"Supernatural" Recap: "Attack of the Animaniac"

Oklahoma City, Ok. We open with a man waiting in the park. A woman walks up to him, and they have a brief small talk about how he wasn’t sure if she would come, but she did anyway… when suddenly the woman hears a strange thumping noise.

It takes a few moments to realize that the noise is coming from the man, and before they can fathom what the heck is going on, the man’s heart jumps out of his chest, spraying the woman with blood.

Welcome to Crazyville, Supernatural, folks!

Cut to some Gas n’ Sip where Sam is just finishing up his phone call, when Dean approaches him, two beers in hand. He uncaps them and hands one to Sam, and Sam fills him in on what's been going on with Kevin and Mama Tran.

Apparently, Garth has safely moved the Trans to his safe houseboat (No Comments!
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