Assembly Required: A Walter Murch Profile (Part 4)

Trevor Hogg profiles the career of three time Academy Award-winning sound designer and film editor Walter Murch in the fourth of a five part feature... read parts one, two and three.

“It has become part of the culture,” observed Walter Murch on the Vietnam War saga starring Martin Sheen (Badlands). “As much as a work affects the culture, the culture mysteriously affects the work. Apocalypse Now, in the year 2000, is a very different thing from the physically exact-same Apocalypse Now in the second before it was released in 1979.” The New Yorker revisited the movie as a film editor and re-recording mixer at the behest of American filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola who wanted to produce a DVD version with a number of major scenes which were eliminated from the original theatrical release. “The film acquired a body in the absence of these limbs. Now we’re trying to sew them back on,
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