Exclusive U.S. Trailer For ‘Dealer’ Tours the Criminal Underworld of Paris

If you like your crime dramas to have a high-octane, stylish approach, then look no further. After giving you the first look at Dealer, the stylish debut from French-Congolese filmmaker Jean Luc Herbulot, last year, today now brings the U.S. trailer, along with news of distribution. The Paris-set feature follows Dan Bronchinson as a drug dealer that wants to get out of the trade, inspired by his real-life experiences.

Conceived as the first film in a trilogy exploring the microcosm of street trades, following a festival run, it’ll now arrive on October 1st nationwide on VOD. We’re pleased to exclusive premiere the U.S. trailer for the film, which effectively sells the thrills that should please fans of Nicolas Winding Refn and perhaps Danny Boyle. Check it out below, along with another clip and poster, for the film also starring Elsa Madeleine, Salem Kali, Bruno Henry, Dimitri Storoge,
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At All Costs: Yann Danh talks about A Tout Prix

Trevor Hogg chats with Yann Danh about pursuing a childhood obsession as a career and for an added bonus the feature showcases his French short film A Tout Prix (At All Costs)…

“My mom is a storekeeper and my stepdad is a barman,” states French filmmaker Yann Danh who was 10 years old when he first became aware of the cinema. “Watching movies became almost compulsive; I used to watch three or four a day such as Once Upon a Time in America [1984], Terminator [1984], Evil Dead [1981], 2001 [1968], Serpico [1973], Touch of Evil [1958], Once Upon a Time in the West [1968], Taxi Driver [1976], and Bruce Lee movies.” The plan was to pursue a career in the video game industry changed at the age of 16. “After making my first short film [in high school], I knew cinema was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.” Every film project has been educational. “I learned how to make a shot list,
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Watch: Yann Danh's Political Action-Thriller Short Film 'At All Costs'

Sacrificed by the system, they will adapt. Time for something a bit subversive, a short from France about of three former employees who seek revenge on their ex-ceo. The film is titled At All Costs, or originally A Tout Prix in French, and it actually won awards at Liege International Film Festival (Audience Award) and Pentedattilo Film Festival (Best Thriller). While it does have a political story, it's still a solid thriller, made for only $10K. The short stars Franck Sarrabas, Pascal Henault, Simon Frenay, Marc Duret, Bruno Henry, Fatima Adoum and Onna Clairin. Danh is now developing his first feature film, Implacable, with Metaluna Productions. In the meantime, if you're interested in see what this is all about, fire up the 15-minute short. At All Costs, directed by Yann Danh, co-written by Mahi Bena, tells the story of three former employees who seek revenge at their ex-ceo taking him
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DVD Review - The Assault (2010)

The Assault (French: L'assaut), 2010.

Directed by Julien Leclercq.

Starring Vincent Elbaz, Grégori Derangère, Mélanie Bernier, Philippe Bas, Aymen Saïdi, Marie Guillard, Antoine Basler, Fatima Adoum and Hugo Becker.


The Assault (L’assaut), based on a true story, covers an Air France plane in Algiers, as it is taken hostage by Muslim terrorists. A Gign team (the French special forces) are tasked with rescuing the hostages, to save Paris from a deadly fate.

Many viewers may not remember the events shown in The Assault, taking place on Christmas Eve in 1994, myself included. However, its focus on terrorism, especially the hijacking of a plane, resonates with most of the audience, and such an intimate and detailed retelling of this catastrophic event will stir even the most detached viewer to emotion.

The Assault is directed by Julien Leclerq, who had only directed twice before this feature, one of which was a short film.
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