Countdown: This Year’s Top Seven Thanksgiving Videos On YouTube

Every November, YouTube content creators mark their calendars and get cracking on their Thanksgiving-themed videos. The result is a yearly slew of holiday videos, which discuss heaping portions of food, awkward conversations with your family, and the plight of American turkeys. Here are some of the offerings that caught our eye in 2016.

7. "The Surprising Origin Of Thanksgiving Foods" by It's Okay To Be Smart

Joe Hanson's It's Okay To Be Smart has been dishing out scientifically-accurate knowledge for years, and in a recent video, he explained how Native Americans sculpted the Thanksgiving foods we eat today -- No GMOs necessary.

6. "8 How To Easy Thanksgiving Dinner Magic Tricks!!" by Magic of Rahat

Instead of talking about politics with your relatives, Magic of Rahat wants you to fool them with some simple magic tricks. The prank master's how-to holiday guide is nearly 30 minutes long, so you can look forward to a
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Bernie Su’s ‘Frankenstein, M.D.’ Gets August 19th Release Date

The team that created The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Emma Approved is close to releasing its latest web series adaptation of classic literature. Pemberley Digital's Frankenstein, M.D., which will bring Mary Shelley's most famous work to YouTube, will debut on August 19th through PBS Digital Studios. Frankenstein, M.D. will bring Frankenstein to the modern age by reimagining its titular doctor as a Ph.D. student named Victoria. Dr. Frankenstein's gender seems to be a calculated choice, since the majority of Pemberley Digital's fans are women. A press release regarding the series claims Victoria is "determined to prove herself in the male-dominated fields of science and medicine." Actress Anna Lore will portray Victoria, and she will be joined in the cast by SourceFed host Steve Zaragoza, who will play Igor analoge Iggy DeLacey. It's Ok To Be Smart host Joe Hanson is involved in the series as
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Julian Smith’s New Video Explores Horrors Of Spotty WiFi

Julian Smith is one of those online video creators who doesn't release new material very often, but his videos are always on point. Smith's latest offering is no exception. The filmmaker has written, directed, and starred in a sketch called "WiFi", which dives into a world without high-speed Internet. "WiFi" stars Smith as a man who begins to lose his mind after his Internet connection cuts out. The other cast members in the video are a trio of online video creators: Chester See, Joe Hanson, and Shane Hartline. The result combines Community-style genre parody with the fast pace viewers have come to expect from their web videos. "WiFi" is Smith's first new video in three months and only his eighth in the past year. While that is an infrequent schedule, Smith has also released another new video on Blip, as he did with "WiFi" a week before its arrival on
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On ‘Badge of Shame’, Swedes Say The Darndest Things

Joe Hanson has built a sizable YouTube following on his Badge of Shame channel by performing awkward interviews with anyone who will let him stand next to them for more than five seconds. Recently, he completed an Indiegogo campaign that raised money for an overseas trip to Scandinavia. Hanson has released the first part of

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PBS Digital Studios Reminds Us That ‘It’s Ok To Be Smart’

PBS Digital Studios has helped produce a number of wonderful channels, including the thought-provoking PBS Ideal Channel, the didactic Shanks FX series, and the goofy, fun National Film Society. The studio's newest partner is taking things in a more stripped-down education direction. The channel is called It's Ok To Be Smart, and it aims to combat ignorance regarding various academic topics. The first episode begins with host Joe Hanson asking the question, "How successful are we compared to other species?" With the help of some crazy facts and a few videos, Hanson is able to ultimately determine the answer: eh, we're alright. The best part of the video is the facts, each one cooler than the one before. Throughout the course of the episode, we learn how all of the krill in the world outweigh all of the humans in the world, how aspens groves are just one big organism,
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Celebrity Chef Spike Mendelsohn Gets Hammered, Makes Spicy Pizza

One of the basic rules of life is 'when you are drunk, food tastes significantly better.' Aziz Ansari understands it. Epic Meal Time understands it. Hannah Hart, who has become a significant YouTube celebrity based on that principle, understands it better than anyone. In a new series on the Tasted channel, former Top Chef competitor Spike Mendelsohn proves that he lives by that philosophy as well. The series is appropriately titled, We're Drunk, Let's Eat. In each episode, Mendelsohn explores a culinary location with a few guests along for the ride. Spike and his pals go out, get wasted, and then attempt to cook a sumptuous meal. After a first episode that saw the DC-based chef travel out to La, Mendelsohn traveled to Florida, met up with YouTuber Joe Hanson, drank himself into oblivion, and then successfully prepared a spicy pizza for guests at the local NYPD Pizza joint.
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