“Ushijima: The Loan Shark 2” continues where its predecessor left off

The coolest loan shark of all times returns, but this time he has to face even more struggle than before.

As with the previous film, the story revolves around a number of characters. Rei Kanzaki is male host at a club, where each person’s rank is measured according to the number and price of bottles their clients order. Rei has the ambition to be number 1, and is willing to go to extremes to succeed. Ayaka, a teenager who is desperately in love with him decides to help him, and is willing to go to even further extremes just to do that. Koji Aizawa is a father whose wife is constantly nagging him to get money, and also the leader of a gang comprised from underage kids dressed in military-style jackets. When Takada, a lowlife, and his friends steal his bike and destroy it, in a series of events that
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Nyaff 2012 Review: My Objection to 'Ace Attorney's Long Running Time

Give us a cut of Ace Attorney that clocks in at say, 90 minutes, and it would probably be gold. There's a lot to like about director Takashi Miike's take on the first game in the long-running series. What trips the ultimately enjoyable adaptation up is that it wears out its welcome at 135 minutes, and coupled with structural problems inherent in every courtroom setup requiring Phoenix Wright to delay for time, it feels like the movie overstates its case by the one hour mark.

As such things goes, Ace Attorney (Gyakuten saiban) is very faithful to the source material, the 2001 Gba title. That game, and the movie see awkward but well-coiffed defense attorney Phoenix Wright embroiled in a series of murder cases where he has to piece together contradictions to evidence and testimony from the prosecution, typically embodied by unscrupulous lawyer for the state and former childhood friend of Wright's,
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'Ace Attorney' Cast Photos Show Off Characters, Magnificent Hair

Director Takashi Miike gets that a well-coiffed attorney is an Ace Attorney in the Japanese adaptation of the Capcom series.

Japanese film site released a batch of exclusive cast photos from the live action Ace Attorney film over the weekend, providing our first detailed look at the characters before the movie hits in February. Directed by Takashi Miike (Audition, 13 Assassins), the director is in full-on Yatterman/Zebraman-mode, letting loose with the wild colors and exaggerated performances because hey, who's going to see a Phoenix Wright movie done as an understated chamber drama? No, we want him to make objections and we want weird murders and maybe some ghosts (Phoenix Wright games can get exceedingly bizarre).

Hiroki Narimiya as Phoenix Wright

The story sees luck-challenged defense attorney Phoenix Wright (Hiroki Narimiya) coming to the aid of his nemesis, corrupt-ish prosecutor Miles Edgeworth (Takumi Saitou). There will certainly be the collecting of evidence,
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Tomokazu Miura to star in “Railways 2”

Last May, the film Railways was released in Japan and got unprecedented support from men in their 40s and 50s, unexpectedly attracting over 500,000 people to theaters. Today it was announced that Tomokazu Miura will star in Railways 2.

In the original work, Kiichi Nakai starred as a 49-year-old electronics company executive in Shimane Prefecture who suddenly quits his job to follow through on his childhood dream of becoming a train driver. Coincidentally, Miura’s son Takahiro Miura made his debut in that film.

In the sequel, Miura will play Toru Takishima, a man who has spent 42 years working as a train driver for Toyama Chiho Railway and is now 1 month away from the age of retirement. However, he and his wife of many years, Sawako (Kimiko Yo), reach a crossroads after a re-examination of a previously benign tumor changes her outlook on life. Miura and Yo previously played a married couple
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Aoi Miazaki, Kumiko Aso, and Akina Minami on board for Keiichi Hara’s “Colorful”

Colorful, the latest animated film by Keiichi Hara (Summer Days with Coo) is set to open in Japan this Summer and earlier today Toho finally revealed its impressive voice cast.

The announced cast of voice actors includes Aoi Miazaki, Akina Minami, Kumiko Aso, Kazato Tomizawa, Michael, Jingi Irie, Akiyoshi Nakao, Keiji Fujiwara, and Katsumi Takahashi - an eclectic mix of live-action and voice talent.

Based on an award-winning novel by Eto Mori, the film’s story involves a spirit referred to only as “boku” (me) who is placed into the body of a 9th grader named Makoto who recently committed suicide. At first, his new life seems like it will be easy, but the experience becomes more challenging as he gradually discovers some of the problems Makoto was dealing with at the time he decided to kill himself.

Aoi will play one of Makoto’s classmates, Shoko; Minami will play
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Trailer for The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Live-Action Adaptation

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Synopsis via Nippon Cinema:

The film stars Riisa Naka as Akari, the 18-year-old daughter of the protagonist of the original novel, Kazuko Yoshiyama (played by Narumi Yasuda). When Kazuko is injured in a car accident and falls into a coma, Akari leaps back in time to the 70s to seek out her mother’s first love, Kazuo Fukamachi. Instead, she meets a college student named Ryota (Akiyoshi Nakao) who helps her with her search.

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