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'The Big Bang Theory': How do you solve a problem like Raj Koothrappali?

'The Big Bang Theory': How do you solve a problem like Raj Koothrappali?
I would love to be spending this time celebrating Leonard Nimoy’s fabulous guest spot on last night’s The Big Bang Theory. With Nimoy retired from on-camera acting, it was an inspired decision to have him play the voice of Sheldon’s Spock action figure, helping his owner through the thorny moral dilemma of whether to play with a vintage Star Trek toy, and what to do after Sheldon (Jim Parsons) does play with it — and it breaks. Placing Spock in various pensive and expressive poses as he guided and scolded Sheldon had me giggling throughout the episode. Better yet,
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Review of “When Kiran Met Karen”

While small-budget films are fortunate if they can generate pre-release buzz, doing so can also inflate audience expectations. By the time last week’s premiere of director Manan Katohora’s When Kiran Met Karen rolled around, anyone familiar with the project had been hearing about it for a good 19 months. But even after accounting for what a set-up that kind of hype presents, the movie is ultimately disappointing.

The basic premise is sound. Kiran Lohar (Chriselle Almeida) — or K. Lo, according to the tabloids — is a rising Bollywood star who’s in New York for the premiere of her latest blockbuster, A Himalayan Love Story, produced by her mega-rich music mogul fiancé, Dev Ghosh (Samrat Chakrabarti). Karen Sorens (Kelli Holsopple) is a fledgling reporter for Reel Women magazine who wants an exclusive interview with Kiran.

Warning: Spoilers

The eponymous meeting between the two takes place after Kiran flees a press
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