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Geeking Out on Location with ‘My Future Girlfriend’

"Dick Gracen, who was Nightwing, is Batman right now. Tim Drake, who was Robin is now Red Robin because he's convinced Batman is still alive, so he's going all over the world trying to find him." This was the topic of conversation when I stepped on the set that fine January evening. Spirits were high and nerds ruled as crew members focused the camera and checked audio levels in the local comic shop that was today's location. Actors and crew alike oogled the merchandise and tried to guess at the prices of some of the rarer items. "I know the price of everything in the store so if you break it, I know how much it costs," the girl behind the counter, who was overseeing things and making sure nothing got out of hand, assured everyone. Ragtag Productions, the team of Hofstra University graduates Angel Acevedo, Brian Amyot, Steven Tsapelas,
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Heads up: Scalp hits the screen, filmmaker talks

  • Fangoria
Fresh terror stalks the woods in Scalp, a fright feature that has its debut run this Friday, June 12-Thursday, June 18 at New York City’s Tribeca Cinemas. At Fango’s New York Weekend of Horrors convention a few days back, we took a few minutes to talk to filmmaker Paul Chau (pictured below with actress Carrie Drapac), who was there promoting the movie.

“Basically, the film is about a bunch of hikers who get lost in a place called the Lost Ravine,” he tells Fango, “and the concept is that something really horrible happened there in 1825. That was the mountain man period, when scalping actually occurred quite often. So we blended elements of the past and the present colliding, and one thing we did that was very cool was make sure that the weapons we used were authentic replicas of the type you would see back then. And you will see a couple of scalpings,
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