Trailer for British comedy Gangsters, Gamblers and Geezers starring Richard Blackwood, Liz McClarnon and Jodie Marsh

Ahead of its UK release next month, a trailer has arrived online for the British comedy Gangsters, Gamblers and Geezers, starring Richard Blackwood, Liz McClarnon and Jodie Marsh. Written and directed by Amar Adatia, the film follows two lovable losers causing mayhem across Europe. Take a look at the trailer here…

Friends Krish and Lee get fired from their call centre jobs and after spending all their money in a crazy month of partying, they have no money to pay to Olu, their landlord. Olu gives the boys 48 hours to pay their rent or else ‘things will get biblical’. With the clock ticking, the boys are forced to embark on an adventure that sees them get involved with two warring London gangsters, a gang of money laundering gypsies, a terrorist gang, a cross dressing dwarf and much, much more!

Gangsters, Gamblers & Geezers boasts an array of stars, known for their roles in film,
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Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Who is Tila Tequila and is the world ready for the answer?

Self-titled selfie inventor Tila Tequila entered the Celebrity Big Brother house on Thursday alongside five fellow Us celebrity compatriots, only to be dramatically ejected from the house within 24 hours after producers learned she'd posted messages about Nazism on social media in 2013.

Tequila has since apologised for her "irresponsible" comments, but maybe the Channel 5 show's producers should read Digital Spy a bit more carefully in the future to avoid any more surprises!

But despite posting the controversial blog article, a childhood of eating cockroaches, and her suggestion that she influenced the invention of Instagram - what else do you need to know about the pocket-sized star?

She made Playboy history

Tila Tequila's foray in the entertainment industry began when was discovered by a Playboy scout (yes, such a job exists) at a shopping mall in Texas when she was 19. She later made Playboy history when she became the first Asian Cyber Girl of the Month.
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Kirk Norcross is expecting his first child with girlfriend Holli Willis after a whirlwind romance

Has Kirk Norcross just stolen his former Towie co-star Sam Faiers' baby thunder?

He's just announced that he's expecting his first child with girlfriend Holli Willis.

The excited Ex on the Beach star shared the news by posting an image of the scan on his Twitter page.

Kirk also revealed that the couple are expecting a girl, and proudly captioned the picture: "Everyone meet mine and @xhollixwillisx little girl!!!! Proudest moment of my life so far!!!!"

Everyone meet mine and @xhollixwillisx little girl!!!! Proudest moment of my life so far!!!!

Kirk Norcross (@kirk_official) August 27, 2015

The 27-year-old reality TV star - who previously dated the glamour model Jodie Marsh - began dating model Holli earlier this year. She has a 4-year-old daughter named Scarlett from a previous relationship.

Shopping with the Mrs today! @xhollixwillisx

A photo posted by Kirk Norcross (@kirk_norcross) on May 9, 2015 at
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Jodie Marsh's new series explores Page 3, sperm donors and revenge porn

Jodie Marsh will return to TLC for six hour-long documentaries on challenging topics.

The series is produced by October Films and and Marsh will be at the heart of each episode with a personal connection to each story.

The series will cover the Page 3 business, the use of sperm donors, so-called "revenge porn", the truth behind parents apparently having babies for benefits, affairs, and arranged marriages.

"Viewers love Jodie for her outspoken and honest approach to tough and important topics," said Head of TLC in UK & Ireland Clare Laycock.

"This new series will take it a step further with Jodie at the centre of the issues she cares most about.

"Jodie's insightful, frank style of reporting and ability to connect with her audience on a personal level makes her compelling to watch. We are immensely proud to welcome her back to TLC."

Marsh will use body cameras, video diaries
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Wednesday’s best TV

  • The Guardian - TV News
Brian Cox and Dara O Briain go Stargazing Live, Giles Coren tries radical diets inEat To Live Forever and Jodie Marsh meets Women Who Pay For Sex. Plus: KFC rules the roost in The Billion Dollar Chicken Shop back to Ramsay Street for Neighbours 30th: The Stars Reunite

Pole, dark: Friday’s Arctic total solar eclipse will affect much of northern Europe and comes billed as one of the most important astronomical events of the decade. So it’s the perfect time for science fox Brian Cox and lightspeed wit Dara O Briain to return to their command centre at Jodrell Bank, where they offer advice to amateur astronomers and make Bonnie Tyler gags ahead of the big blackout. For the first of three live episodes, they’ve also secured an impressive guest expert: original moon boy Buzz Aldrin. Graeme Virtue

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Jodie Marsh terrified after break in

Jodie Marsh is feeling ''really scared'' after thieves broke into her property while she was home alone. The former glamour model's house was targeted by burglars in the early hours of this morning (14.01.15) and she's confessed to feeling vulnerable as she was on her own at the time. She told Ok! magazine: ''Police are on their way and I've got people coming over to fix the gate and reinforce it. They broke into my annexe as well and tried to nick my Harleys. ''Really scared as I was home alone last night. It happened at 3.55am.'' The 36-year-old star took to her Twitter
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Jodie Marsh blasts Barbie for boob jobs

Jodie Marsh has blasted Barbie for encouraging young girls to want boob jobs. The 35-year-old star - who has had surgery on her breasts and nose - blames the fashion doll for wanting to go under the knife from a young age because the figurine looks ''like perfection'' in comparison to rival doll Sindy, who she describes as Barbie's ''ugly mate''. Speaking ahead of her new documentary, 'Jodie Marsh on Plastic Surgery', she exclusively told Bang Showbiz: ''I blame Barbie for when I was a child. I had Barbie and Sindy. Sindy kind of looked real, although her head was
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Jennifer Gibney voted off Strictly Come Dancing

Jodie Marsh has blasted Barbie for encouraging young girls to want boob jobs. The 35-year-old star - who has had surgery on her breasts and nose - blames the fashion doll for wanting to go under the knife from a young age because the figurine looks ''like perfection'' in comparison to rival doll Sindy, who she describes as Barbie's ''ugly mate''. Speaking ahead of her new documentary, 'Jodie Marsh on Plastic Surgery', she exclusively told Bang Showbiz: ''I blame Barbie for when I was a child. I had Barbie and Sindy. Sindy kind of looked real, although her head was
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Jodie Marsh to host TLC documentaries on surgery, virginity and more

Jodie Marsh will present four documentary specials for TLC.

The body builder will host shows investigating plastic surgery, mail order brides, virginity and cheating men.

Marsh will meet people who have undergone excessive plastic surgery, who have been forced to keep their virginity in extreme circumstances, and who have found love through the mail order bride system.

She will also meet women who have been the victim of manipulative and criminally deceptive men.

The documentary special will air on TLC in October.

Marsh, who previously revealed that she planned to become an MP, hit the headlines earlier this year after Asos was forced to apologise for joking about her physique on its Twitter feed.
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Love rats, Lycra & Les Dennis: 13 of the best Celebrity Big Brother stars

Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee in the hot tub with Gary Busey; Helen Flanagan weeping relentlessly in the Diary Room; and David McIntosh parading around in Those short shorts.... the possibilities for this series of Celebrity Big Brother are endless.

So, as we eagerly await for the mystery(ish) celebrity guests to enter the famous house in Elstree, we've decided to reminisce with our favourite ever star contestants below:

1. Jackie Stallone

"Yeah, Jackie," were the only two words uttered from the side of Jackie's heavily siliconed mouth as she entered the house, draped in fur and dripping in jewels. Her entrance soon became one of the most memorable moments from the entire series.

It was part-Jackie's presence, part-Jackie's face that really shocked Brigitte Nielsen back on the show in 2005 when her former mother-in-law entered the house on day five.

Fellow housemates had to refer to Jackie as the Queen Mother,
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17 rumoured housemates for Celebrity Big Brother's 2014 summer series

The summer isn't quite over yet. Before you pack away your suncream and start your Christmas shopping, there's still time for one more series of Celebrity Big Brother in 2014.

Emma Willis will be introducing the new bunch of D-listers and faded stars on August 18, as they head into the famous compound for nearly a month of silliness, arguments over booze and daft ego-clashing.

But who is going in? We've gathered up the 17 latest rumoured housemates who may (or may not) be making a new home on Channel 5.

1. Helen Flanagan

It's a reality show. Bears still poop in the woods. Helen Flanagan is being tipped to take part by red top newspapers.

2. Lettice Rowbotham

She's quite posh. She played the violin on Britain's Got Talent. It's such a weird rumour, it could possibly be true.

3. Gary Busey

Most recently the star of films such as Piranha 3Dd, Dr Dolittle 3 and The Gingerdead Man,
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Michael Barrymore, Shaun Ryder for Jeremy Kyle celebrity specials

Michael Barrymore and Tara Palmer-Tomkinson are among the stars due to appear on The Jeremy Kyle Show.

Jeremy Kyle is to host a week of celebrity specials in June, in which he chats to five guests about a range of issues, including money, drugs and relationships.

Barrymore will appear on June 9, and will talk about his drug and drink addictions, the breakdown of his marriage and the party at his house which resulted in the death of Stuart Lubbock.

Palmer-Tomkinson will discuss her cocaine addiction and her reported relapse on June 10.

Tito Jackson, Coronation Street star Liz Dawn and Happy Mondays frontman Shaun Ryder will also appear on the show later in the month.

Each episode will be broadcast at 2pm on ITV.

The specials follow previous one-off celebrity editions, including Alex Reid, Jodie Marsh and Leslie Grantham.
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Jodie Marsh posts 'X-rated' nude selfie on social media

London, April 15: Jodie Marsh snapped a naked selfie of herself sprawled across her cream satin sheets, and posted it on Instagram.

According to Daily Star, the image which puts the 35-year-old model's toned torso on display showing her under boob and her iconic pelvic tattoo, doesn't show her neck and legs and is cropped just before exposing her private area.

The Essex model captioned the snap bidding 'good night', adding that she hopes people have "sexy dreams". (Ani)
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9 crazy things you didn't know about 'None of the Above''s Tim Shaw

  • Hitfix
If you don't know Tim Shaw, the host of Nat Geo's "None of the Above" (Mondays at 9:00 p.m. Et on Nat Geo), it might be because you don't live in the U.K. Across the pond, he's known for pulling some of the most insane pranks on radio and television, as well as for his engineering genius (the guy is an inventor in real life). I've met him a few times now and chatted with him on the set of "None of the Above" (look for that soon), and he's nothing if not affable, chatty and endlessly fascinating. Below are just nine of the crazy things he has on his resume -- see if you don't agree.  1) He broke into his boss' house In 2005, while working for Kerrang! Radio, Shaw and co-worker Greg Prebble broke into the house of station director Andrew Jeffries. Shaw wasn't looking for valuables,
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The Big Reunion: 21 things we learned from 5th Story

The Big Reunion is doing something different this series, by forming a brand new supergroup! 5th Story might not have stories of their tensions as a band, but Dane Bowers, Gareth Gates, Kavana, Kenzie and Adam Rickitt certainly didn't hold back about their time in the spotlight in tonight's show. Read on to find out what we learned from their confessions...

1. We miss Pop Idol.

Who knew? But seeing just a glimpse of Gareth Gates on Pop Idol back in the day brought memories flooding back of Dr Fox and Pete Waterman, of Ant & Dec hosting (we forgot!) and of how generally all-round great it was. So thanks for that, Big Reunion.

2. Gareth Gates regrets denying the whole "Katie Price" thing.

"We saw each other for about three or four months and it was fun - she's a really lovely, lovely girl," Gareth said nervously, as the show flashed up
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Jodie Marsh posts naked selfie on Instagram

London, January 28: Jodie Marsh has posted another naked pic of herself on Instagram.

The 35-year-old model shared a candid, intimate picture, where she flaunted the entirety of her boobs by draping her hand over them, the Daily Star reported.

She wrote alongside of her picture that she is in need of cuddles and clothes.

Marsh had earlier posted a similar pic where she had written that she was just lying there "taking naughty pics" of herself, as she was "bored". (Ani)
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Jodie Marsh gets neck pierced

Los Angeles, Dec 15: Supermodel Jodie Marsh has got herself inked several times, but her latest addition to her body is a piercing in a unique spot - her neck. She sports a stud there now.

Marsh showcased her newly acquired silver embellishment on photo-sharing website Instagram. There was a bit of blood smear too, reports

The jewel has been placed on the dot of the letter 'I' in her Rip tattoo.

Jodie's inking is of a crucifix in tribute to late dog Pixie and best friend Kim, with both their names entwined beneath her hairline.

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Jodie Marsh: 'Arlene Phillips steroids accusation inspired new show'

Jodie Marsh has conquered modelling, bodybuilding and now she's taking on the world of documentaries - and her latest projects see her dig deep into the subjects of steroid abuse and prostitution.

Digital Spy caught up with Jodie as she gives us the lowdown on her shows, explains why she wants to be the world's oldest glamour model and reveals her biggest regret...

What made you choose the subjects of steroid abuse and prostitution for your new documentaries?

"After I started doing bodybuilding I got accused of being on steroids. Anybody who knows anything about the human body or nutrition or fitness or diet would know instantly I'm not on steroids, but there's quite a lot of uneducated, ignorant people.

"Including that woman, Arlene Phillips. On live TV she accused me of being on steroids. I was just so outraged by it all... and I thought people need to see what steroids really are,
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Craig Revel Horwood set for Strictly despite hip operation

Jodie Marsh and her film crew got kidnapped in a German brothel while shooting 'Jodie Marsh on the Game'. The model-turned-documentary-maker feared for her life when she got trapped by a brothel owner in Germany while she was shooting her new TLC project, which explores the dark world of prostitution, but it was only then that she realised she hadn't taken any security with her to the country. She said: ''It was scary being in Germany because we were getting death threats from pimps and we were getting death threats from the owners of the brothels. ''We realised in Germany
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Jodie Marsh mourns pet's death

Los Angeles, Sep 27: Supermodel Jodie Marsh is devastated after her pet bulldog- Paddy died. She is seeking fans' help to make the pain go away.

The 34-year-old Wednesday posted a series of emotional messages on Twitter expressing her grief on losing her 11-year-old pet, reports The dog died on Sep 25.

"My heart is broken. Today, my baby boy Paddy had to be put to sleep. He died in my arms being kissed and cuddled. I'd had him 11 years since he was an 8-week-old baby," Marsh tweeted.

"He has been my best friend, the one big love of my life. Faithful, loyal and loving. Anyone who has a pet.
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