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Dynamite Star Pens Self-help Book

Dynamite Star Pens Self-help Book
Napoleon Dynamite star Efren Ramirez has co-written a new self help book.

The actor and DJ has teamed up with filmmaker Chris Barrett to write Direct Your Own Life: How To Be A Star In Any Field You Choose aimed at encouraging readers to achieve their life goals.

Ramirez says, "Life isn't lived within the confines of a career; rather, living a successful life means embracing the limitless world of opportunities, and allowing yourself to explore any endeavour."

The pair believes success can be achieved if individuals plan their lives like producers and directors plan movie shoots.

Barrett adds, "You first must determine what is most important to you and then, once that is defined, take the time to write the script for your life - determine your dream; assemble your production team, meaning those individuals who can assist and support you in achieving your vision, and ultimately debut your dream."

Ramirez is a product of his own system, as detailed in the book - because he "took a gamble that paid off when I turned down a lucrative position with a major Hollywood studio for the small, no-money-upfront role of Pedro in Napoleon Dynamite."

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