Discovery’s New TV Show Is Really A TV Commercial For Fox’s ‘Exodus’ Movie

Discovery Communications will further erase the lines between TV program and TV commercial when it unveils a new show later this week that was commissioned by film studio 20th Century Fox for the express purpose of getting viewers interested in the coming release of the Bible-themed film “Exodus: Gods and Kings.”

At 8 p.m. Thursday, December 4th, Discovery will air “Surviving Exodus,” a modern-day examination of the famous plagues Moses visited upon the Egyptians in his efforts to win his followers’ freedom. The hour-long program will feature talent from across the company’s networks – Dave Salmoni, the animal trainer seen frequently on Animal Planet; Terry Schappert, from Discovery Channel’s “Dude, You’re Screwed”; and Hakeem Oluseyi, the astrophysicist who appears on Science Channel – and will air not only on Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Science Channel, Investigation Discovery and American Heroes Channel, but also on several of Discovery Communications
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Discovery Survival Series ‘Dude, You're Screwed’ to Return in October With 3 New Dudes (Exclusive)

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Discovery Channel's survival series, “Dude, You're Screwed,” returns Wednesday, Oct. 29 at 9 p.m. Et. Season 2 will not only have a whole lot more adventures, it will also have three new dudes who want a piece of the action. Joining returning castmembers Terry Schappert, John Hudson, Matt Graham and Jake Zweig are wildlife tracker and conservationist Casey Anderson, backwoods survivalist Chris Swanda and bushmaster registered Master Maine Guide Tim Smith. Just like Season 1, the upcoming season will feature some deceptively beautiful locations around the world — Tanzania to Transylvania to Nicaragua. See video: ‘Dude, You're Screwed’ Peek: How a Speedo Becomes.
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TV highlights 28/08/2013

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Nurses | Martin Luther King And The March On Washington | Crash Test Dummy: A Smashing History | Close Quarter Battle | Big Bad World | Wentworth Prison | The Culture Show At Edinburgh: Happy Birthday Traverse | Ufc: Condit v Kampmann II


8pm, Channel 5

"They're over there saving lives, we just save limbs," is how nurse James Brewster-Liddle compares the A&E major-injuries unit to his own minor-injuries department, before making a life-saving blood clot diagnosis. This ob-doc series set in Cardiff aims to highlight the breadth and depth of a nurse's responsibilities – cajoling a stroke patient into eating some rice pudding, tattooing nipples on to the reconstructed breasts of a cancer survivor – while tentatively suggesting the line between nurses and doctors might be blurring. Rachel Aroesti

Martin Luther King And The March On Washington

9pm, BBC2

It is 50 years since campaigners at the Lincoln Memorial heard Martin Luther King's historic "I have a dream" speech.
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The Undead Are On The Cards In New Teaser For Steve Niles Remains Adaption

A new teaser poster has been revealed by Shock Till You Drop for the new Colin Theys ('Banshee!!!') directed TV movie 'Remains'. The zombie movie, based on the graphic novel of the same name by Steve Niles ('30 Days of Night'), will arrive this December and revolves around a typical bunch of apocalyptic survivors who take shelter in an empty casino. The new teaser features some of the undead including a zombiefied hand holding a hand of cards. 'Remains' will air on Us cable channel Chiller and stars Miko Hughes ('Pet Sematary'), Lance Reddick ('Fringe'), Grant Bowler ('True Blood'), Tawny Cypress, Bobby Rice, Evalena Marie, Greg Nutcher, Anthony Marks, Cristina Santiago, Jessica Alexandra Green, Terence Schappert and Kevin Shea. Check out the new teaser below....
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The 13 Ballsiest Commando Raids

The bin Laden mission hit all the military musts: quick, well-executed, no casualties. But how does it rate historically? From Entebbe to Iran, The Daily Beast ranks the raids, from first to worst.

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The saying that nothing succeeds like success is perhaps nowhere truer than in the military world of special forces-the elite units that may have months to plan and train for a mission and still experience casualties and total mission failure, or may have a matter of days to prepare, yet complete the mission without a hitch. Succeed, and all that planning was worth it. Fail, and it's an international incident.

Gallery: 13 Most and Least Successful Raids

The secret to a successful raid, according to Major John L. Plaster (ret.), lies in the operational cycle. The operational cycle encompasses the entire process of
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Shark Week returns with Craig Ferguson, inadvertently hilarious 'Survival Guide'

For 23 years, TV fans and nature porn aficionados have approached Discovery Channel's Shark Week with the kind of religious fervor typically reserved for, well, religion.

And for its part, the network has managed to maintain interest by squeezing out hours and hours of new, shark-related programming each go around. Yes, every show contains the obligatory slow-motion breaches, attack survivor testimonials and gallons and gallons of chum, but there are still a surprising number of new, sharky angles to be found.

This year's Shark Week, which starts Aug. 1, seems to be going for laughs. "The Late Late Show" host Craig Ferguson gets his own special, "Best Bites" (Wednesday, Aug. 4, 9 p.m. Et), which finds him feeding sharks, cage-less. And the only thing funnier than the potential for Ferguson squealing like a Scottish lass? "Shark Attack Survival Guide."

Now, there shouldn't be anything funny about shark attacks -- the statistically improbable
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