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The complete list of People en Español’s 2017 Most Beautiful People

The time has come to reveal the names of those who made it on this year’s list of People en Español’s Most Beautiful June issue. And in this special edition celebrating the 20th anniversary of ‘The Most Beautiful,’ we doubled the usual 50 names to feature 100!

The cover features superstars from the worlds of music, movies, television and the runway. They are: Marjorie De Sousa, Romeo Santos, Esmeralda Pimentel, Francisca Lachapel, Emeraude Toubia, Lineisy Montero and Carmen Villalobos. The cover photos were taken by photographer Omar Cruz at the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, with the Brooklyn Bridge and the New
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Watch Esai Morales and Shalim Ortiz in New Magic City Movie Clip

The Evans family return for a second season of Starz’ Magic City with a new cast that includes singer turned actor Shalim Ortiz and veteran Latino actor Esai Morales. Watch a clip from the series premiering June 14th.

The period drama centering on the Miami mobsters of the late 1950s stars Jeffrey Dean, Olga Kurylenko, and Danny Huston. Esai Morales joins the cast as Carlos El Tiburon” Ruiz, a Cuban exile while Shalim, son of Spanish television personality Charytin, plays a Cuban sugar heir, Antonio Rivas, who falls for Mercedes (Dominik Garcia-Lorido). Also joining the second season of Magic City is Yul Vasquez (American Gangster, The A-Team) as Mercedes father.

More about Magic City

Set in Miami Beach 1959, Magic City, provides the sultry backdrop for the riveting tale of the city’s emergence as an international destination for celebrities, politicians

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Silver Case Coming To VOD And DVD This Spring

Silver Case Coming To VOD And DVD This Spring
Breaking Glass Pictures has announced that “Silver Case,” starring Oscar nominee Eric Roberts, Claire Falconer, Brian Gamble, Chris Facey, Seymour Cassel, Shalim Ortiz and Vincent DePaul will have its nationwide release this spring! The film will premiere on broadcast VOD on April 15 and the DVD will be released May 7. This film is the debut feature of award-winning Italian director Christian Filipella. Shot in Los Angeles and Italy, “Silver Case” has been really successful on the festival circuit, premiering at the Rome International Film Festival and showing at the Cannes Film Festival, Rome International Film Festival, San Diego Black Film Festival, and the Hoboken International Film Festival, among others. [ Read More ]

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Scoop: 3 More Names On Fox & WB's Radar For Upcoming Superhero Flicks

The other day we reported that Fox and WB are apparently trying to get a leg up on Marvel by looking at lots of unknown - or not very well known - young actors to fill some of the roles in their slate of upcoming comic book movies. I've tried my best to find out exactly which roles, but had no luck (the Sunfire thumbnail is just teasing one possibility) because it turns out even they don't know! My source tells me that they are coming in for readings but only being given scripts from old or unmade projects to work from. Anyway, we may not be able to tell you which CBMs are next on the list, but we can reveal three more names that may just be starring in them. Along with Todd Lasance, Shalim Ortiz, Omar Sy, Shad Gaspard, Godfrey Gao and Joe Taslim, we have: Aldis Hodge
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Trejo Seeks More Vengeance on One-Sheet Today as Bad Ass Opens

'Machete' bad-ass Danny Trejo hits big and small screens stateside today as his new vengeance filled action flick 'Bad Ass' is unleashed on in theatres and on VOD across the Us. Trejo plays Frank Vega, a Vietnam veteran now a senior citizen, who begins taking the law into his own hands. Shalim Ortiz, Ron Perlman ('Season of the Witch'), Craig Sheffer, Jillian Murray, Jennifer Blanc, Winter Ave Zoli, Charles S. Dutton, Richard Riehle, Patrick Fabian and Danny Woodburn all co-star. The Craig Moss directed 'Bad Ass' is available on VOD from Amazon, Apple, Avail Media, Best Buy, Blockbuster, Cineplex, DirecTV, Microsoft, Mts Allstream, Sony, Tvn, Verizon and Vudu. Check out the new poster below....
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Teaser Trailer Arrives for Chaz Fatur's Human Factor

This one is probably more thriller than horror, but the synopsis does say "mysterious" events occur, and once we got a look at the genre-heavy cast members, we figured we'd share the new teaser trailer for Human Factor that landed in our inbox today and send ol' 2011 out with a bit of social consciousness.

Human Factor was written by Chaz Fatur (who also directs), Eric Goren, Patricia Goren, and Ian M. Wagner. On the acting side you will find Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight, Chillerama), Tom Sizemore (Natural Born Killers, True Romance), Danny Trejo (Machete, Predators), Charisma Carpenter ("Buffy/Angel", The Expendables), David Zayas ("Dexter"), George Lazenby (In Her Majesty's Secret Service), Shalim Ortiz ("CSI: Miami", "Heroes"), Keith David, Kim Sønderholm, Laci Kay, Walker Howard, Deborah Twiss, Doug Jones, Ben Cross, and Gary Daniels.


A determined investigative reporter and a renegade detective plan to uncover the mysterious disappearances of
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The Silver Case Brings Mystery to the Film Festival Circuit

The Silver Case is a mystery that is currently touring film festivals. Recently, this title showed in Rome and Fort Lauderdale. The film follows a "scheming producer" who seeks a silver package. What is inside that package is at the heart of the mystery. This film stars

Eric Roberts and distribution will be finalized once Silver Case has finished its film festival appearances. Casting details are below.

Director: Christian Filippella.

Cast: Eric Roberts, Shalim Ortiz, Brian Keith Gamble, Chris Facey, Seymour Cassel, Vincent De Paul, Claire Falconer, Brad Light, Kelvin Han Yee, Art Hsu, Andrea Boccaletti, Stanley B. Herman, and Fernanda Romero.

*the film was shot at various locations in California and Italy.

**won the Spirit of Independent Award at the 26th Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival.


The Silver Case at Breaking Glass Pictures

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Danny Trejo May Be A Senior Citizen But Is Still Bad Ass On New Poster

Danny Trejo may be one kick-ass mofo as he proved in 'Machete' but at 56-years old you'd think the old fella would be taking it easy. Instead the star signs on as a kick-ass senior citizen in new action flick 'Bad Ass'. The fellas over at 24 Frames Per Second have premiered the first look at the new poster for the Craig Moss helmed feature which shows us a mean looking Trejo set with tatts and a baseball bat. Shalim Ortiz, Ron Perlman, Craig Sheffer, Jillian Murray, Jennifer Blanc, Winter Ave Zoli, Charles S. Dutton, Richard Riehle, Patrick Fabian and Danny Woodburn all co-star. Check out the synopsis and poster below....
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Miami, June 3 (Ians/Efe) Three films featuring Puerto Rican actor Shalim Ortiz, who plays a detective, a Vietnam War veteran and a young man in love, are scheduled to be released over the next few months.

Ortiz says the role in 'Sangre de Familia', a drama involving love, murder and reincarnation that will debut in October at Mexico's Morelia International.
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Charisma Carpenter and Sean Patrick Flanery join Michael Madsen’s The Human Factor

Charisma Carpenter (from the current hit The Expendables“) and Sean Patrick Flanery (Boondock Saints) have joined the cast of The Human Factor.

Carpenter will star as Lori Stoltz, a determined and strong willed newspaper reporter and Flanery will play the role of Eric O’Neill, a renegade police detective. Both will join forces in this socio-politcial action packed thriller to uncover the disappearance of the homeless in New York City.

Rounding out the ensemble cast is Eric Roberts, Danny Trejo, Gary Daniels, Luke Goss, Doug Jones, Tom Sizemore, Shalim Ortiz, and Michael Madsen, who will be making his directorial debut in this film sometime next year. More surprises will be announced in the near future regarding the film project.

More news as and when we get it.
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Charisma Carpenter and Sean Patrick Flanery in The Human Factor

The lovely Charisma Carpenter (left), currently in need of saving in Sylvester Stallone’s “The Expendables”, and “Boondock Saints” vigilante badass Sean Patrick Flanery (sans Norman Reedus) have join the cast of “The Human Factor”, a thriller that will also mark tough guy Michael Madsen’s directorial debut. In “The Human Factor”, Carpenter will play Lori Stoltz, a character described as a “determined and strong-willed newspaper reporter”, while Flanery will play Eric O’Neill, a renegade police detectives (are there any other kind) determined to get to the truth. The film’s plot has the duo joining forces to uncover the disappearance of homeless people in New York City. Joining Carpenter and Flanery on the film will be Carpenter’s fellow “Expendables” co-stars Eric Roberts and Gary Daniels, along with Danny Trejo, Luke Goss, Doug Jones, Tom Sizemore, Shalim Ortiz, and Michael Madsen. Production on “The Human Factor” is scheduled for sometime next year.
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Eanán Patterson Scores with 'Milo'

Irish composer Eanán Patterson will travel to Los Angeles later this year to create and record the score for Tcs Productions' new feature film, 'Milo'. The film will start shooting in late autumn in L.A. when Patterson will travel over. The composer is currently scoring an untitled feature doc about T.K. Whitaker for TG4. 'Milo' is directed by Kelly Farrell (The Green Faerie) and produced by Tobe Sexton (A Homecoming). The cast involved includes Alexis Denisof (Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Beth Grant (Crazy Heart, No Country for Old Men), Shalim Ortiz (Heroes, CSI: Miami) and Fernanda Romero (Drag Me to Hell, The Eye)
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'Nomads' pic bred in Mexico

'Nomads' pic bred in Mexico
Morelia, Mexico -- Mexican shingle Goliat Films has begun shooting "Nomads," an English-language drama with an international cast featuring Lucy Liu, John Cothran Jr. and Tamlyn Tomita.

Penned and directed by Mexican helmer Ricardo Benet, the story centers on a documentary filmmaker (Liu) who is making a picture about subway suicides.

Rounding out the cast are Mexicans Tenoch Huerta, who starred in the U.S.-Mexico immigration thriller "Sin Nombre," and Dagoberto Gama.

The film will be shot in New York and Mexico City. Benet's first feature, "News From Afar," won prizes at the Biarritz and Mar del Plata festivals. Producer Sandro Halphen hopes to premiere the film at next year's Festival de Cannes.

Goliat also will begin production next week in Guadalajara, Mexico, on "April and May," a thriller about two 16-year-old lesbian serial killers. It features "Heroes" actor Shalim Ortiz, Spanish actress Anouk Ogueta and Mexico's Raul Mendez.
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Heroes Star Ortiz To Wed

Heroes Star Ortiz To Wed
Heroes star Shalim Ortiz is to wed fiancee Leslie Ann MacHado in Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic on Saturday.

The actor/singer, 29, recently gushed about his romance, telling magazine People En Espanol, "I've found the one... This is the woman I love.

"My mom adores her. She loves her a lot. She always knew Leslie was the one."

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