Big Mac Inventor -- Two All-Beef Patty Salute! 'Super Size Me' Guy Downs 28,984th Big Mac (Photo)

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Big Mac creator Jim Delligatti got the ultimate tribute from his biggest fan -- the guy who famously eats 2 Macs per day come hell or high water. "Super Size Me" star Don Gorske rolled into his fave Mickey D's on Wednesday, as soon as he heard Delligatti had died. Gorske says he ordered his usual -- yes, 12 years later, he's still pulling double duty everyday -- and proudly inhaled his 28,983rd and 28,984th sandwiches ... in memoriam,
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Man Eats 25,000th Big Mac, Cries Tears Of Grease

Have you heard about this guy who ate 25,000 Big Macs? No? We’ll give you time to down a bottle of Correctol (“The Ladies Laxative”) before continuing… Ah, there you go. Yes, a man named Don Gorske from Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin is the proud owner of probably colon cancer after his feat of downing 25,000 Big Macs over the course of a number of years. If you can’t understand that, maybe learning that he lost all of his taste buds in a chemical plant accident would help you. As far as what side effects this man experienced from his unusual diet, it seems he lost nearly all of his vision, as well as lost directions to all sighted barbers within a 500 mile radius. Better luck next time Don!!! Here to tell us this and more about our new favorite American is Best Morning Ever’s Gabe Liedman… VH1 TV
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25,000th Big Mac: Wisconsin man to hit milestone at local McDonald's

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In the immortal word of "The O.C.'s" Summer Roberts: Ew!

57-year-old Don Gorske has special plans for Tuesday, May 17: He's going to be eating his 25,000th Big Mac at McDonald's! The Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin resident usually eats two a day and had his first Big Mac on -- wait for it -- May 17, 1972. 39 years later, he's on his 25,000th.

A special ceremony is set to go down at the McDonald's in his hometown to commemorate the milestone achievement. Gorske has kept most of the boxes and receipts of his 24,999 previous Big Macs.

Gorske says his 25,000th "two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun" is a milestone because people believed he wouldn't live this long.

Since 1972, Gorske has only gone eight days without eating a Big Mac. Talk about commitment!
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Man to eat 25,000th McDonald's Big Mac

A man in Wisconsin is to eat his 25,000th Big Mac today at 3pm Cdt (8pm GMT). A Big Mac is the popular hamburger sold by fast-food restaurant McDonald's. Two beef patties, cheese, lettuce, onions and pickles are served with a sauce inside a sesame bun. According to, Don Gorske, who consumes around two Big Macs a day, is planning to eat his milestone burger on the 39th anniversary of when he had his first Big Mac back in 1972. Gorske has also kept every receipt from every Big Mac he has bought, which is a result of his obsessive-compulsive disorder. Of his impending (more)
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