Harry Potter Actor Dave Legeno Found Dead in Death Valley

Harry Potter Actor Dave Legeno Found Dead in Death Valley
Authorities say Harry Potter actor Dave Legeno has died from heatstroke in California's Death Valley. He was 50. Legeno played the werewolf Fenrir Greyback in three Harry Potter films. The brawny British actor also appeared in Snow White and the Huntsman and Batman Begins. The Inyo County Sheriff's Department says hikers found Legeno's body Sunday morning in a remote area of the desert park. Legeno's manager, Rick Bassman, confirmed his death on Friday. County Deputy Coroner Jason Molinar says Legeno's body was partially decomposed and may have been lying for days in triple-digit heat. There was no sign of foul play.
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Sting Makes WWE Television Debut – Speaks About Ultimate Warrior


In a quietly historic moment, Sting “Steve Borden” worked his first appearance for WWE in the past week.

Borden appeared on the Ultimate Warrior “Greatest Matches” special exclusive to the WWE Network as one of the guest stars who spoke about his memories of Jim Hellwig. His comments were recorded in the days after Warrior’s death last Tuesday, chronically speaking on the Warrior special after comments from Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat.

Sting spoke about his favourite Warrior memory, reminiscing about the time Warrior put tuna and orange in a blender and said; “I got my protein and vitamin C all in one.”

Sting and Warrior’s career began at the same time when they were recruited by Rick Bassman in the 80s. Their big break came soon after when they started working for Jerry Jarrett in the mid 1980s as the Power Team USA before turning heel and
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Shad Gaspard Describes His 'Conan' Audition

Wrestling icon Shad Gaspard isn't just campaigning for a part in Marcus Nispel's upcoming "Conan" movie — he's already tried out for a role.

The WWE wrestler recently revealed that he's auditioned for the part of Ukafa, a vicious warrior that stands in the way of Jason Momoa's Conan. Although an official casting announcement has yet to be made, Gaspard reached out to MTV News to talk about his experience in auditioning for the "Conan" villain.

In our exclusive interview, Gaspard spoke about his take on the character of Ukafa, his experience meeting Jason Momoa, and other comic book characters he'd like to play.

MTV News: Shad, how did you land the opportunity to audition for "Conan" as Ukafa?

Shad Gaspard: First off, I am a big fan of "Conan." I have the VHS and DVD version of [the Arnold Schwarzenegger films] with [commentary]. So when my agent, Rick Bassman of Cesd, told
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