Mafs’ Vanessa Nelson on Meeting 100 Potential Husbands on Second Chances: ‘I Tried Not to Panic’

Mafs’ Vanessa Nelson on Meeting 100 Potential Husbands on Second Chances: ‘I Tried Not to Panic’
Navigating marriage to a total stranger, Vanessa Nelson won over Married at First Sight fans on her season of Kinetic Content’s hit show. But after the show ended, happily ever after did as well for the corporate events manager, who eventually divorced her match, Tres Russell. On Married at First Sight: Second Chances, Nelson gets another shot at love as she dates multiple suitors with the guidance of Mafs‘s experts, including Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Pastor Calvin Roberson and Rachel DeAlto. Nelson’s blogging about her journey exclusively for People.

Guys galore, countless dates and a second chance?
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Exclusive: Brooke Shields Has Parenting Advice for Mom-to-Be Amal Clooney

Exclusive: Brooke Shields Has Parenting Advice for Mom-to-Be Amal Clooney
Brooke Shields hopes that George and Amal Clooney keep their children away from the public eye for a while.

"They've got enough of being self-absorbed with selfies," Shields tells Et's Jennifer Peros of today's kids. "I mean, it's enough already. You sort of don't want to add Hollywood to it."

Read: Brooke Shields Throws Shade at Ex-Husband Andre Agassi Over His Memoir

Last week, The Talk's Julie Chen broke the news that Amal, 39, was pregnant with twins.

"Now, what we did find out that no one else is reporting is that the twins are due this June," Chen said. "The two have been married for just about two and a half years."

Shields, 51, knows what it's like to grow up in the spotlight. At 15, she was the face of Calvin Klein, and in 1980, she made a big splash on the big screen in The Blue Lagoon. She also has plenty of parenting experience, as she is
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Controversial comedy character Dapper Laughs wraps debut feature 'Fanged Up'

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Controversial comedy character Dapper Laughs wraps debut feature 'Fanged Up'
Exclusive: Screen can reveal a first-look image from the comedy-horror.

Daniel O’Reilly, aka controversial comedy character Dapper Laughs, has wrapped shooting on his debut feature film as an actor, the vampire comedy Fanged Up.

Directed by Christian James (Stalled), the film’s cast also features Steven Berkoff (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo), Lauren Socha (E4 series Misfits), Danielle Harold (Eastenders), former WWE wrestler Stu Bennett, and Joe Egan (Sherlock Holmes).

The film was shot entirely on location in Portsmouth. It follows a young rogue (O’Reilly) who is thrown into prison for the weekened, unaware that the guards are blood-sucking vampires and the inmates are their victims.

Fanged Up was produced by Terry Stone (Anuvahood) and Richard Turner (Nativity!), with Chris Howard (The Messenger) as executive producer. It was financed by film financer Investor Profit Portfolio and The Wealth Advisory.

O’Reilly co-wrote the screenplay with Nick Nevern (The Hooligan Factory) and Dan Palmer ([link
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Chris R. Wright’s Short Film The Water Boatman Launches Indiegogo Campaign

Small Town Folk director Chris R. Wright’s upcoming short film The Water Boatman explores the drama surrounding the death of a relationship. However, instead of a rom-com, Wright is giving us something a bit more surreal. In fact, he describes… Continue Reading →

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Big Brother: Former housemates take sides in Brian Belo and Helen Wood drama

The Big Brother feud between Brian Belo and Helen Wood has been a major talking point since last night.

Brian accused Helen of "picking on" the nominated Chloe Wilburn, and angrily called the 2014 winner a "vile" bully in the Diary Room, while Helen said that she hated people who "f**king act the hero".

Big Brother Day 35: Who had a good day, and who had a bad day?

Big Brother: Brian Belo vs Helen Wood - Whose side are you on?

Many of the former housemates - including some who had to live with Helen last year - had their say on Twitter. They weren't holding back.

Kieran McLeod is unhappy with what's been happening in the house.

Every one knows if Kms was still in that house we all know this shit would not be going down like it is people would be in the place

— Kieran
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Friends and colleagues remember Chris Collins

Colleagues including Elizabeth Karlsen, Adrian Wootton, Hugo Heppell and Amma Asante pay tribute to the late BFI Film Fund executive

I first met Chris at the Dinard FIlm Festival. I’d just watched Sarah Gavron’s beautiful rendition of Brick Lane, which Chris had produced. After the screening he, Sarah and I sat at small table outdoors in the brilliant sunshine talking about films, the pressures of being an independent producer, our daughters and how much I loved Brick Lane. I hope he knew that I was speaking from the heart. I was struck then by his quiet intelligence, his gracious and kind nature and his absolute devotion to and passion for independent film making. I could see that Sarah had enjoyed tremendous commitment from him as a producer on her first film. I was lucky enough, with my partner Stephen Woolley, to work with him consistently over the next eight years. He was unfailingly
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Big Brother 2014 live final: Helen named winner as Ashleigh is runner-up

Helen Wood was named the winner in tonight's live Big Brother 2014 final, as Ashleigh Coyle came runner-up.

Emma Willis revealed that only 1.2% of votes separated Ashleigh and Helen, who made up the first ever all-female final two. Pav (sixth), Chris (fifth), Ash (fourth) and Christopher (third) left the house earlier on this evening (August 15).

Speaking to Emma after her eviction, Ashleigh said about Helen: "I'm so proud of her. I genuinely thought [the winner] was going to be Helen. She's done so well for herself.

"I think our differences were so big. I think they just clashed straight away."

She said that they were both "very determined and very strong minded".

"I'm over the moon for her. I'm really, really glad that we sorted it out a few nights ago.

"I know in the outside world we would get on."

Speaking about Chris, Ashleigh said: "I'm so glad he was there,
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Big Brother 2014 live final: Christopher finishes in third place

Christopher Hall finished in third place in tonight's live Big Brother 2014 final.

Helen and Ashleigh remain in the house in line for the winning prize.

Pav (sixth), Chris (fifth) and Ash (fourth) have already left the house this evening.

Speaking to Emma Willis after his eviction, Christopher spoke about the house, saying: "Everyone was speculating all the time. We always thought Big Brother was up to something."

He added that the compound was full of big characters and as a result was "quite tense and argumentative".

Christopher said of Mark: "He is one of a kind."

Speaking about their relationship, he revealed: "It is what it is. I'd rather have him as a mate and have him in my life, if we continue to fight all the time. We bring out the worst in each other."

Summing up his experience on the show, he said: "It's crazy. You meet a
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Big Brother 2014 live final: Ash finishes fourth

Ash Harrison finished in fourth place in tonight's live Big Brother 2014 final.

Helen, Ashleigh and Christopher remain in the house in line for the winning prize. Pav and Chris came sixth and fifth, respectively.

Speaking to Emma Willis, Ash spoke about finishing fourth place, saying: "I'd rather be first but, I'll take fourth any day.

"At first, I thought I was doing alright. Then I had a few arguments. Then I kept going up for nomination, so I was gutted."

Speaking about Helen, Ash said: "I can be mates with who I want. Her decisions don't reflect my decisions.

"She's a good pal of mine. We just really get on."

When asked if there's a future for them together, he said: "We'll just be dead good mates."

Of Steven and Winston, he said: "Amazing characters. [Steve] no-one has made me laugh as much in my entire laugh."

On his Big Brother experience,
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Big Brother 2014 live final: Chris finishes fifth, Pav comes sixth

Pav Paul finished in sixth place and Chris Wright came fifth in tonight's live Big Brother 2014 final.

Ash, Helen, Ashleigh and Christopher remain in the house in line for the winning prize.

Speaking to Emma Willis after leaving the compound, Pav said: "I'm so surprised. I'm so overwhelmed with the amount of people that are here. I came out, and I've got so many family and friends here, I'm just so shocked.

"My family and my friends are everything to me. My letter from my aunt was one of the biggest changing points in my experience. It doesn't matter if I come sixth or first, I'm going to succeed with that support group."

He continued to say: "I needed to create friendships and real relationships in the house.

"I regret what I said in my Vt."

He then spoke about when Christopher and Ash voted for him, rather than Chris,
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Big Brother: Who is going to be crowned the winner? - Final live blog

It's time! After over 70 days - with all sorts of drama, naughtiness and tears - it's time to crown our Big Brother 2014 winner. Who's it going to be? Ash, Ashleigh, Chris, Christopher, Helen and Pav have all made it to the last night, so one of them is about to get a whole lot richer... but first the others will have to become losers (sorry).

We're getting the snacks in and settling down to bring you all the action from the compound, so grab the Pringles, the tissues and your pitchforks and join us as we find out who has won the right to go down in Big Brother history as the show kicks off at 9pm on Channel 5...

22:40But that's it - finito. Big Brother 2014 is over... but we don't think it'll be the last we hear of it! The winner might be controversial, but it's been a good series,
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Big Brother: Digital Spy readers want Ashleigh Coyle to win final

Digital Spy readers want Ashleigh Coyle to win tonight's (August 15) Big Brother final.

Ashleigh earned more than a third of the 6,651 votes in the latest poll.

Big Brother: Who is the best winner so far? - Ranking the victors

The Derry-born 18-year-old was backed by 37.51%, with Christopher Hall following in second place.

The 23-year-old journalist scored 22.3% of the votes.

With 16.22% of votes, Helen Wood was in third place, beating Ash Harrison to fourth (10.74%).

Chris Wright and Pav Paul came in fifth and sixth, with 9.71% and 3.52% respectively.

The Big Brother final airs tonight on Channel 5 at 9pm, with Digital Spy bringing you all the action from the compound in our live blog.
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Big Brother stars reflect on experience: 'It's not a house, it's a home'

The Big Brother finalists looked back on their time in the house last night (August 14).

To celebrate the group's final night before heading back into the outside world, Big Brother laid on a special dinner, and the housemates toasted their experience.

Pav Paul began the toast and thanked Christopher Hall for his support, adding: "My journey has been one of the most challenging and exciting thing I've ever had to deal with."

Meanwhile, Christopher said that he felt "proud and humbled" to have made it to the end of the series.

Ashleigh Coyle took the opportunity to speak to Helen Wood about their relationship, saying that she is "glad" they have put aside their differences.

She told Helen: "I hope that when we get out of here, and you watch the things I've said and I watch the things you've said we can laugh about it."

Chris Wright expressed
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What to Watch: Tonight's TV Picks - Big Brother: The Final, Boomers

Boomers: BBC One, 9pm

New comedy following the lives of three newly retired couples living in Norfolk. In the first episode, they're preparing for the funeral of an old friend, and John is convinced a visitor from Spain has a thing for his wife Maureen.

Meanwhile, Joyce is preoccupied with her daughter-in-law, who's giving birth any day now. Featuring a guest appearance by Nigel Planer.

The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice: BBC Two, 9pm

Jo Brand presents the companion show to the baking contest, and is joined by three celebrity fans to discuss how the competitors fared that week.

The show also features unseen footage from the programme and an interview with the eliminated contestant.

The Singer Takes It All: Channel 4, 9pm

Alan Carr hosts the interactive singing show where the viewers choose which singers perform, and then vote who goes through to the
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Big Brother: Ash Harrison bursts into tears after housemate reunion

Big Brother's decision to bring back six ex-housemates for yesterday's task had a big impact on the finalists.

Danielle McMahon, Zoe Birkett, Winston Showan, Steven Goode, Biannca Lake and Mark Byron all returned yesterday (August 13) to give the final six some tips on how to deal with the outside world.

However, Ash Harrison found the reunion difficult and later cried in the Diary Room as he admitted that he's missed having Winston and Steven in the house.

"I can't wait to see them again," he said. "It's not like I'm sad, it's just overwhelming... I just wanted to keep hugging them."

Meanwhile, Mark's return had a big impact on Christopher Hall as Pav Paul told him: "You really like him don't you... I don't think you realise how much you talk about him."

"I must do," Christopher replied. "I'll get over it."

The finalists later won a party for passing the task,
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Big Brother Ash: 'Do I fancy Helen? No, she's a knob'

Big Brother housemate Ash Harrison has confirmed that he doesn't "fancy" his fellow contestant Helen Wood - describing her as a "knob".

The model made his comments during yesterday's task, which saw ex-housemates returning to give the finalists some advice about returning to the outside world.

During the media training session, Ash was asked if he fancied Helen and joked: "No... she's a knob! She's my best mate in the house and she's alright to look at, but she's a knobhead."

Returning housemate Zoe Birkett pointed out that his comments could result in a negative headline - which this very article proves.

Elsewhere, Helen apologised to Zoe for her behaviour after she was asked if there was anyone that she planned to say sorry to upon leaving the house.

However, she added: "Everyone else I genuinely probably didn't like and don't deserve an apology... Everyone else can get stuffed."

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Big Brother: Who should win this series? - Vote in the DS poll

Big Brother comes to an end tomorrow - tomorrow! - after over 70 days of bitching, Armageddon, people opening things we don't want to know about, divides and drunken kissing. Standard Big Brother, then! But before we say goodbye to the house (um, until Celebrity Big Brother on Monday) we have one final thing to decide - the winner!

We want to know who you're hoping will walk away with that big cash prize. Are you a fan of Ash? Is Ashleigh a worthy winner? Would you like to see Chris or Christopher grabbing the prize? Could Helen's golden final ticket lead to a golden crown? Or do you think late arrival Pav could be the one to go down in the history books?

Let us know by voting in our poll and leaving your comments below!

Big Brother continues tonight (August 14) at 10pm on Channel 5 and the final will
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Big Brother: Helen fumes after overhearing Ashleigh complaints

Big Brother housemates Ashleigh Coyle and Helen Wood are still at odds after yet more drama in the compound.

Earlier this week, Helen and Chris Wright moved into a secret room where they could listen to their fellow housemates, but Helen was unhappy with what she overheard yesterday (August 12).

During a conversation with Christopher Hall, Ashleigh described Helen as "f**king nasty" - mentioning the moment earlier this series when Helen called Jale Karaturp a slug - and added that she has no respect for her.

Meanwhile, Christopher admitted that he is annoyed by Helen's "power" and suggested that Ashleigh was the only person who didn't obey her.

Chris, who admitted that he didn't like listening to the housemates' conversations and suggested that Helen would go off like a firework, later told Helen that he was choosing not to pay attention to the conversations. However, Helen admitted that she
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Big Brother: Ex-housemates return to teach finalists about fame

Six ex-housemates are returning to the Big Brother house today (August 13) - to help the finalists prepare for their return to the outside world.

Ahead of the final on Friday (August 15), remaining housemates Ash Harrison, Ashleigh Coyle, Chris Wright, Christopher Hall, Helen Wood and Pav Paul must try to learn important skills to win a party for themselves and their ex-housemates.

First up, Danielle McMahon and Zoe Birkett will be back to give the group some media training. The duo will give each housemate individual teaching, which they must put to good use when Big Brother hosts a press conference featuring questions from the public.

Biannca Lake and Mark Byron, meanwhile, will teach the finalists how to exit the house in style and have a "memorable winning attitude". After their tutorial, the housemates must each deliver a signature exit pose, react to boos, and show off their new good winning attitude.
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Big Brother: Ashleigh, Pav live the celebrity lifestyle for new task

Big Brother housemates Ashleigh Coyle and Pav Paul have become famous for today's task.

The duo were told earlier that they have been transformed into celebrities and will be treated like stars, beginning with new clothes for them both.

Ashleigh and Pav were also told to make outrageous demands of Ash Harrison and Christopher Hall, who have become their entourage.

So far, this largely seems to have consisted of making Ashleigh cups of tea while she waits for a tweet from P Diddy.

However, the duo will also face the darker side of celebrity as they will come up against the paparazzi.

Throughout the day, Big Brother will read headlines to the house, such as "X was spotted having a cat fight in the garden with the housemate they have the least in common with".

Ashleigh and Pav must pose in the location from the headline with the housemate that they think matches the description.
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