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Todd Haberkorn


Performer Profile

  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 6 feet
  • Weight: 165 lbs
  • Age Range: 20 - 35
  • Physique: Athletic
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Hair Length: Short
  • Eyes: Hazel
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Voice Type: Baritone



Star Trek Continues Spock/Supporting Far From Home Productions
Green Eyed Clown Bongo/Lead Fusion Films
Rhymes With Slurpee Terry/Lead PnA Productions
Royal Lane Assassin/Lead The Depth of Fielders
Scream of the Banshee Otto/Supporting After Dark Films
The Success Machine Jon/Lead Zoom Productions
The Collector Officer/Featured Liddell Entertainment
A Piece of Sky Daniel/Lead FixItInPost Productions
P.O.V. Jack/Lead Catatonic Films
Absolution Nameless/Supporting PnA Productions
Tin Man Aiden/Lead Pedalboy Productions
Barney: Tryin' On Dreams Mr. Knickerbocker/Supporting HIT Entertainment
Fissure Andrew/Supporting Top Pup Media
Dusk Wayne/Supporting Foggy Notions Productions
State of Loss Chuck/Supporting BL Productions
Penny Whistle James/Lead Dir: Chris Upton
A Friendly Nightcap Tom/Lead Burning Shades Productions


Spinopoly Host John Keith Productions
The Writer's Odyssey Marcus/Lead Dir: Julia Dyer
The Writer's Circle Marcus/Lead Dir: Julia Dyer
Pokemon Tierno/Supporting DuArt Productions
The Legend of Korra NDA Protected/Supporting Nickelodeon
Ever After High Sparrow Hood/Supporting Mattel
Violetta Frederico/Supporting Disney
Tree Fu Tom ZigZoo/Supporting SDI Media
Sophia the First NDA Protected/Supporting Disney


Avaya Flare Principal The Richards Group
Hewlett Packard Principal Dib Motion Productions
Wendy's Principal Wendy's Subsidiary


Tape Vince/Lead Dallas Theater Center
The Appeal *World Premiere Lord Byron/Supporting Undermain Theater
The Dreamer Examines His Pillow Tommy/Lead Theater Fusion
The Turn of the Screw The Man/Lead Theater Fusion
The Coming World Ty and Ed/Lead Stage West
The Wrestling Season Jolt/Supporting Dallas Children's Theater
The Cherry Orchard Yasha/Supporting Classical Acting Company
Rebecca Jack Favell/Supporting Garland Civic Theater
Pro Bono Publico Andy/Supporting Dallas Theater Center
A Christmas Carol Marley and Ghost of Xmas Present/Supporting Plano Repertory Theater
Two September *World Premiere Ho Chi Minh/Lead Undermain Theater
Henry IV Pt. 1 and 2 Prince John/Supporting Dallas Shakespeare Festival


Sally Today Host Sally Beauty Corporation
Rabid Pop Host Mike Lyon Creative
Funimation Update Host Funimation Entertainment
MADD Host 1830 Productions
Biology: Guided Course Host LeCroy Center


Sally Today (International) Principal Sally Beauty Corporation
American Heart Association Principal Showcase Media
MADD Host 1830 Productions
Chuck E. Cheese Training Host Robert Gotcher
Care Planning Principal Primedia Productions
Geology Host The LeCroy Center Productions

Voice Over

Summer Wars (Possible Academy Award Nominee) Sakuma/Supporting Funimation Entertainment
Holic Watanuki/Lead Funimation Entertainment
Sands of Destruction Kyrie/Lead Funimation Entertainment
My Bride Is A Mermaid Nagasumi/Lead Funimation Entertainment
Ghost Hunt Naru/Lead Funimation Entertainment
Dragon Ball Z: Kai Android 19/Supporting Funimation Entertainment
Claymore Raki/Lead Funimation Entertainment
Hetalia Italy/Lead Funimation Entertainment
The Tower of Druaga Jil/Lead Funimation Entertainment
Chrome Shell Regios Layfon/Lead Funimation Entertainment
Rosario + Vampire Tskune/Lead Funimation Entertainment
Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood Ling Yao/Supporting Funimation Entertainment
Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit Announcer Okratron5000
Ghostbusters Ghoul Okratron5000
Glass Fleet Magnus/Supporting Okratron5000
Sgt. Frog Keroro/Lead Funimation Entertainment
D. Gray Man Allen Walker/Lead Funimation Entertainment
Ouran High School Host Club Hikaru/Supporting Funimation Entertainment
Soul Eater Death The Kid/Lead Funimation Entertainment
Suzuka Yamato/Lead Funimation Entertainment
Baccano! Firo/Supporting Funimation Entertainment
Beet The Vandel Buster: Jikku Warriors Jikku/Lead Illumitoon
AM Driver Jenus/Lead Illumitoon
Blassreitier Joseph/Lead Funimation Entertainment
Angel Baby Surgeon/Supporting Undermain Radio
Techies Cid/Lead Provenance Media
Attack on Titan Marlo/Supporting Funimation


Jack Hollingsworth Brouchure Principal Jack Hollingsworth Photography
HEB Healthy Living Principal See Pictures
Comcast NFL Replay Principal Murphy Photography
SBC/ATT Principal Splashlight Studios
Boy Scouts of America Principal Boy Scouts of America
Dave and Busters Principal Dave and Busters Productions
Dell Small Business Principle/International Dell Studios

Video Games

Dragon Ball Z: Raging Blast 2 Tarble Okratron5000
Lux Pain Ryo/Supporting Okratron5000
Super Street Fighter IV Yun Lee/Supporting Capcom
Rune Factory 3 Mais/Lead New Generation Pictures
Lufia: Curse of the Sinestrals Maxim/Lead New Generation Pictures
Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Sgt. Hartsock/Supporting Dallas Audio Post
Tales of Xillia Rowen/Supporting Atlus
Persona 4 ultimax Sho Minazuki/Supporting Atlus
Smite Vamana/Supporting Gearbox
Heroes of the Storm Necromancer/Supporting Blizzard Entertainment


Dave and Busters Principal Dave and Busters Productions
Rabid Pop Host Mike Lyon Creative
Funimation Update Host Funimation Entertainment

Performer Skills

  • Performance Skills: Comedian, Voiceover, Host, Stunts, Singing, Teleprompter
  • Accents: Southern, British, Irish, Russian, Spanish, German
  • Musical Instruments: Guitar
  • Dance: Waltz


  • Southern Methodist University, Bachelor's of Fine Arts with an emphasis on theatre acting, Dallas, TX, 2004


  • Governor's School of the Arts Honors Program, Greenville, SC, theatre, movment, script study, voice, singing, dance, acting, 1998

Employment Details

  • Work History: Theater, Radio, Voice Over, Internet, Industrial, Commercial, Film, Television
  • Job Categories: Stunts, Directing, Editing, Casting, Writing, Producing, Acting, Cinematography, Production
  • Are you willing to work unpaid?: No
  • Authorized to work in United States: Yes
  • Primary Citizenship: United States
  • Valid Passport: Yes
  • Prior Job Title 1: Voice Over Actor
  • Prior Job Title 2: Producer
  • Prior Job Title 3: Director

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