Uncle Bob Martin: 13 Books That Stuck to the Roof of My Mind

Wall Street, they tell me, is on an upturn, and the economy is well on its way to recovery. Hooray and Huzzah! But, even if all this optimism is justified (which I doubt), the rough times aren't entirely behind us and, however long they linger, certain businesses are going to suffer -- especially certain businesses that may not be fit for survival in the digital world, like publishing for the niche markets of Sf and horror.

And, even if happy days are here again, some 20th Century businesses won't be coming back, ever.

Every year, March is National Reading Month, and every year it passes by with no one noticing, except for a few librarians who have to get up on ladders to post the banners (of course, this year, no budget for banners, so there wasn't even that).

Well, this blog is going to change everything; we're going to
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