The Wicker Man: The Final Cut Blu-Ray – WhatCulture Interviews Director Robin Hardy

The Wicker Man was recently given the ”Final Cut” treatment by director Robin Hardy for its 40th Anniversary. It was released in selected cinemas last month and is now being made available to own on blu-ray.

Anyone who missed it, you can check out my review of the final cut of ‘The Wicker Man’ here but in summary, it is the version you should see, despite it being shorter than ‘The Director’s Cut.” Not only does it flow better, but you also get a restored scene that introduces Christopher Lee as Lord Summerisle much earlier.

The blu-ray set doesn’t skimp on content and you get lot of value for your cash. Included are the different versions of The Wicker Man, complete with commentary, behind the scenes features and soundtrack.

Disc 1

The Final Cut Burnt Offering: The Cult of The Wicker Man documentary written by Mark Kermode Worshiping The Wicker Man

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