‘An Education:’ Cartoon College

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Josh Melrod and Tara Wray treat the idea of educating cartoonists like a poetic contradiction. In their doc Cartoon College, they look at the first ever master program for cartoonists, The Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, Vermont. In observing the school’s challenges, Cartoon College watches young hopefuls enter a place full of industry giants only to learn those giants make their living selling things on eBay.>> - Sara Vizcarrondo
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Cartoon College

Refreshingly, Josh Melrod and Tara Wray spare us any trite “comics aren’t just for kids anymore” declarations at the start of their documentary, Cartoon College. From the outset, the filmmakers acknowledge that graphic novels have shed their old stigmas and been embraced by popular culture. However, they do dubiously suggest that anyone studying sequential art should expect skepticism from family and friends. Using this largely unfounded assertion as their launching point, they then slip us inside the Center for Cartoon Studies in quaint White River Junction, Vt....
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Daily Briefing. Dorsky, Snow, Kael

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A two-evening cycle in Los Angeles, Seeing and Awakening: New Films by Nathaniel Dorsky at Redcat on Monday — Pastourelle (2010), The Return (2011) and the world premiere of August and After — and A Quartet of Recent Films by Nathaniel Dorsky at the UCLA Film & Television Archive's Billy Wilder Theater on Friday — Sarabande (2009), Compline (2009), Aubade (2009) and Winter (2008) — is the occasion for an appreciation by Manohla Dargis in the New York Times:

Because the films are silent and don't come with explanatory on-screen text, you can luxuriate in the visual complexity of the images. You may, amid all this loveliness, worry about what it all means. Although Mr Dorsky gestures in certain interpretive directions, notably with his titles — "Compline" is the name of the final prayer of the day in the Roman Catholic Church — he never forces you down this or that path. Then again, what can the image of eye-poppingly purple flowers mean?
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Five Kickstarter-funded comic book documentaries to look out for

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Five Kickstarter-funded comic book documentaries to look out for
If you need $100 million to make a CGI-heavy action film, the project-funding website Kickstarter should definitely not be the first place you look. However, Kickstarter is becoming a hot spot to hunt down dollars for more modest indie projects, and comics-related documentary pitches in particular are becoming more and more common.

Five such comics documentaries have met their funding needs, and the dollar amounts they've been able to raise are impressive. Their topics range from historical investigations into censorship to massive interview compilations looking at what current creators grew up reading and what goes on behind the industry's closed doors.

"Stripped: The Comics Documentary"

Status: Funded!

Creators Dave Kellett and Fred Schroeder set out to make a feature-length documentary about where comics come from and where they are headed. With at least 60 interviews from around the industry, it looks like they're already off to a great start.

They initially sought $58,000 for "Stripped,
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