‘Player Piano’ Returns With New Video, Plans Live Event

Player Piano isn’t the most popular channel on YouTube, but thanks to its bright, colorful sets and some seriously impressive piano skills, it has picked up a devoted following. Now, the musical show directed by Tom Grey and starring Sonya Belousova is entering the next phase of its growth, and it’s starting with a frequent fan request. The latest video on the Player Piano channel is a cover of the “Moon Theme” from the Nes video game DuckTales.

As is the case with other Player Piano videos, the “Moon Theme” cover combines a unique, custom-designed piano with Belousova’s virtuoso performance. This time, the piano is shaped like an Nes console, in order to drum up nostalgia among the channel’s audience.

That audience has already supported Player Piano in a big way; in 2015, it delivered more than $71,000 to Grey and Belousova through Indiegogo so they could continue making videos.
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Player:Piano Performs The Ultimate Star Wars Medley

After hearing the Star Wars theme song being played on guitar by Cooper Carter, we can now find out what the song sounds like when it is being played on a piano.

Concert pianist Sonya Belousova and filmmaker Tom Grey are famous for their epic recreations of geeky music on pianos. (We've featured their work a number of times on the site already.) Now they return to amaze Star Wars fans with a beautiful and slightly gentler variant of the saga’s theme song on a modular piano. During Belousova's performance, the instrument undergoes visual changes — from Darth Vader’s outfit, to the Millennium Falcon, to R2-D2. The pianist also changes her appearance and clothes that she wears to match the look of her piano.

Source: PlayerPiano
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Nerd Alert: Ant-Man Sweded Trailer, Bald Villains and Breaking Bad

Nerd Alert: Ant-Man Sweded Trailer, Bald Villains and Breaking Bad
Welcome to today's edition of Nerd Alert, where we have all the quirky, nerdy news that you crave in one convenient spot. What do we have in store for you on this wondrous Wednesday? We have a Breaking Bad-themed coffee shop in Istanbul, a creative father who used a Taken-inspired note to get his kids to do their chores and Cara Delevingne delivers an awkward interview. But first, Ant-Man gets a unique homemade trailer. So, sit back, relax and check out all that today's Nerd Alert has to offer.

Ant-Man Sweded Trailer

Cinefix's Homemade Movies series has put together an entertaining Diy trailer for the hit superhero movie Ant-Man that is just as charming as it is inventive. Using action figures, homemade costumes and even a beat-boxed version of the trailer song, this video delivers in wonderful ways. We also have another video that features a side-by-side comparison with the actual trailer.
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Tardis Travelling Pianist Plays Doctor Who Theme Tune

Christian Cawley is a writer at Kasterborous Doctor Who News and Reviews - All the latest Doctor Who news and reviews with our weekly podKast, features and interviews, and a long-running forum.

Here’s Composer/Pianist Sonya Belousova celebrating over 50 years of Doctor Who with this tribute to its iconic theme, nicely hammering the ivories. The video is directed by Tom Grey. “It is so recognizable, and yet it — like the Doctor himself — has gone through many modifications in its 50 years, so that presented a great opportunity for me...

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Doctor Who: YouTube stars PlayerPiano debut spectacular theme cover

YouTube stars PlayerPiano have debuted their very special version of the Doctor Who theme - with a grand piano in Tardis blue for a suitably grand performance.

PlayerPiano is a collaboration between director Tom Grey and composer / pianist Sonya Belousova, putting a classical twist on beloved songs and soundtrack themes.

"Doctor Who is one of those unique properties that has a fanbase spanning generations," Grey told Digital Spy. "I grew up watching Tom Baker's fourth Doctor and, like everyone else, was reintroduced when the BBC began its new run in 2005.

"From a visual standpoint, I was very interested in exploring that history with the 12 different Doctors and we felt we could do a great tribute to the entire series, not just modern Doctor Who."

Belousova added: "Plus, the main theme is incredibly iconic. It was an exciting experience to explore it in a new and original way."

PlayerPiano have
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Fund This: For $60,000 ‘Player Piano’ Will Strike A Chord On YouTube

Project Name: Player Piano Asking For: $60,000 on Indiegogo Amount Raised Thus Far (At Time Of Post): $1,075 Days Remaining In Campaign (At Time Of Post): 42 Description: Player Piano is a web series that combines pop culture, classical music, and intricate set design. In each episode, pianist Sonya Belousova arranges an iconic anthem from a TV show, movie, or video game, and director Tom Grey surrounds her performance with an elaborate production based on that franchise. The series began as Cosplay Piano, a web series on Stan Lee's World of Heroes YouTube channel, where four videos combined to draw 1.5 million views. Four months ago, Belousova and Grey jumped off that success by launching their own channel, where they have release three new episodes. The latest installment features the main theme from Tetris. Belousova and Grey want to make more videos, so they've turned to Indiegogo, where they hope to
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Star Wars: Even In A Galaxy Far, Far Away Speed Dating Still Sucks

Would dating Jar Jar Binks constitute a charitable contribution deduction? That's gotta be just as good as donating a car to Make-a-Wish foundation, right? Well, whomever the single gal in this video is, she ain't having none of that. Isa says: Jar Jar Binks is going end up very lonely The Epic Conclusion to the Speed Dating Trilogy is bigger and better than its predecessors...Star Wars Style! Take a trip to the Mos Eisley Cantina and drop in on a speed dating event with some of your favorite characters. Who would you take home? Darth Vader? Luke Skywalker? Emperor Palpatine? Even Jar Jar Binks...sort of. Star Wars Speed Dating - directed and produced by Tom Grey. Written by: Tom Grey, Ben Gigli and Brett Houston. Daniel Kenji Levin is the director of photography. Wardrobe created by Manzi DeYoung and hair & makeup by Andrea Burish. Megan Burns is the
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Mistresses Review: The Risk of Passion

  • TVfanatic
Some of Tom Grey's last words to his son were that "passion makes life worth living."

While that may ring true, it also comes with the risk of consequences. "A Kiss is Just a Kiss?" proved that nothing these Mistresses do is risk free.

After last week's at-home pregnancy test, Savi ran to her Obgyn, which gave me pause. Wasn't going to the doctor who has been counseling her and her husband for months a huge risk if she was looking to keep this quiet? Unless Savi specifically told her doc not to say anything to Harry (which would be awkward), the good doctor might give Harry her congratulations if she were ever to run into him.

So I was completely relieved when she sought out another physician for the paternity test. I can't imagine how long the three weeks will seem while she waits for the results.

If the baby is Harry's,
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