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DVD Review - Bong of the Dead (2011)

Bong of the Dead, 2011.

Written and Directed by Thomas Newman.

Starring Simone Bailly, Mark Wynn and Jy Harris.


The world is in disarray as zombies have taken over, but stoner buddies Tommy and Edwin have figured out a way of benefiting from the apocalypse.

I was umm-ing and ahh-ing about when I’d finally get round to watching Bong of the Dead – I was not expecting much, and thus getting it watched was not a top priority, but I finally stuck it in the DVD player, and well… read on.

When reading the tagline on the DVD menu – “There will be bud!” – I would expect the film I am about to witness to be a stoner comedy, Half Baked with zombies perhaps. What I wouldn’t expect (or at least would hope would not to be the case), is an hour and a half snore-a-thon with no laughs, and no heart.
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DVD Review: Bong of the Dead

Bong Of The Dead

Stars: Simone Bailly, Mark Wynn, Jy Harris | Written and Directed by Thomas Newman

The world might be in the grip of the zombie apocalypse, but all stoners Edwin and Tommy are worried about is getting their next dope hit. When the undead attack, they discover that mashed-up zombie makes the most excellent fertiliser for their marijuana crop, inducing the sort of super-powerful high most pot-heads could only dream of…. Zombie brains + cannabis = super weed! With their gorgeous friend Leah in tow, the trio venture into the Danger Zone, which is over-run by the undead, to try to bag some more zombie brains – and try not to get eaten or lose their high in the process. Imagine if Cheech and Chong were caught in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and you have Bong of the Dead…

A stoner “comedy” in the very broadest meaning of the word,
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Indie Corner: There will be bud in the trailer for Bong of the Dead

Earlier this week we received an email from the independent Canadian filmmaker Thomas Newman to let us know about his $5000 zombie feature Bong of the Dead, which has been getting some decent press as of late off the back of a successful screening at the Cannes Independent Film Festival.

The film has been described as “Cheech and Chong meets Shaun of the Dead”, and sees two stoners – Jy Harris (50/50, Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2) and Mark Wynn (Fringe, Supernatural) – survive a zombie apocalypse before discovering that zombie brains make a perfect fertilizer for a new strain of super-potent, fast-growing marijuana.

Having supplied make-up and visual effects on a number of film and television shows such as Millennium, The X-Files, Lake Placid and Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Newman makes his directorial debut with Bong of the Dead, while he also serves as writer, producer, cinematographer, editor and composer. Also
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Bong Of The Dead – Getting Stoned With Zombies

Bong of the Dead is written and directed by Thomas Newman (Lake Placid) and stars Simone Bailly (Good Luck Check), Jy Harris (50/50) and Allan Kipling. Today we received an interesting e-mail from indie filmmaker Thomas Newman who claims with only $5,000 he has made a cult hit with his zombie-stoner film “Bong of the Dead”. The film is currently making its rounds at film festivals around the world. Bong of the Dead was an official selection at the Cannes Independent Film Festival, and will be shown at Sitges International Film Festival in Spain and The Traverse City Film Festival. Bong of the Dead is about two potheads Edwin and Tommy during the post-zombie >>
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Interview with Thomas Newman of Bong of the Dead

Bong of the Dead Thomas Newman is the director behind the stoner, zombie horror comedy Bong of the Dead. You're probably going, "don't you mean Evil Bong from Charles Band & Full Moon Entertainment?". No, not at all. Bong of the Dead is Newman's labor of love that finds two stoner friends traveling to danger zones that are inhabited with zombies so that they can collect zombie brain matter to use as fertilizer to help their weed grow at a rapid rate. Bong of the Dead is Thomas Newman's micro budget tribute that's best described as a cross between the George A. Romero's zombies and the Cheech and Chong humor / mentality of the 80's. Armed with a deep conviction in his project and $5000, Thomas Newman set about making Bong of the Dead. Two and a half years later, here he is speaking to us about the finished film. Here's
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Bong of the Dead and Forgetting the Mic' Check: A Movie Review

*a screener of this film was provided by director Thomas Newman.

Director/writer: Thomas Newman.

Thomas Newman went into production on the zombie comedy Bong of the Dead in 2008. He talked about this film with 28Dla here (Thomas Newman Interview on 28Dla), in 2009. This film was shown at Cannes 2011 and the film is a stoner comedy with some excellent make-up effects from Mike Fields (Wind Chill). The film has good acting, a straight forward script and a suitable bloody ending. However, one element rears its nasty head again and again; the film is dubbed, or there are some serious audio/visual synchronizing problems with the screener. The sound element breaks the realm of reality again and again, like a bubble of rising excitation.

Stoners Tommy (Jy Harris) and Edwin (Mark Wynn) come up with a scheme to grow magical marijuana plants. The thing is, they have to travel to the "Danger Zone,
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Bong of the Dead, a gut busting good time, gears up for theatrical premiere

Bong of the Dead From writer, producer and director Thomas Newman comes his deeply personal, ambitious $5000 epic of Bong of the Dead. A high octane horror comedy that's sure to be a good time, Bong of the Dead incorporates the finer things in life like zombies, weed, lots of blood & gore and, of course, gay zombies. Bong of the Dead deals with Edwin and Tommy, two stoner buddies who are the lone survivors of a mass zombie outbreak caused by meteorites.

One day the duo discovers a great zombie fertilizer that helps grow super potent pot. The problem is since the government has cleared out many of the major cities, there are no longer any zombies where they live. In order for them to get more zombies for fertilizer, they must go on a road trip to the "Danger Zone" where they hope to find and gather as many zombies as possible for their brains.
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Take a Hit of Bong of the Dead

A very dramatic trailer for the stoner horror-comedy Bong of the Dead hit the web via the film's official site . Writer-director Thomas Newman shot the film for $5,000 and has been in post-production for two years on his indie opus. And it looks like he's having a bit of fun exploring the zombie apocalypse. Newman says, "For over 2 years I pushed myself to physical and mental limits in order to prove that I can make a film for such a low cost with high quality. While in post production for that time I have been keeping a video diary and website dedicated to my struggles and successes as an indie filmmaker on my first feature length film. The make-up in the film was created by a close friend and very well respected make-up artist Mike Fields who was one of the key make -up...
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Bong of the Dead

Thomas Newman created miniature models in "4: Rise of the Silver Surfer," to be destroyed; then, he had his rubber molds eaten by a giant crocodile in "Lake Placid," now Newman is laughingly hosing down dozens of undead extras with gallons of syrupy blood in "Bong of the Dead." In Newman's newest feature this passionate filmmaker got a chance to combine his past make-up skills, pyrotechnic experience, and love for the lens to deliver a full length feature film for fans of the arts. This expressionistic story teller, who now knows what bit him - the creative bug, takes some time out from post-production to talk about one of most stylistic sub-genres in horror, the coming zombie apocalypse!

(28Dla) How did you get into filmmaking?

(Thomas Newman) "I was always involved in stage, art and anything else creative right from Elementary school through to High school. Once I graduated I
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Bong of the Dead: News, Movie Trailer, and Poster

"Bong of the Dead," from Mind in Motion head Thomas Newman is currently in post-production and the first trailer, with a one sheet poster, is now available for viewing. Starring Simone Bailly, Jy Harris, and Mark Wynn the eighteen hour day shooting schedule and fifteen day shoot involved over 800 gallons of blood to heighten several action sequences in the film. As well, Holly North with special effects guru Mike Fields put a little something special into the production of "Bong of the Dead," with massive amounts of gore for horror fans to enjoy. Awaiting an exact release date "Bong of the Dead," will likely be released in the Spring and when an official announcement is made as to the availability of the film this page will be updated. For now have a look at this spoof on the zombie films of the past, present, and future.

Synopsis for "Bong of the Dead.
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