NYC Readers' Choice: Classes and Coaches

Here are the 2010 New York Reader's Choice results for categories dealing with classes and coaches. To look at all of the categories, be sure to visit the main page. Favorite Vocal/Singing Coach: Jackie Presti "Singing is a big coordination act, and I think a lot of people come in focusing on one aspect," says voice therapist and teacher Jackie Presti. "It's sort of like juggling and riding a bike and reciting Shakespeare at the same time."Clearly, Presti, who's also a singer, musician, and conductor, hits the right notes with her students. Her knowledge of both technical and artistic matters, not to mention her versatility and flexibility as a teacher, appealed to Valerie Ryan Miller, who has studied with her for three years. "After developing a strong belt, and a lot of vocal tension," Miller says, "I came to Jackie, who has expanded my range enormously—we are talking octaves!
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