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Chloe Bruce

Performer Profile

  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5 feet 7 in
  • Physique: Athletic
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Hair Length: Long
  • Eyes: Hazel
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian


The Purifiers Gang member/Eel Richard Jobson
Double Zero Luitenant Gerard Pirez
Love Struck Dancer/Fighter Ruidi Fieldgrass
Harry Potter Snatcher David Yates
John Carter of Mars Zodangan Soldier Andrew Stanton
Wrath of the titans Stunt Double - Lily James Jonathan Liebesman
World War Z Stunts Marc Forster
Kickass 2 Stunts Jeff Wadlow
Thor 2 The Dark World Stunt Double - Jaimie Alexander & Rene Russo Alan Taylor
Guardians of the Galaxy Stunt Double - Zoe Saldana James Gunn
Exodus: Gods & Kings Stunts Ridley Scott
Star Wars VII Stunt Double - Daisy Ridley JJ Abrams
Assassins Creed Stunt Double : Ariane Labed & Michelle Lin Justin Kurzel


Britains Got Talent Contestant ITV
Skillicious Performer/Guest CBBC
Paul O'Grady Show Performer/Guest Channel 4
Guinness World Records Guest/performer CCTV-China
When Will I be famous Contestant BBC1
This Morning Guest ITV
Masters of Combat Master/Actress/Performer BBC 2


Subway Martial artist
Yellow Pages Martial artist/Street performer
Neutral Lead Martial artist/Actress
Ant & Dec Featured Martial artist
Adidas Stunts
Pepsi Stunt Double for Jennifer Lopez
Playstation Featured Martial artist
Honda Civic Featured Martial artist
Winston Featured Martial artist/ Dancer
Alexander McQueen Featured Martial artist
Sugar Puffs Featured martial artist
Middle East Broadcasting Featured Martial artist
Ryvita Featured Martial artist
Mineral Water Featured Martial artist
Under Armour Martial artist/Sports Coach


Street Fighter X Tekken Launch Performer - martial artist Germany
Diversity Tour Performer - martial artist Nationwide
Katie Price & Alex Reids Wedding Performer - martial artist UK
Karate Kid Premiere Performer - martial artist UK
Prince of Persia Premiere Performer - martial artist UK
Formula 1 Performer - martial artist Monaco
Siemens Performer - martial artist Germany
Virgin Active Performer - martial artist UK
Mini 50th Birthday Performer - martial artist UK & Paris
Transformers 2 Premiere Performer - martial artist Germany
Top Gear Live Tour Performer - martial artist UK, Wales, South Africa, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand
Detroit Motor Show Performer - martial artist USA
Golden Lily Show Performer - martial artist Ukraine
Puma Performer - martial artist Greece, Geramny
BMW Launch Performer - martial artist Germany
Virtua Fighter 5 Launch Performer - martial artist UK
Grand Prix Ball Performer - martial artist UK
ISPO Fashion Show Performer - martial artist Germany, China
GQ Mens Style awards Performer - martial artist Germany
Adidas Performer - martial artist UK, Germany, France
Reebok Performer - martial artist UK, Spain, Germany
K1- Kickboxing show Performer - martial artist Japan, Croatia, Holland, UK, France
Playstation 3 Launch Performer - martial artist UK
Spiderman 2 Premiere Performer- Martial artist UK


CAT Lifestyle & Action Model
Nutrition Company Sports & fitness model
Maximuscle Sports & fitness model
KWON sports & fitness model
Century sports & fitness model
Touch Magazine Urban Fashion model


Muscle & Fitness Magazine Life Story - 8 page Spread
Real Magazine Story on my career
Daily Star Newspaper Interview spread
Radio Times Story on our career- Bruce Sistaz
Women's Health Magazine Interview Re: Guardians of the Galaxy Mara Miller

Video Games

Mirrors Edge Motion Capture - Martial artist
The Watchman Motion Capture - Martial artist
HellBlade Motion Capture - Female Characters

Performer Skills

  • Performance Skills: Martial Arts, Stunts
  • Athletic Skills: Gymnastics, Martial Arts
  • Accents: British


  • WKA World Championships, World Champion, 1996
    Won the WKA World Championships in Korean Traditional forms, Musical Open hand and Musical Weapons 1996-1999
  • Swiss Open Championships, Gold medal, 1998
    Won Gold at the Swiss Open Championships in Basel. 1998 - 2000
  • WKA British Championships, British Champion, 1995
    British Champion. 1995-1999
  • WAKO British Championships, British Champion, 1997
    WAKO British Champion 1997 - 2008
  • French Open Championships, Gold Medal, 2001
    Won Gold at the French Open Championships in Paris 2001 - 2005
  • Irish Open Championships, Gold Medal, 2001
    Won Gold at the Irish Open Championships in Dublin 2001-2011
  • Charlie Lee National Championships, Gold Medal, 2004
    Won Gold at the Charlie Lee National Championships in Virginia - USA
  • US Open Championships, Gold Medal, 2004
    Won Gold at the US Open Championships in Orlando - USA
  • Ocean State Nationals, Gold Medal, 2004
    Won Gold at the Ocean State Nationals in New England - USA
  • Quebec Open Championships, Gold Medal, 2005
    Won Gold at the Quebec Open Championships in Quebec, Canada
  • New England Open, Gold Medal, 2005
    Won Gold at the New England Open in New England, USA
  • Guinness World Records, Record holder, 2009
    Hold the Guinness World record for most kicks in 1 minute, this stands at 212 kicks.
  • Guinness World Records, Record Holder, 2015
    Most Scorpion Kicks in 1 minute

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