"Amateur Porn Star" Killer star jailed

"Amateur Porn Star Killer" star jailed. Michiko Jimenez, who played the innocent 13-year-old character who is humiliated, raped, and beaten to death in the mock snuff film "Amateur Porn Star Killer", is serving time in jail once again. The actress, now 25, is known to have a severe drug problem and has been in and out of rehab consistently for years, but sources say this doesn't look to be the reason this time for serving a lengthy time behind bars. Filmmaker Shane Ryan cast the then 19-year-old Jimenez to play the 13-year-old lead in his film because she actually appeared to look and act very young. The film, which was made for absolutely nothing, turned into a trilogy that went on to become a major cult hit in the independent film community. Ryan frequently works with the same...
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