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Lima Trailer: Blomkamp's Latest From Oats Studios

Neill Blomkamp's Oats Studios have launched a trailer for their latest short called Lima, a longer format short exploring the ideas of multinational corporations, secret government programs and failed scientific experiments.

When I spoke with actor Kellan Lutz a couple weeks back, the actor told me the short was one of the best yet and that he was thrilled to be a part of it.

The director of District 9 and Elysium started Oats Studios and partn [Continued ...]
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Kellan Lutz Says He's Planning a Destination Beach Wedding with Fiancée Brittany Gonzales

Kellan Lutz Says He's Planning a Destination Beach Wedding with Fiancée Brittany Gonzales
Kellan Lutz and fiancée Brittany Gonzales have been engaged for well over a year now. But the couple are a long way from figuring out their wedding plans.

“We are way too chill about it,” the Twilight star, 32, told People Wednesday during a lunch for the Geoffrey Beene Foundation at famed N.Y.C. eatery Michael’s. “I always figured every woman had a dream wedding. She doesn’t. I think we just need someone to step in and be like, ‘We’re gonna take care of all this.'”

“It’s hard because we already feel married, and everyone thinks that we’re married,
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Interview: Kellan Lutz on Playing the Intriguing Sy Lombrok in The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One

  • DailyDead
Sy Lombrok (Kellan Lutz) is an escaped convict, Kane Sommerville (Daniel MacPherson) is an alcoholic lieutenant. They don't really get along, but they both have only hours to get off the planet before it's obliterated in the new sci-fi action film The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One. An ambitious sci-fi story that retains an epic scope without losing sight of its character-centric sensibilities, The Osiris Child is now out on VOD and Digital HD from Rlj Entertainment, and Daily Dead recently had the chance to speak with actor Kellan Lutz about his intriguing role, working with director Shane Abbess, visiting a real prison to prepare to play his character, and much more.

How did this movie come onto your radar, and what attracted you to the character of Sy Lombrok? He is a really intriguing character.

Kellan Lutz: Well, I met Shane Abbess about five years ago
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Film Review: ‘The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One’

Film Review: ‘The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One’
Despite its strenuously portentous title, which some might mistake for a herald of wink-wink satire, “The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One” is a straight-faced and serviceable sci-fi action-adventure set on a distant planet where corporate overloads exploit hard-bitten convicts as slave laborers for colonization efforts — and human guinea pigs for bioengineering experiments.

From her vantage point in a floating headquarters high above the wild world, Exor company executive General Lynex (Rachel Griffiths) appraises the progress of settlement construction — and encourages the mad-scientist activities of Warden Mordain (Temuera Morrison), who’s been charged with transforming part of his prison’s population into monsters programmed “to kill or assimilate indigenous species.” Evidently, Exor plays by the same rule book as the Umbrella Corp. in the “Resident Evil” franchise and Weyland-Yutani in the “Alien” movies.

When things go wrong, as they always do in pulpy scenarios such as this one, and the monsters are inadvertently freed during a
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The Quietcast: Kellan Lutz Talks Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume 1

Shane Abbess' highly anticipated space opera throwback The Osiris Child sees release October 6. Abbess, whose last films Infini and Gabriel were both visual stunners delivers another impressive genre film on a tight budget. Prison planets, high-flying dogfights, monsters and madmen, the film is a fun sci-fi romp with rich characters at its core.

The film stars Kellan Lutz (Twili [Continued ...]
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Director Shane Abbess on the Nostalgic and Collaborative Framework Behind ‘The Osiris Child’

It’s been almost one full year since Shane AbbessScience Fiction Volume One: The Osiris Child made its world premiere at Fantastic Fest late September 2016. We recently caught up with Shane to talk about his film. We discussed everything from production design to music to the economy of the film, notably the team’s efforts getting shots both done in budget in a timely manner. However, aside from a handful of scenes, you’d expect that he had the luxury of resources to build this fascinating world.

Culled from favorite childhood experiences/films, cherry-picked tropes from specific genres, and aimed at giving the audience things they’ve never seen before , the result of Abbess’ work is one of the most impressive sci-fi films this year. A long time coming for those of you who missed it on the festival circuit, but the ambitious sci-if gem that is The Osiris Child
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Kellan Lutz Confirms Engagement to Girlfriend Brittany Gonzales: 'She's the Light of My Life'

Kellan Lutz Confirms Engagement to Girlfriend Brittany Gonzales: 'She's the Light of My Life'
It’s official: Kellan Lutz is planning to tie the knot!

The Twilight star is engaged to his girlfriend Brittany Gonzales, the actor confirmed on a recent appearance on Steve.

When host Steve Harvey referred to Gonzales as Lutz’s fiance, the actor, 32, gave a quick “yup” before going on to add that “she is the light of my life.”

While the two keep private about their relationship, they often gush about each other on their respective Instagram profiles. Lutz gave Gonzales a shout out back in May.

“Thank you God, for the best Gift ever! I’ve never known
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Kellan Lutz Finally Confirms His Engagement to Brittany Gonzales

Kellan Lutz Finally Confirms His Engagement to Brittany Gonzales
It looks like Kellan Lutz will be planning a wedding soon. The Twilight actor confirmed his engagement to Brittany Gonzales while making a guest appearance on Steve. As it turns out, the bride-to-be used to work in the audience department for Steve Harvey's other show Family Feud in Atlanta.  When Harvey referred to Gonzales as Lutz's fiancée, the actor didn't correct him and responded with a solid "yep." The Emmett Cullen character then called Gonzales the "light of my life" and proceeded talk about his sweetheart's Family Feud connection. "She couldn't be here today, but she wanted to come and give you guys the biggest hugs," he said. "She...
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Kellan Lutz and Brittany Gonzales Are Engaged: Reports

  • E! Online
Kellan Lutz and Brittany Gonzales Are Engaged: Reports
Kellan Lutz will soon be officially off the market. The actor, best known for his past role of the vampire Emmett Cullen in the Twilight films, is engaged to girlfriend Brittany Gonzales, a TV host, according to reports from Us Weekly and Entertainment Tonight.  The two met in 2016 and first appeared on each other's Instagram pages last winter. "2016 has been an amazing year and I thank God for all that he has blessed me with," Lutz wrote in a post in December, alongside a photo of a closeup of him and Gonzales holding hands. "The biggest blessing has been finding the love of my life and the One he has promised me. It's truly mind blowing to surrender to...
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Kellan Lutz Is Engaged to Brittany Gonzales

Kellan Lutz Is Engaged to Brittany Gonzales
Kellan Lutz is engaged!

A source close to the Twilight star tells Et that he and girlfriend Brittany Gonzales have been engaged for 11 months, after dating for over a year.

According to an eyewitness, the couple was spotted out discussing wedding plans in NYC on Thursday, while Gonzales was rocking what looked to be an engagement ring, Us Weekly reports.

Exclusive: Kellan Lutz Doesn't Expect an Invite to 'Twilight' Co-star Robert Pattinson's Wedding

The upcoming nuptials are no surprise, given how much the pair mutually fawns over each other in photos they share on Instagram!

"When your reality is better than your dreams ever were," Gonzales posted on a sweet beach snap earlier this month.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Watch the video below for what Lutz told Et last year about his rumored past fling with Miley Cyrus.

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Twilight Star Kellan Lutz Thinks a Reboot Is a Bad Idea

  • MovieWeb
Twilight Star Kellan Lutz Thinks a Reboot Is a Bad Idea
It's been almost five years since The Twilight Saga came to an end with Breaking Dawn - Part 2, and there have been plenty of rumors swirling about the franchise eventually returning to the big screen, but one star doesn't think it should happen. Kellan Lutz, who played Emmet Cullen in all five Twilight Saga movies, revealed in a recent interview that he doesn't think a reboot would make sense in this day and age. Here's what the actor had to say below.

"If Twilight was made in the 1980s or '90s, and then now we have all of the special effects, then yeah, cool, reboot it. But I don't really feel like... I mean, we had great special effects in that movie. Especially Breaking Dawn with Bill Condon. The movies look beautiful and they aren't these action-packed movies or these massive worlds like Marvel where you could reboot it
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Top 5: Movies from The Asylum

With Sharknado 5 making a splash on TV screens across the globe these past few weeks, what better time to visit the world of The Asylum? With a myriad of films under their belt, from their beginnings as king of the mockbuster to their foray into original film making, it’s no secret we’re big fans of these bastions of the direct to DVD market and have reviewed a Lot of their output! With that in mind, here’s my pick of the Top 5 (because it’s Sharknado Five… geddit?!?) movies from The Asylum in – shock, horror – order of preference…

5) Avengers Grimm

An off-the-wall mix of Grimm Fairy tale characters and superhero team-up movies which, frankly, should have been obvious given the title, Avengers Grimm’s plot is relatively simple: when Rumpelstiltskin uses the Magic Mirror to escapes to the modern world taking Snow White with him and destroying the mirror in the process,
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‘Conan the Barbarian’ and ‘The Legend of Hercules’ 4K Blu-ray Bound

Lionsgate Home Entertainment has announced plans to pull a couple fantasy action films out of their catalog and debut Conan the Barbarian and The Legend of Hercules on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray with a September 19th release date.

Conan the Barbarian is the modern remake starring Jason Mamoa of Game of Thrones fame in the titular role made famous by a young Arnold Schwarzenegger. It co-stars Stephen Lang, Rose McGowan, Rachel Nichols, and Ron Perlman.

The Legend of Hercules is not the 2014 version starring Dwayne Johnson, but instead the competing Hercules-themed film from the same year starring Kellan Lutz as the mythical Greek hero with Renny Harlin directing.

Both 4K releases will feature Hdr and Dolby Atmos audio tracks.

Pre-order The Legend of Hercules on 4K Blu-ray for a discounted price at Amazon.

Pre-order Conan The Barbarian on 4K Blu-ray for a discounted price at Amazon.
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Logic Releases Powerful Pro-lgbt Video for ‘1-800,’ Starring Don Cheadle, Matthew Modine (Watch)

Logic Releases Powerful Pro-lgbt Video for ‘1-800,’ Starring Don Cheadle, Matthew Modine (Watch)
Rapper Logic, whose album “Everybody” debuted at No. 1 in May, has released a powerful video for his song “1-800-273-8255,” featuring Alessia Cara and Khalid. The clip, which stars Don Cheadle and Matthew Modine, centers around a gay black teen with a white boyfriend coming to grips with his sexuality and his family’s reaction to it. The song’s original theme is around a person contemplating suicide.


Def Jam’s Approach to Marketing Logic’s No. 1 Album: Stay Out of the Way

While there have been many videos exploring similar themes, it’s no understatement to say that the clip is unusually moving. Logic had no specific statement on it — a rep said “It speaks for itself” — although the rapper did write a blurb about the song in his album’s liner notes.

“In the first hook and verse we hear a person at the end of their rope who has called the suicide
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'Hamilton' L.A. Premiere Draws Tons of Stars

  • TMZ
[[tmz:video id="0_ffwaio0l"]] "Hamilton" has been on Broadway for 2 years, so you'd think most celebs who frequently travel coast to coast would have seen it by now ... apparently not. A slew of celebs showed up at the Pantages theatre in Hollywood Wednesday for opening night of the mega-musical. Among them ... Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Steph Curry, Paris Jackson, Byron Allen, Helen Hunt, Josh Gad, Jimmy Smits, Kellan Lutz, Cobie Smulders, Elizabeth Banks and J.J. Abrams. It's a good
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New Us Trailer for Sci-Fi Epic 'Osiris Child' Directed by Shane Abbess

"This is going to be fun." Rlj Entertainment has unleashed another new full-length trailer for an under-the-radar sci-fi epic titled The Osiris Child, or rather, The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One in full. You may remember hearing about this, as we posted an international trailer earlier in the year. It's not getting a Us release in the fall. Set in the future in a time of interplanetary colonization, the story is about a drifter, played by Kellan Lutz, who gets mixed up with a lieutenant named Kane who works for a military contractor. They form an alliance and head out to rescue Kane's daughter amid an impending global crisis. Also stars Daniel MacPherson, Isabel Lucas, Rachel Griffiths, and Teagan Croft. This seems crazy ambitious with impressive VFX for an indie production, I just hope it isn't a complete disaster. Take a look. The second trailer for Shane Abbess
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Exclusive: ‘The Osiris Child’ Trailer Teases an Old School Sci-Fi Epic

I'm always here for a good sci-fi B-movie, but in the age of superheroes, Star Wars, and blockbuster dominance, there hasn't been a lot of room at the studios for that kind of fare lately. Thankfully, The Osiris Child is finally landing in theaters and it looks like filmmaker Shane Abbess (Infiniti) has captured the fun spirit of a good fashioned sci-fi romp. Set in the age of interplanetary colonization, including a none-too-welcoming prison planet, The Osiris Child stars Kellan Lutz (Twilight) and Daniel MacPherson (The Shannara Chronicles) as an unlikely pair of …
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