Road Raiders (2011): Set Videos: Cirio H. Santiago, Michael Madsen

Set Video from Road Raiders has been released. Cirio H. Santiago‘s Road Raiders (2011) stars Michael Madsen, Riza Santos, Alvin Anson, Beau Ballinger, and Kevin Stapleton. Road Raiders‘ plot synopsis: “After some type of world devastation, an amazon tribe of women led by three sisters is guarding an oasis of water which mercenaries are searching the whole world for, following a legend about a place where water still flows.” The song playing in the first Road Raiders set footage clip is Avril Lavigne‘s “Alice”. Cirio H. Santiago is now deceased and “Roger Corman put Jim Wynorski in to finish principal photography.”

The Amazonian tribe will be played by two Playboy Playmates (one is Monica Leigh, Playboy Playmate for March 2006) and our very own, former Viva Hot Babe and now Gma Artist Center star Jen Rosendahl.

I hope the Amazons in Road Raiders are as aggressive as they were in
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