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Smallville: Homecoming 200th Episode Q&A

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James Marsters as Brainiac and Tom Welling as Clark Kent As the long running and popular CW series Smallville, based on the iconic DC Comics character Superman, slowly comes to the end of its tenth and final season, we are beginning to see the Clark we've grown to know transform into the man that he has always been destined to become. So far this season, we've already seen Clark receive the classic red and blue suit from Lois. It's actually the costume from Superman Returns. But unfortunately, it was quickly taken away by Jor-El, who has locked it in the Fortress of Solitude until Clark earns it. We've also seen the introduction of the villain Darkseid, as well as Rick Flag and the Suicide Squad, while other DC heroes like Blue Beetle and Booster Gold will be popping up before the series ends. Last week saw the return of Supergirl,
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