'Natalie's dead, Dad ...'

Richard Gregson was once married to the Hollywood star Natalie Wood. He recalls the terrible night he heard she'd drowned, and the awful decision he faced over who should care for their daughter Natasha

I married the film star Natalie Wood in the spring of 1969 after we'd been together, on and off, for three years. We divorced not much more than a year later. The on-off periods were due mostly to Natalie living in Los Angeles and me living in London. But there were other reasons, emotional ones, that had made our lives together difficult.

She was a big star, beautiful, nearing the height of her fame. I was struggling up the ladder working as an agent for actors, writers and directors. Also we had previous entanglements. I had three children, she had a couple of ex-lovers and a determination to continue her daily visits to her psychiatrist come what may.
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The Apprentice: Making a dog's dinner of a pet food campaign

After ignoring all expert advice Team Logic managed to foul up their ad campaign and lose once again – quite an achievement given the opposition's baffling product

This week's project was to make, brand and promote a pet food, pitching it to advertising agency Tbwa and Mars Petcare with the final casting vote given by Lord Sugar. Vincent was made project manager of Logic, while Glenn was put in charge of Venture.

Venture focused their attention on the overweight cat market. Branded as Catsize (see what they did there?), the packaging and marketing, if not the name, were well thought out given the time constraints, aiming the nutritional and healthy food product at, according to Leon, the nation's 4 million overweight cats.

The team were split on the baffling slogan "See their light", with Glenn berating Zoe, Helen and Leon for their churlish behaviour, insisting on constructive criticism rather than just laughter.
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The Apprentice: Team Logic tanned

It was beauty salons this week, but Felicity's focus on flogging products over treatments was costly

Leon looked uncomfortable with it, Susan ordered too much of it, and Felicity's team went back into the boardroom because they failed to get it. The battle over fake tan was a vital component in last night's Apprentice.

The teams were further mixed up with Zoe being given the opportunity to show Lord Sugar what she can do as project manager of Venture, and Felicity leading Logic.

Packed off to Birmingham, the teams initially had to choose which location to sell from. Zoe went out of town, while Felicity headed for the Bull Ring. Both teams were shown an array of treatments from which they had to pick two. In the event that both opted for the same product the demonstrators would choose their preferred team.

Past series has shown how important securing the right product is,
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‘The Game’ Season Finale: TV Recap (and the Return of Stacey Dash)

‘The Game’ Season Finale: TV Recap (and the Return of Stacey Dash)
Getty The cast of “The Game.”

The Game’ is now over, for another season at least. For a show that never knew if it was coming back after it was taken off the air on the CW, and had to jumpstart back up after being off the air for two years, “The Game’s” debut season on Bet was as good of a work back in progress as one could ask. No the show was not the same as it
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