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Frayed: A Movie Review

"Frayed" is a horror outing from directors Norbert Caoili and Robert Portmann that highlights the successes of other films including "Halloween" and "Hellaburger." "Frayed" is full of terrifying sequences that builds the tension through the use of a wide range of outdoor sets allows the plot to unfold at a fast clip. Tackling issues such as sexual abuse, murder, and the dangers of camping "Frayed" is a must see for those with any interest in the horror or thriller genre.

In "Frayed" Kurt Aka Gary is a recent escapee from the local psychiatric ward where he has been under observation for several years after he murdered his mother. Not satisfied with the rubber walls at the hospital Kurt goes on a killing spree and unbeknownst to himself and the viewers he is in fact the killer and not the "Mask" who appears often in the film hidden behind a clown's
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Killer Clown Revealed

This August 25th fans will get to see a crazed clown killer attack in "Frayed" and now to kick of the release director Norbert Caoili is providing a movie clip from the actual movie, which shows the killer in full light. As seen in the movie still above the killer looks to be a mental asylum escapee with a love for hiding his face from the characters in the film and from horror film fans. Have a look at the full clip entitled "Killer Clown Mask Attacks" below.

A movie clip for "Frayed" here:


Norbert Caoili. Personal Interview. 22 July 2009.
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Frayed on DVD August 25

A slasher thriller from Lionsgate will be released on DVD this August 25 and "Frayed" will offer a new twist to the genre with a young child developing into a matricidal killer. Shot in dark tones "Frayed" now offers a glimpse of the villain in this first one-sheet and trailer. Not to be missed in the summer this film is a true horror piece with a restricted rating attached for several violent scenes. Have a look at the ominous looking trailer inside.

Here is a brief synopsis for "Frayed:"

"Small-town sheriff Pat Baker (Tony Doupe) is facing a worst-case scenario: His insane son, who offed his mother 13 years ago, has escaped from a mental asylum and is loose in the woods where Baker's daughter (Alena Dashiell) is camping. To no one's surprise, the masked psycho gets right back into the killing groove, with the suspense and wanton bloodshed accelerating all
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