Ari Folman Reveals Wondrous First Look at His Animated Anne Frank Film

Ari Folman Reveals Wondrous First Look at His Animated Anne Frank Film
Ari Folman continues to follow his own strange star. The Israeli filmmaker will follow his spellbinding animation hybrids "Waltz with Bashir" (Oscar-nominated) and "The Congress" (a high-iq cult oddity that will someday get its due) with an animated retelling of the life and diary of Anne Frank. A blend of stop-motion and traditional animation—with 2D characters cut into stop-motion backgrounds — his Anne Frank Film is the first of its kind. That's because Folman, with Diana Elbaum of Belgian-based production company Entre Chien et Loup, negotiated to obtain world rights in all languages and media and complete access to the Anne Frank archives. Read More: Ari Folman Takes on Animated Anne Frank Feature Production began in winter 2014. Folman has finally shared concept art from the studio at Passion Films in London. Folman is collaborating with "Fantastic Mr. Fox" Dp Tristan Oliver and designer Andy Gent to hew the film's stop motion look,
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Frankenweenie Unbound: Part 2- When HeyUGuys Stepped Into The World of Frankenweenie…

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Film sets are chaotic places. Even on the best run, even during a take, there’s a sense that all hell could break loose any second.

Indeed, if it weren’t for the ever-vigilant Ad department, on most sets it probably would. Which is why the sense of quiet calm that hangs over this corner of 3 Mills Studios in East London is so odd. Even eerie. Because while everyone clearly has purpose, and no one seems to be slacking, that ever-present sense of panic isn’t… present.

“One of the things that he always said was that he really wanted to realise this fully, and animated. So this is kind of a little bit like his dream come true, and you will see his imprint over every frame” The ‘he’ being described by producer Allison Abbate, is of course, the film’s director, Tim Burton. She’s giving HeyUGuys a
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Frankenweenie Unbound: Part 1 – Inside the Puppet Workshop

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“A character has to last for a year or more of shooting, and as you’ll see, some of these things are very delicate, so we do quite a lot of hospital work, repairing things, and putting limbs back on where they’ve fallen off, or broken ears or fingers, remaking parts; just keeping them up to speed.”

Andy Gent’s job as head of puppet fabrication keeps him busy. The cast of Frankenweenie comprises around 250-300 puppets, each of which needs to be built, costumed and maintained. What’s more, as Gent puts it, “Ultimately, everything comes through here”.

The “here” Gent is referring to is the Puppet Fabrication Workshop – better known to the crew of Frankenweenie as the ‘Puppet Hospital’. It’s a fairly small space, hidden away up a flight of stairs at the back of one of the storage warehouses; a hard place to find, even
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Sentia Media acquires social media firm BuzzNumbers

Measurement firm Sentia Media has acquired BuzzNumbers, a social media measurement firm.

The announcement:

Asia-Pacific’s leading media intelligence company, Sentia Media, today announced

the acquisition of BuzzNumbers, leading Australian social media monitoring platform. The acquisition further strengthens Sentia Media’s ability to provide the highest quality and most comprehensive suite of media intelligence services across Australia and beyond.

Sentia Media CEO John Croll said, “BuzzNumbers social media monitoring solution complements our focus on timeliness, coverage, accuracy and insight for communications specialists. We look forward to working closely with Nick Holmes a’ Court (founder), Andy Gent (CEO) and their team to leverage their knowledge of the Australian social media landscape and their proven product, which has been specifically designed for this market.

“This is Sentia Media’s first acquisition since rebranding from Media Monitors Group in February,” Croll added, “and it reaffirms our growth strategy and commitment to providing our
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