Great Job, Internet!: The search for finality in some ambiguous movie endings

Most movies wrap up rather concretely, with little room for debate, while some leave that final door ambiguously open a crack. This leads the way for lengthy speculation for films like Inception, Birdman, Barton Fink, Mulholland Drive, and The Dark Knight Rises that end on a less definitive note.

Fortunately for completists, the YouTube channel Looper just added a new video called “The Most Confusing Movie Endings Explained.” Looper has explored follow-up interviews with various filmmakers, like a commencement address by Christopher Nolan, and investigated certain clues in these final frames, to come up with the definitive takes on these ambiguous endings. So if you really want to know where Leonardo DiCaprio’s character winds up at the end of Inception, what the final moments of Birdman indicate, and what the alternate ending of Vanilla Sky might have revealed, take a look here. Except for Mulholland Drive. Not even Looper
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The James Clayton Column: If Tom Cruise were consigned to oblivion

Feature James Clayton 12 Apr 2013 - 06:17

The release of Oblivion leaves James pondering the hole left in cinema had Tom Cruise never existed...

Sci-fi thriller Oblivion has arrived in cinemas, and that means that audiences have a fresh sci-fi blockbuster to enjoy. Sometimes snubbed, misunderstood and casually dismissed to sulk in its own tech-interfaced ghetto, the genre has got a bit of a (micro)chip on its shoulder. It's therefore always nice to see original science fiction stories making waves on the movie scene and reaching wider cinema audiences.

I'm hoping that Oblivion is embraced and receives a positive reception to follow in the footsteps of District 9, Source Code and Looper, to name a trio of recent critical and commercial smashes.

Of course, the crucial draw of Oblivion for many isn't its vision of a future Earth ravaged by alien warfare, overseen by survivors who inhabit floating towns and
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Extended Thoughts on ‘Herbie, the Love Bug’

Herbie, The Love Bug

Written by Arthur Alsberg and Don Nelson

Starring Dean Jones, Patricia Harty, Nicky Katt, Larry Linville, Claudia Wells

When people speak of the possibility of alternate dimensions, they leave out the one closest to us all. We like to imagine a universe so similar to our own, nearly identical to the world in which we live if not for one difference. Maybe in one dimension, Bill Clinton was ousted from office, not just thrown up for impeachment. Maybe in another dimension, HD-DVD won the high-definition home-media war instead of Blu-ray. Or maybe, in some beautiful reality, Scott Norwood didn’t miss that field goal in the Super Bowl against the New York Giants. The possibilities are tantalizing because they are literally endless. In all the wonder and curiosity, however, most of us fail to recognize that there already exists another universe snuggled up tightly to ours,
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Why no Oscar love for Cloud Atlas?

Feature Cameron K McEwan Jan 11, 2013

Among the predictable movies among yesterday’s Oscar nominations, Cloud Atlas was conspicuously absent. Cameron wonders what happened...

When Seth McFarlane joked "breath of fresh air" after the well known list of nominees for Best Supporting Actor were read out at yesterday's Oscar nominations announcement, his remark could have been aimed at the whole bland list - in every category.

Regardless of the predictability we see each year (not a new phenomenon, by any means) and the safety of the nominations (that's not my argument here), surely the fact that last year's Cloud Atlas - one of the most bold, challenging and imaginative films of the 21st century - is an embarrassment to the Academy and what they stand for.

Cloud Atlas is proof that truly original, thought-provoking and intelligent blockbusters can be produced, and produced well. This is exactly the sort of work they
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