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Hatfields & McCoys TV Review – History

Few stories in American history have such a strange dynamic of awareness and ignorance, and that fact alone gives Hatfields & McCoys the potential to set records for a mini-series that focuses on historic fact (as best they’re known). While virtually everyone knows about the dueling families, not many are truly familiar with all the details, or the seriousness of the feud’s escalation.

Beginning May 28th, History brings you a three-part event that takes you through the entire feud, from a time when the two patriarchs were friends, all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court’s intervention in the hostilities which had brought West Virginia and Kentucky to the brink of their own war.

As you might imagine (or at least, hope), being that the show is airing on History, the strength of the series comes from its commitment to accuracy. It’s hard to find fault
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