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Barbie Blank & Sheldon Souray Decide to Take Some Time Apart From Each Other Right Before Nicole Williams' Wedding on Wags L.A.

Barbie Blank & Sheldon Souray Decide to Take Some Time Apart From Each Other Right Before Nicole Williams' Wedding on Wags L.A.
Taking some time to herself.  On the season finale of Wags L.A., Barbie Blank has some sad news to share with her friends Natalie Halcro and Olivia Pierson. She shared with the ladies that she was flying solo at Nicole Williams' wedding because she and Sheldon Souray are taking some time to themselves.  "Why aren't you wearing your ring?" Natalie asked her. "Well, we just decided right now we're taking space and time apart," Barbie revealed. Ultimately, it was Sheldon who decided to put the separation in motion. "He didn't want you to wear it right now?" Natalie asked her.  "For Sheldon, the rings mean everything. It symbolizes our love...
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Barbie Blank Confronts Sasha Gates Over Stealing Allegations at Nicole Williams' Bachelorette Party on Wags

It seems like Autumn Ajirotutu and Sasha Gates just can't leave their drama behind.   On this week's episode of Wags L.A., Autumn clued Barbie Blank in to their latest spat over a couple of butt facials. "In old Sasha fashion, she just lied and tried to manipulate," Autumn told her. Barbie was sad that the once super-close friends couldn't work it out, but that didn't keep Autumn from spilling the tea about Sasha. "She's telling me that she's going to your wedding in one breathe and in the next breathe she was accusing you of stealing her Rolex," Autumn confessed. Visibly shocked, Barbie was insulted that Sasha would accuse her of...
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Could There Be Trouble in Paradise for Wags L.A.'s Barbie Blank and Her Hubby Sheldon Souray?

Could There Be Trouble in Paradise for Wags L.A.'s Barbie Blank and Her Hubby Sheldon Souray?
Barbie Blank is breaking down after getting some troubling messages from her husband, Sheldon Souray, while out with pals Nicole Williams and Olivia Pierson.   On this Sunday's new Wags L.A., Barbie reveals that she and Sheldon are "going through some things." "He's leaving tomorrow, he's going on vacation, him, his mom and my step-daughter and like, they're not inviting me," Barbie said with tears in her eyes. Both Nicole and Olivia tried to assure Barbie that it's not her fault. "Maybe he's been feeling neglected even though you don't even notice that," Nicole offered. "And he doesn't express it so it builds up and he resents you,...
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New Wags Star Amber Nichole Miller Throws Serious Shade at Olivia Pierson

New Wags Star Amber Nichole Miller Throws Serious Shade at Olivia Pierson
The shade! On this Sunday's new Wags, new Wag Amber Nichole Miller does not shy away from giving the ladies her opinion of veteran Wags Olivia Pierson and Natalie Halcro. While wine tasting with Autumn Ajirotutu and Barbie Blank, Amber brings up an Instagram post that shows Olivia cuddling up to a sports star named Joel. "We know that she really, really wants to be a Wag," Autumn says. Amber says, "But I feel like if you don't have a dude you're just a pro ho if that's all you date. You're not a Wag." "It kind of seems like it's Ok to go out with them and be seen with them and have them spend money on me, do all these things," Autumn...
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Would Wags La Star Barbie Blank Ever Return to WWE as Kelly Kelly? "Never Say Never!"

Would Wags La Star Barbie Blank Ever Return to WWE as Kelly Kelly?
Barbie Blank isn't ruling anything out! While chatting with E! News ahead of the upcoming third season of Wags La, the former WWE star admitted she would be totally game to return to the ring as her wrestling alter ego, Kelly Kelly. "Like I tell everybody, there is no feeling like walking through that curtain and having the fans chant your name," she said. "That's a feeling unlike anything else. I always say, 'Never say never.' I'm only 30 and my body's still intact. I may have a few more matches in me. You never know!" The retired athlete is also proud to witness WWE's women's revolution and the growth of the female division, which has also been documented on...
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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Barbie Blank

Barbara Jean Blank-Souray, known as Barbie Blank, is a professional wrestler, a television personality, and a model. She is also known by her ring name Kelly Kelly. Barbie Blank was born in Jacksonville, Florida, on January 15, 1987. She made her debut with the WWE in 2006 when she was just 19. She stayed with WWE until 2012. She has since focused on becoming a star of reality television. Here are five things you might not know about Barbie Blank 1. She is a Cast Member of ‘Wags’ Following her career in wrestling, Barbie Blank became a cast member of

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Barbie Blank
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Barbie Blank Worries Husband Sheldon Souray Might Want a "Divorce" in Wags L.A. Season 3 First Look

Barbie Blank Worries Husband Sheldon Souray Might Want a
What a journey these Wags are on! In this first look at season three of Wags L.A., Barbie Blank is already feeling the "trials and tribulations" of her first year of marriage to husband Sheldon Souray. "My husband wants a baby and I want to get in to more work, so that's like where I feel the arguments kind of come in," Barbie explains. Later, Barbie Sobs while telling the girls, "We haven't seen each other in like two weeks. I don't know if he's gonna be like, 'I want a divorce.'" Meanwhile, Nicole Williams is "sad" amid planning her nuptials to Larry English. "I just wish somebody can plan this whole wedding for me," she says, adding,...
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Barbie Blank's "Trials and Tribulations" During First Year of Marriage With Sheldon Souray Will Be Shown on Wags La

Barbie Blank's
The honeymoon is officially over. In the upcoming third season of Wags La, fans will get to see Barbie Blank's vulnerable side as she opens up about the difficulties in her marriage with retired NHL player Sheldon Souray. "They're definitely going to get an inside look at my first year of marriage, the trials and tribulations of what you go through being married to an athlete and the ups and downs," she exclusively tells E! News. The longtime couple tied the knot in a beachfront ceremony in front of family and friends in February 2016 in Mexico. "Tonight was the most magical, incredible night and I'm officially Mrs. Souray!" Barbie told us at the time. "I'm the luckiest...
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Watch a First Look at Wags L.A. Season 3: "There is Definitely a Hierarchy Within the Wags!"

Watch a First Look at Wags L.A. Season 3:
Game on!  The ladies of Wags L.A. are back and ready to bring the drama. On Nov. 1 the world will welcome back Nicole Williams, Autumn AjirotutuNatalie Halcro, Barbie Blank, Sasha Gates, Olivia Pierson and newcomers Amber Nichole Miller, Dominique Penn and Michelle Quick for season 3 of the hit E! show.  Since we last saw these ladies a lot has changed. Nicole is planning her wedding to Larry English, Sasha is preparing to relocate her family for her husband's career and Autumn is busy trying to get back in the good graces of the other Wags ladies. It's definitely going to be an interesting year for these women. But no problem is ever too big when you're...
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Heroes For Heroes: 3rd Annual Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation Celebrity Poker Tournament

For 45 years stars from TV, Film, Music and Sports along with community members have come together to show support for the men and women who protect and serve Los Angeles.

On September 10, 2017 they will join together again to help raise funds for the Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation at Avalon Hollywood.

Proceeds from this event benefit Lapd employees and their immediate family members, who have experienced unforeseen catastrophic circumstances, including death, illness and injury. The Memorial Foundation is the cornerstone of the Los Angeles Police Departments employee wellness program and has granted over $17 million dollars without any direct taxpayer money. The Foundation takes care of the widows and orphans of Officers killed in the line of duty when they may not have any other means. The Foundation helps ensure the children of Officers killed have the funds available to go to college, and helps with medical costs and other life necessities.
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Sheamus injured at WWE Raw, Wrestlemania 33 surprise leaked?

‘There are more than seven billion people on this planet, and not a single one of them is as powerful as me’. No, not the words of a generic Marvel supervillain, but the words of WWE’s resident Monster Among Men Braun Strowman.

This comes from a new video uploaded to WWE’s YouTube channel of Braun Strowman’s outdoor workout, which shows him doing every day Monster Among Men things: dragging your deadly hammer through the woods, chopping down a tree with an axe, and then beating up nature and lifting its dead remains over your head.

The Braun video is so good, WWE should’ve used it on one of their actual televised shows. The same can be said for making mid-card Wrestlemania match announcements.

Raw’s interim General Manager – WWE’s official Twitter account – has already announced that the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and the
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WWE Raw stars jumping to Smackdown? Shawn Michaels offered Wrestlemania 33 match

Last November, Rock ‘The Dwayne’ Johnson delighted audiences with his portrayal of the demigod Maui in the Disney animated movie Moana. The film has made over $600 million at the global box office since. An impressive haul – considering at least one person contributed nothing towards it.

The Rock’s kind-of-relative Roman Reigns (their grandfathers were blood brothers) has revealed on Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning whether he’d seen the movie: “Once, and it was bootlegged…so yeah, sorry Rock.”

Reigns committed a crime without facing any substantial consequences. Which probably means he is moving to Smackdown. Hell, he’d probably get a WWE Championship shot.

Two other Raw wrestlers have also been rumoured for a Smackdown move. Squared Circle Sirens have reported Summer Rae – who’s been out with a shoulder injury since last August – has been at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando to get medically cleared to return to the ring.
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Brock Lesnar changed Wrestlemania plans, Corey Graves shoots on Shane McMahon match

Illegal things you can get away with on Smackdown Live. Arson? Give him a Wrestlemania match! Attempted murder? No repercussions! Beating up a McMahon? Whoah – stop right there, pal. We’re going to have to fire you for that one.

Last night’s episode continued the blue brand’s strong build to Wrestlemania, firstly with Daniel Bryan officially making the long-reported mixed gender tag match of John Cena and Nikki Bella vs The Miz and Maryse.

The feud has been using real life material for inspiration, and last night’s Miz TV segment with Maryse was no different:

“A while ago I was offered a contract to come back to WWE and be on the first season of Total Divas…Nikki, you took a contract away from me.”

This is based on a rumour that the Bella Twins played a part in blocking Maryse, Kelly Kelly and Maria Kanellis from
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Ex-wwe Diva Kelly Kelly's Still Ring Ready with Insane Bikini Bod (Photo Gallery)

  • TMZ
Kelly Kelly's body is still fit for a few rounds ... with her husband on South Beach. The ex-wwe Diva flaunted her sick bod while packing on the Pda with her husband, retired NHL star, Sheldon Souray. Kelly goes by her real name, Barbie Bland these days, and even though it's been 4 years since she stepped in the squared circle -- looks like she can still drop a figure four neck lock! Read more
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Finn Balor return update, ex-wwe star return plans revealed?

The worlds of professional wrestling and adult pornography crossover more than most would care to admit.

So I’m told.

From a friend.

Candice Michelle used to star in softcore porn films, Hulk Hogan had his sex-tape leaked by Gawker, and following her WWE career, Chyna starred in several adult movies, including Chyna Is Queen of the Ring, where she beat off nine other porn stars in a gang-bang Battle Royal.

So I read.

On the Internet.

On a private browser.

Adult film company Brazzers have now started filming their version of – and it’s surprising it’s taken so long considering the name – the Montreal Screwjob. Which gender bends Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels into porn stars Romi Rain and Mia Malkova, and casts Johnny Castle as Vince McMahon.

Wanna wrestle? @Brazzers @MiaMalkova @thejohnnycastle

— Romi Rain (@Romi_Rain) February 20, 2017

There’s a spitting in the face joke here somewhere…
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WWE planning Kurt Angle in-ring return, another ex-wwe star for Wrestlemania?

Kurt was announced as the first inductee into this year’s WWE Hall of Fame class on the 16th January episode of Raw. He’s been rather transparent in interviews about what he wants to do now he’s back, like this one to Busted Open Radio last week:

“Triple H and I did not have a discussion about wrestling after Wrestlemania yet. Do I think it will happen? Yes. Do I know for sure? No.”

According to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE are thinking along the same lines, with Dave Meltzer reporting:

“I don’t know when or how extensively at this point, but the plan right now is that Angle will be doing at least some wrestling in WWE. He would have to pass a physical, and obviously at best it would be very limited.”

The problem there is that Kurt probably thinks a ‘limited’ match involves
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Ex WWE star returning at Wrestlemania? Backstage news on Emmalina’s Raw fail…

I think we can all agree that 2016 was completely insane. If you thought this year would be any different, then you overlooked the fact that the current President of the United States is a WWE Hall of Famer. I’m not saying whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I’m just saying, the President of the United States is a WWE Hall of Famer.

The Wrestling Observer shared an image to remind us all of this fact, showing the whole McMahon family – kids included – at their recent visit with President Donald Trump at the White House.

Watch your back there, Donald. Triple H has already caused one friendship to break up this week.

As the Wrestling Observer points out, all the adults in that photo bar Shane McMahon’s wife, including the President of the United States, have been stunnered by Stone Cold Steve Austin.

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Wags, Wags Miami: E! Renews Reality Shows for New Seasons

E! has renewed its Wags TV show for a third season. In addition, the spinoff, Wags Miami, has been renewed for a second season. Both reality series follow the wives and girlfriends of sports stars.Wags stars Sasha Gates, Barbie Blank, Autumn Ajirotutu, Nicole Williams, Natalie Halcro, Olivia Pierson, Sophia Pierson, and Tia Shipman.Wags Miami stars Hencha Voigt, Claudia Sampedro, Vanessa Cole, Ashley Nicole Roberts, Darnell Nicole, Astrid Bavaresco, and Metisha Schaefer.Read More…
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Wags Star Barbie Blank Auditions for Days of Our Lives and Tries Not to ''Throw Up All Over'' Herself

Wags Star Barbie Blank Auditions for Days of Our Lives and Tries Not to ''Throw Up All Over'' Herself
Someone's caught the acting bug! Barbie Blank lands an audition for a small role on the long-running soap opera Days of Our Lives in this clip from Sunday's all-new episode of Wags. But she has only one problem: her nerves! She first meets with the show's casting director Marnie Saitta to practice her lines before the final tryout in front of the co-executive producer. But when she messes up, she can't help but drop the F-bomb! "Ok, there's not that word in the script," Marnie gently scolds her. "We're daytime. There's no swearing!" After a second attempt without any profanity, Marnie thinks she's ready to impress, but...
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Wags Recap: Olivia Pierson Calls It Quits on Her Relationship While Autumn Ajirotutu and Sasha Gates Meet the L.A. Rams' Wives

Wags Recap: Olivia Pierson Calls It Quits on Her Relationship While Autumn Ajirotutu and Sasha Gates Meet the L.A. Rams' Wives
Shady, shady, shady… Olivia Pierson was finally forced to call it quits on her relationship with Marcedes Lewis when he struck out—after a multitude of chances—on tonight's episode of Wags. First, there was his (probably) innocent flirtation with Tia Shipman. But that was followed up with the suspicious photo with her sister, Sophia Pierson. Then, he bailed on being her date to Barbie Blank's wedding at the last minute, but still found time to exchange secret text messages and phone calls with Sophia. Yikes! This time around, he really put the icing on the questionable-boyfriend cake by showing up to a party in L.A. when he was supposed to be training for preseason in...
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