby chairs a session in Leeds where David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg will each individually field half an hour’s questions from the people they fear most: actual members of the public. Later, there are regional variations. In Scotland, there will be a programme with Snp leader Nicola Sturgeon, in Wales with Plaid Cymru’s Leanne Wood, while for viewers after the watershed, Nigel Farage faces questions from the people of Birmingham. John Robinson

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Joey Essex can't pronounce 'Conservatives' in election special trailer

How can ITV2 find a way to get its audience interested in the general election? Get Joey Essex involved, of course.

The latest Educating Joey Essex sees the former Towie star learning as much as he can about politics, and meeting some of the biggest party leaders. God help us.

The trailer sees Essex failing to pronounce 'Conservatives', finding out about the Liberal Democrats, and hanging out with Nigel Farage on a boat.

He has also met Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and Labour leader Ed Miliband on his journey, which will be documented on Tuesday, May 5.

Sadly, David Cameron turned down the opportunity to speak to Essex for the show. Will he regret that decision come May 7?

To give the show its full title, Educating Joey Essex: General Election What Are You Sayin?! will hopefully end with Essex deciding which party to vote for - and all bets
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Watch out Cameron: Gogglebox election special to air on Channel 4

It's a good thing politicians like David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg will be quite busy on May 7, as there's going to be an election special of Gogglebox.

Channel 4 has announced that the Royle Family-style comedy show will return for a one-off edition centering around the general election on the big night itself.

The episode will air during Channel 4's Alternative Election Night, which will see Jeremy Paxman and David Mitchell leading the proceedings.

Ed Havard, head of Channel 4's TV events, said: "This is an unpredictable election and we've got a genuinely unpredictable and exciting line-up for our take on election night. It promises to be very different, and a lot of fun. Plus we're on all night so you won't miss a thing."

Gogglebox viewers were recently left heartbroken after star 'Silent' Jay Makin confirmed that he will not be returning after his split from girlfriend Eve Woerdenweber.
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