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Amanda Holden wants Abba played at funeral

Amanda Holden wants Abba played at her funeral. The 'Britain's Got Talent' judge has already started thinking about when she pops her clogs and has written in her will that she wants the Swedish pop group's 1976 upbeat hit 'Dancing Queen' blasting out the speakers when she's laid to rest. After watching an act performing the track at an audition for the talent show in London over the weekend, the blonde beauty made the morbid revelation: ''That is my all-time favourite song. I have it written in my will that I want that song playing when I am lowered into my
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Here is the Aquaman joke ‘The Martian’ author fought to keep in the movie

  • Hitfix
Here is the Aquaman joke ‘The Martian’ author fought to keep in the movie
Ridley Scott’s adaptation of “The Martian” stays rather true to the novel that inspired the movie. But for you fans of the book about an astronaut stranded on Mars, you may still be wondering about some parts of the book that were altered for the movie. Specifically, we’re betting you’re curious about what happened to astronaut Mark Watney’s Aquaman quip, Beth’s shocking conversation with her dad, and that memorable first line of the book. Earlier this week, HitFix presented you with our Andy Weir Q&A about his book largely free of spoilers about just how the movie adaptation plays out. Now that you’ve had a chance to see the film (which opened in theaters yesterday), here’s more of what the software engineer-turned-bestselling author had to say about the movie: Spoilers For “The Martian” Book And Movie Lie Ahead! On the book moment
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'American Idol' Top 10 Song Suggestions for Billy Joel Week

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'American Idol' Top 10 Song Suggestions for Billy Joel Week
If we can get over Billy Joel being kind of a creep, we can look to his fun song catalog. Ok, I've just pored over the Billy Joel songbook and I have a different conclusion than the word "fun." It can be fun, yes, but it's not completely malleable to everyone. Honestly, I feel a little annoyed and exhausted by Billy Joel as a theme week. It just doesn't make sense for so many of the contestants. It barely makes sense in a singing competition. 

But they have to choose Something. If it was good enough to make a mostly-dancing Broadway musical out of, it's good enough for American Idol I suppose. Why can't we do an Abba week? It just seems like more of a challenge for the band than the singers. Here's what I'll pick for them, albeit at times an arbitrary choice.
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Here Are The Only 2 American Idol Performances That Mattered This Week

Given how bad the last few season of American Idol were, and the new addition of The Voice into our infinite and hungry DVR abyss, it wouldn’t surprise me in the last if many of you have given up on Idol completely. And you’re not completely wrong. They’re already down to 12 contestants, now 11 given that Jermaine Jones was booted from the finalists for lying about outstanding arrest warrants. (Is being a lovable giant bear illegal where he is from? No thank you.) But seeing as it’s still fairly early in the season, Fox is cranking out two-hour long performance shows followed by an hour long results show every week. Three hours of your time that could be spent doing something else, like filing or listening to Abba in the dark. So rather than recap the entire episode, why not save both of us some much needed
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Oscars 2012: what I learned from the Hollywood parties

I thought I knew everything about the Academy Awards, but the ceremony is only the tip of the iceberg. The real action happens at the after-parties

By the time I left my hotel room for the after-parties, I had been watching the Oscars on TV for, by my reckoning, seven hours. Pre-red carpet coverage, red carpet coverage, post-red carpet pundit discussion: that kind of stuff takes hours on American TV, and that's before the ceremony itself is close to starting. My eyes felt radioactive and square, which is perhaps not quite as good a party-eye look as smoky and sultry.

But even seven hours is a serious understatement. I have been watching the Oscars for decades. I love the Oscars. After enough to drink – say, one orange juice – I will happily do, from memory, a rendition of Billy Crystal's opening montage from 1991 ("I'll tell Nick Nolte 'Stand there!' Tight on my legs,
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Flash Friday: Taylor Swift & Amanda Seyfried Complete Les Miz Movie Cast

The ultra-starry cast for the upcoming feature film version of the international smash musical sensation Les Miserables finally got one step closer to finding its Eponine and Cossette this week, as offers have gone out to pop music superstar Taylor Swift and breakout screen starlet Amanda Seyfried for the hotly anticipated Tom Hooper adaptation of the tuner which will also star Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe as Jean Valjean and Javert, respectively, Anne Hathaway as Fantine and Tony-winner Eddie Redmayne as Marius. While Seyfried is perhaps best known to Broadway babies for her lovable and memorable turn in the role of Meryl Streeps daughter in the Abba jukebox movie musical Mamma Mia, Swift has displayed her ample affection for all things theatrical with her recent Broadway-themed Speak Now tour as well as her memorable appearance on Saturday Night Live and on concert stages around the world. Both ladies certainly have
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Interview with John Landis, Director of The Blues Brothers

  • HeyUGuys
“We got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark and we’re wearing sunglasses….Hit it!!!”

That immortal line was one of the many attributes which helped The Blue Brothers attain the status of cult classic before such a term was commonly discussed and debated about. It’s also a film whose iconic poster adorned the walls of student residences across the land well before likes of Transpotting and Pulp Fiction infiltrated the scene.

Turning two key members of the Saturday Night Live alumni, John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd, into fully-fledged movie stars, and further cementing the reputation of director, John Landis (who had scored a huge hit the previous year with Animal House), the film still has its many fans and followers some thirty plus years since its initial cinema release.

Now out on Blu-Ray, we recently caught up with Landis to
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Eurovision's 7 Weirdest Performances

At Saturday night's Eurovision Song Contest, a trippy X Factor-meets-Idol sing-off, performers will compete in one of Europe's strangest annual exports. To catch up on the contest's 54-year history, Watch Video of the oddest performances yet.

Less Cowbell, Please!

Related story on The Daily Beast: Who's Behind the Turkish Sex Tapes?

Since the competition began in 1956, singers chosen by their respective countries have gained notoriety with campy and strange performances on Eurovision. The Swedish pop group Abba had its breakthrough moment when it won the 1974 competition with the future hit "Waterloo," and later Celine Dion won the 1988 contest for Switzerland before taking the world by storm. While Germany's Guildo Horn didn't quite achieve international stardom with his 1998 performance of "Guildo Hat Euch Lieb," aka "Guildo Loves You," he triggered Guildo fever in his home country with the song. In the performance, which took seventh place, Horn parades around the stage in a cape,
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Buzz Time Machine: Topher Grace Sings "Fernando" on That '70s Show

Topher Grace goes back in time to the '80s with his new movie Take Me Home Tonight, but traveling to another decade is old hat for the actor, who got his start on That '70s Show. Grace captured my heart as Eric Forman, the sweet center of his group of friends on the vintage-themed series. More than a decade after the show first aired, Grace has come far (as have his costars), so to celebrate his big screen flick today, watch him in one of my favorite scenes from That '70s Show. In it, Eric romances Donna by singing Abba's "Fernando," which turns into a silly duet - keep it together as you check out his sweet moves.
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Where Does Kanye West Rank Among Best 'SNL' Performances Ever?

You can't spit on the host and then show up with your B game. Kanye West knows this, which is why his pair of performances on this weekend's "Saturday Night Live" were among the most arresting in the show's 30-plus year history. You might recall that West took a hard shot at the long-running late night staple on his single "Power," unfavorably name-checking the sketch comedy show with the line "F--- 'SNL' and the whole cast. Tell 'em Yeezy said they can kiss my whole ass."

But when he showed up to perform the song on Saturday (October 2), Kanye paid the biggest compliment he could to the show: He delivered one of his typically eye-popping visual spectacles, one which will undoubtedly go down in the books. And keep in mind, everybody has played on SNL, from U2 and Abba, to Frank Zappa, the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Queen, R.E.M., Public Enemy,
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X Factor 2010: Simon Cowell bans popular songs but forgets ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’

Simon Cowell has reportedly complied a list of popular songs that this years X Factor wannabes are banned from performing.

The News Of The World reports that Simon Cowell is worried that the public will be bored by the same songs being performed repeatedly and has ordered that the contestants and mentors think outside the box when the show returns this month.

This list of forbidden songs includes Kings Of Leon ‘Sex On Fire’ and Jason Mraz ‘I’m Yours’, but noticeably misses out the classic song ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow,’ which has been performed on the live shows by Leona Lewis, Shayne Ward, Laura White and Stacey Solomon to name a few.

A source said: “This is about people’s real honesty and personality. It’s about them and their stage presence.”

The list of banned songs is:

Kings of Leon – ‘Sex on Fire’

Jason Mraz – ‘I’m Yours
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Lady Gaga's 'Alejandro' Video: Who Are The Most Famous Fernandos And Robertos?

The world continues to talk about Lady Gaga's video for "Alejandro," her latest and most provocative foray into the music video universe. It's an incredibly graphic, dark clip that features all sorts of religious imagery, out-of-this-world fashion and Madonna references. "Alejandro" has also elevated the name "Alejandro" to new heights.

But Gaga also references gentlemen named Fernando and Roberto in the song (which, if you remember, won the 2010 MTV Summer Jam poll), which begs the question: Even though the song is called "Alejandro," does the track also introduce the most famous men named Roberto and Fernando? Let's take a look.


Roberto Benigni: Famous Italian film actor and director who won three Academy Awards for his work on "Life is Beautiful" (including Best Actor and Best Foreign Film). Famously told the Oscar audience that he wanted to make love to them all during one of his acceptance speeches.
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German teenager wins Eurovision contest

Lena from Germany performs her song Enlarge Photo Lena from Germany performs her song "Satellite" after winning the Eurovision Song Contest final in...Nineteen-year-old German Lena won the 55th Eurovision song contest with the British-styled pop number "Satellite" on Saturday, beating 24 other contestants in one of Europe's most watched TV programmes.Lena, the second German winner of Eurovision, was an unknown before she won Germany's qualifiers for the contest and delighted the crowd in the Norwegian capital Oslo with her youthful and energetic personality."This is so absolutely awesome. I feel that this is not real," said the teenager, whose full non-stage name is Lena Mayer-Landrut."I'm kind of freaking out. This feels incredibly good."Eurovision, which drew 124 million viewers last year, parades a wide array of musical styles in original songs, mostly from relatively unknown artists.In the self-proclaimed European song championships,
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Chris Klein Is a Golden-Throated Songbird (Video)

Will the folks at Glee hurry up and book Chris Klein on the show already? Behold, a video purporting to be Klein's audition for the 2008 Abba-driven musical Mamma Mia!; frankly, we have no idea how he failed to make the cut. (It's the American Pie stigma, isn't it?) Let its melodiousness coat your ear canals like nectar. Bask in Klein's vocal prowess. And just hope that, when American Idol is lining up musical mentors for next season, they make the right call:
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Spice Girls musical in the works

  • Hitfix
New York (AP) — If it worked for Abba, why not the Spice Girls? Producer Judy Craymer says her company will create and produce a new stage musical based on the songs of the girl-power group whose recordings have sold more than 75 million copies. The show is tentatively titled, "Viva Forever." No production timetable was announced Thursday. Craymer will produce "Viva Forever" with "American Idol" creator Simon Fuller, who has managed Kelly Clarkson, Annie Lennox, Carrie Underwood and the Spice Girls. Craymer produced both the stage and screen versions of "Mamma Mia!" The musical featuring Abba songs has been a...
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Spice Girls Musical in the Works: Brilliant or Baffling?

Here's a blast from the '90s past: American Idol creator Simon Fuller is working on a Spice Girls musical for the stage, with the working title of "Viva Forever." Fuller is collaborating with Judy Craymer, who is behind the Mamma Mia musical, so it's being speculated that the show will use Spice Girls music the way Mamma Mia used Abba's songs (and not star the actual band members). I may or may not have bought several Spice Girls singles back in the day and dressed up with my friends as each member, and 15-year-old me might be excited about this one. But it could also be too early for '90s nostalgia, and the plot could be completely absurd to fit the pop songs. What do you think? Spice Girls Musical in the Works: Brilliant or Baffling? Brilliant - It could be a campy good time! Baffling - It sounds ridiculous.
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Mamma Mia! Spice Girls Bring Girl Power to Broadway

Mamma Mia! Spice Girls Bring Girl Power to Broadway
Broadway already has a dancing queen, but it's about to get some spice. With musicals based on the music of Abba, the Four Seasons and Billy Joel already making a splash on the Great White Way, it was only a matter of time before theatergoers got what they wanted, what they really, really wanted. Viva Forever, a new musical based on the music of—you guessed it—the Spice Girls, is headed our way. Judy Craymer, who produced both the film and stage versions of Mamma Mia!, has teamed with the infamous girl group, Universal Music and American Idol mastermind Simon Fuller's new company, Xix. Like the Abba show, this theater entry will tell its own story rather than be a tribute to the artists...
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'The Sing-Off': An exclusive look at tonight's set list

'The Sing-Off': An exclusive look at tonight's set list
Sad about the Glee hiatus? Impatient for the return of American Idol? NBC is hoping to capitalize on this situation with The Sing-Off, a Nick Lachey-hosted reality competition in which eight a cappella teams compete for $100,000 and a recording contract. EW has an exclusive peek at the set list for tonight's two-hour premiere, which begins at 8 p.m. Check it out: Opening all-group number: "Under Pressure," Queen/David Bowie "Unwritten," Natasha Bedingfield "I’m Yours," Jason Mraz "Watcha Say," Jason Derulo "Magical Mystery Tour," The Beatles "Dancin’ Queen," Abba "Somebody to Love," Queen "Livin’ On A Prayer," Bon Jovi "Think,
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Weezer's Rivers Cuomo Calls Adam Lambert's Voice 'Amazing'

Frontman talks about lending 'Pick U Up' to 'American Idol' runner-up's debut album.

By Kyle Anderson

Weezer's Rivers Cuomo

Photo: MTV News

There's no mistaking a Weezer song: the faux-metal riffs, big hooks, infectious choruses and Rivers Cuomo's sweet, slightly nasal croon. Cuomo has spent a career crafting these quirky pop songs that leap across genre boundaries, which is why it makes perfect sense that he would collaborate with "American Idol" runner-up and erstwhile glam rocker Adam Lambert. Cuomo wrote a song for Lambert for his upcoming debut album, For Your Entertainment.

"I wrote a song called 'Pick U Up' for Weezer. It's one of my favorite songs I ever wrote. For some reason, Weezer didn't want to record it for Raditude," Cuomo told MTV News, referencing his band's new album, which hit stores Tuesday (November 3). "I figured it would end up on the next record and it just didn't fit this time around.
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Keanu Reeves ‘Sparhusen’ Headlines My Damn Channel’s Fall Lineup

There's a lot of news to digest here, so let's start with the highlights: Keanu Reeves is starring in a web series. It's called Spärhusen and is actually a spin-off of Ikea-backed Easy to Assemble. It's part of a 7-show slate of web series from My Damn Channel premiering October 8, 2009. You know the medium is growing up when we get news of not only another A-lister headlining a web series, but the fact that it's a spinoff of another web series. Keanu Reeves is starring in Spärhusen, a spinoff series about fictional Swedish rock band of the same name that despite oozing musical talent, never quite hit the Abba level. It actually came out of an episode of Easy to Assemble from last season. For the first season, Spärhusen is basically a Behind the Music look at the "in-studio tensions" from the recording sessions of the band’s 1972 single "Apples & Fish.
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