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Samuel Patrick Chu


Performer Profile

  • Gender: Male
  • Physique: Athletic
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eyes: Brown


  • Premiere Talent Management, Shannon Richardson, Agent
    # 206 - 1529 West 6th Avenue Vancouver, B.C. V6J 1R1
    (604) 687-4909 .


A Mother's Nightmare Lead AMN Productions/Lifetime/Vic Sarin
The Christmas Consultant Supporting ReelOne/Lifetime/John Bradshaw
Chupacabra Vs. The Alamo Supporting Alamo Productions/Terry Ingram
Gay Dude Co-Star Lion's Gate/Lawrence mark Prod/Chris Nelson
Radio Rebel Co-Star Disney TV Feature/Morp Services Inc./Peter Howitt
Clue - Mini Series Co-Star Moon Orion Productions Inc/Terry McDonough
The Odds Co-Star - Donk Kaos Productions/Simon Davidson
Vampire Co-star - Mike Cushing Convergence Entmt./ Iwai Shunji
Diary of A Wimpy Kid Supporting- Carter Fox 2000/Colorforce/Thor Freudenthal
Slap Shot - The Junior League Lead - Tweaker Universal Pictures/Richard Martin
Night at The Museum - Battle of the Smithsonian Co-Star Twentieth Century Fox/Shawn Levy
The Sandlot 3 - Heading Home Lead - Wok Twentieth Century Fox/William (Bill) Dear
Max Havoc: Ring Of Fire Lead - Emile Insight Films/Terry Ingram
Martian Child Supporting New Line Cinema/Menno Meyjes
Into The West - Movie 3 (Mini-series) Supporting - Jacob Jr. Dreamworks/TNT/Sergio Mimica-Gezzan
Into The West - Movie 2 (Mini-series) Jacob Jr. Dreamworks/TNT/Robert Dornhelm
Oh Sweet & Mighty Dream of Freakish Joy Lead SFU Grad Film/Ashley Slater
30 Minutes Or Free - Independent Short Film Supporting Joker Films


Rita - Pilot Bradley Schiller FOX/Bravo/Fabrik Ent./Miguel Arteta
Spooksville Season 1 Recurring Guest Star HUB/Sprinsville Prod./Michael Robison/James Head
Mr. Young Season 3 Guest Star Disney/YTV/Jason Furukawa
Level Up Season 2 Recurring Guest Star Lords Productions Inc./Peter Deliuise; Alex Winter
Who's Your Monster Co-Star Disney TV feature/Stuart Gillard
Alcatraz Recurring Guest Star Bad Robot/JackBender/Danny Canyon/J.J. Abrams
"Level Up" eps #112 Recurring Lords Productions Inc/Victor Gonzales
Alcatraz - Pilot Co-Star Bad Robot/Danny Canyon/J.J. Abrams
"Level Up" eps 103/104 Recurring Lords Productions Inc/Henry Chan
Clue – Miniseries Part 4 Co-Star Moon Orion Productions Inc/ Terry McDonough
"Level Up" eps 101 Recurring Lords Productions Inc/Peter Deluise
The Haunting Hour #103 "The Dead Body" Co-Star - Purcell The Hub/James Head/Dan Angel
The Boxer And The Kid Supporting - Nick Wirthlin Dir. Anne Wheeler
Flash Gordon eps. 6 - Ascension Guest Star - Tee-J Flash Films/SciFiNetwork/T.J. Scott
Battlestar Galactica - Season 3 - "Dirty Hands Supporting - Milo GEP Productions/SciFi Network/Wayne Rose
Masters Of Horror 2 - eps 7 "We All Scream for Ice Cream" Lead - Young Virgil Reunion Pictures/Showtime/Tom Holland
Eureka eps. 106 "Before I Forget" Guest Star - Putnam NBC/USA Network/Michael Robinson
Romeo! Season 3 Recurring - Marco Pieces Production Too/Tom Lynch Company/Larry Sugar
Romeo! Season 2 Recurring - Marco Pieces Production Too/Tom Lynch Company/Chip Hurd
Tru Calling "Murder in The Morgue" Actor Millenium Canadian Productions/David Solomon
The Twilight Zone - Segment # 31 "It's Still A Good Life" Supporting - Timmy JoshmaxProduction Services/Allan Kroeker
Jerimiah - "Interregnum" Actor Jerimiah Productions/Michael Vegar
Just Cause eps. # 104 "Above The Law" Actor Just Cause Productions & Millenium Cdn. Productions Inc/David Solomon
The Dead Zone "Shaman" Principal - Young Shaman Dead Zone Production Corp/Rachel Talalay
Before Man Ruled The Earth - TLC Documentary Mini-series Lead - Odjik Evergreen Monster Productions/Pierre de Lespinois/
The Christmas Secret - Movie for Television Actor Reindeer Productions/Ian Barry
Revolution - Pilot Supporting - Carver CBS/Paramount/Michael Rhymer


Full List available upon request


Get Set - Educational Video Series Supporting - Kyle Get Set/Dot Com Productions/Tom Braidwood

Performer Skills

  • Performance Skills: Dancing, Stage Combat, Improvisation, Martial Arts, WuShu- Kung Fu, Stunts
  • Athletic Skills: Sailing, Ice Hockey, Ice Skating, Skateboarding, Martial Arts, Weight Lifting, Snowboarding
  • Accents: Irish, British, New York (Brooklyn)
  • Musical Instruments: Guitar
  • Dance: Ballroom, Chinese dance, Ballet, Hip Hop, Break, Modern


  • Railtown Actors Studio, Vancouver, B.C., Intensive Advanced Scene Study - ongoing, Kate Twa, 2012
  • Railtown Actors Studio, Vancouver, B.C., Summer Intensive 2012, John Cassini, 2012
  • Cucumber Satellite Theatre Company, Vancouver, B.C., Senior Professionals, Kate Twa, 2011
  • Actor's Foundry, Vancouver, B.C., Matthew Harrison, 2011
    Summer Intensive
  • Kate Twa Studio , Vancouver, B.C., Advanced Scene Study, Kate Twa, 2009
  • Galaxy Studio, Vancouver, B.C., Advanced Scene Study; Voice - Dr. Iris MacGregor Bannerman; Guest Instructor Daniel Bacon, Kate Twa
  • Lyric School of Acting, Vancouver, B.C., Young Professionals, Kate Twa
    full term Fall 2005-Spring 2006
  • Lyric School of Acting, Vancouver, B.C. , Emerging Professionals - Summer Intensive , Kate Twa; John Cassini; Voice - Dr, Iris McGregor Bannerman
    Summer 2006
  • Infinite Motion Pictures, Vancouver, B.C., Private Coaching, David Richmond- Peck
  • Ty Olson, Vancouver, B.C., Private Coaching
  • Tarlington Training, Vancouver, B.C., Full Year Professional Program, Various
    Sept 2002-June 2003
  • Tarlington Training, Vancouver, B.C., Summer Intensive, Sara Sawatsky; Carol Tarlington, 2002
  • Beaumont Studio, Vancouver, B.C., Private Coaching, Lori Triolo


  • Team Trial 2008 Canadian National Junior Olympics Team - Wu Shu , Gold and Silver Medal, 2008
  • West Coast Can-Am Martial Arts Championships, Medalist
    Medalist in 2002 thru 2007
  • Vancouver Academy of Dance , Most Artistic Dancer, 2011


  • Richard Martin, Director - Slap Shot - The Junior League
  • William (Bill) Dear, Director - The Sandlot - Coming Home
  • Kate Twa, Acting Instructor/Director
  • Peter Deluise, Director

Employment Details

  • Work History: Commercial, Theater, Film, Television
  • Job Categories: Stunts, Acting
  • Are you willing to work unpaid?: No
  • Valid Passport: Yes

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