This Is Why You Will Never Find the Perfect Movie Theater Seat

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Leanne Italie, Associated Press

New York (AP) - Too close! Too far back! Middle? No way, aisle.

When it comes to where you plant yourself in a movie theater, you're either a seat-specific Goldilocks or you're with one.

And if, by some miracle, you and your date, spouse, friend or gang from work Do agree on where to sit, chances are you've been privy to an angsty pre-show spat or two among the seat-selecting stressed.

Are movie-seat beefs legit, in the scheme of not-hugely-important problems, or have we lost our minds to the point where not even assigned seating can save us?

"My best friend has very strict rules on movie theater seating and it drives me insane," said Gina Mazzone in Bloomfield, New Jersey. "Originally, she would make us change our seats multiple times until she was happy."

But wait. Said best friend, Caitlin Quagliato, has her reasons.

"I'm just super picky.
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