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David Satin


Dave Satin Digital Imaging Technician

IATSE Local 600 425 East 51st Street Apt 7A

New York, NY 10022

917-951-3536 davesatin@aol.com

HD Features

Wolf of Wall Street Main Unit 2012 DP Rodrigo Prietro ASC Alexa Studio/Codex Arriraw Spherical and anamorphic

RIPD Visual Effects/Arial Unit 2012 Alexa/Codex Arriraw

Gods Behaving Badly Reshoots 2012 DP Tak Fujimito Alexa/OB1 Arriraw

Here Comes The Boom 2nd Unit 2011 DP Phil Meheux F35/F35Codex

New Years Eve Times Square Unit 2011 DP Chuck Minsky Alexa

Tower Heist 2010 HD Unit/Aerials DP Dante Spinotti ASC Alexa/OB1/Hawk 1.33 Anamorphics

Harold and Kumar 3D 2010 New York Unit DP Joe Collins Genesis/Element Technica 3D Rig and Sony P3/Pictovision 3D helicopter Rig

Young Adult 2010 DP Eric Steelberg Alexa

Percy Jackson 2009 Visual Effects DP Stephen Goldblatt ASC F35 Genesis

The Adjustment Bureau 2009 Visual Effects Unit DP John Toll ASC Millennium, EX 3

Morning Glory 2009 HD Unit DP Alwin Kutchler F900R HDC 900, 950, EX 3

The Tempest Visual Effects Unit 2009 DP Stuart Dryburgh ASC F23, Phantom

The Cake Eaters 2006 DP Pete Masterson Varicam

Empty City 2006 DP Russ Alsobrook ASC Genesis

Siblings 2005 DP Aaron Medec Viper

Miami Vice 2005 DP Dion Beebe ASC,ACS Viper, F900, T950

Glow Ropes 2004 DP Manfred Reiff Varicam

Ghosts of the Abyss 2003 DP Vince Pace T950 3D Camera System

The Beatle Fan 2002 Dejan Georgevich ASC F900


White Collar Season 4 DP Bob Gantz ASC Alexa, F3

Eden Pilot 2011 DP Harlan Bozmejian F35

Royal Pains Season 3 2011 DP Joe Collins F35/F3/Alexa/5D

Ringling Brothers Barnham and Baily Circus DVD/Commercials 2011 3 Alexa

In Treatment Season 3 2010 DP Derick Underschultz Genesis/7D/EX3

Big Lake Sitcom 2010 DP Bill Berner HPX 3000

Boston's Finest Pilot 2010 DP Bob Gantz Genesis

Surviving Survivor 2010 PDW 800 XD-Cam

Law and Order Criminal Intent Season 9 2009 3 episodes DP Michael Greene F35/EX3

Law and Order Criminal Intent Season 11 1 Episode 2011 DP Michael Greene Alexa

UMI ZOOMI Season 3 2009 DP Learon Kohniev HPX 3700

Lights Out Pilot 2009 DP Frank Prinzi ASC Genesis

Off Duty Pilot 2009 DP Mike Trim D21

The Unusuals 2008- 2009 DP Roy H Wagner ASC F23 EX3

The Electric Company 2008 DP Bill Berner HPX 3000 HPX 500 HVX 200 Red

Muppets Letters to Santa 2008 DP Luke Geisbuhler D21

Westminster Kennel Club Show 2005- 2009 USA Network HDC 950, 900, Panasonic Box Camera

CBS Presents the Thanksgiving Day Parade 2003-2010 CBS Television, Columbus Circle Unit

Cashmere Mafia Tandem Unit 2007 DP Dejan Georgevich ASC Genesis

Gossip Girl Tandem Unit 2007 DP Dejan Georgevich ASC F900R

Blue Blood Pilot 2nd Unit 2007 DP Duane Manwiller Genesis

3 Lbs 2006 DP Dejan Georgevich ASC Genesis

Whoopie 2004 DP Bill Berener F900

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