Paranormal Hijinks Await in Episode 50, Coming to DVD

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Episode 50 is one of those titles we picked up on during our coverage of the American Film Market.  And it appears the upcoming horror movie has found a distributor and landed a release date.

Like man films that have come before it (for example, Grave Encounters), and will come after it, the Joe Smalley and Tess Smalley-directed tale concerns a team of paranormal experts who are followed by a television crew and ultimately discover real danger. 

Image Entertainment will deliver Episode 50 on DVD April 17.

Head inside for a trailer...

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Episode 50 Is Hardly a Milestone: A Movie Review

*spoiler alert.

Directors: Tess and Joe Smalley.

Writer: Ian Holt.

Cast: Josh Folan, Chris Perry, Natalie Wetta, Keithen Hergott, Eleanor Wilson.

Released to DVD: Sept 19, 2011

Episode 50 continues with the long tradition of inventing more paranormal reality television shows where private investigators meet an untimely end. This film even includes a short episode of a fake television show, "Paranormal Inspectors (Pi)," at the beginning just to show how this group functions in front of a camera. Jack Kelley (Josh Folan) and Damon Brown (Chris Parry), the founders, explain that ghosts are not real. They’re manufactured by natural causes, like the noxious fumes of improperly sealed cans of solvent, which play with a person’s imagination.

After the end credits roll for this short episode of "Paranormal Investigators," the real film kicks into high gear. The group is contacted by Andrew Worthington Jr. to investigate the West Virginia Insane Asylum.
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DVD Review - Episode 50 (2011)

Episode 50, 2011.

Directed by Joe Smalley and Tess Smalley.

Starring Josh Folan, Chris Perry, Natalie Wetta, Keithen Hergott and Eleanor Wilson.


A group of paranormal inspectors who dispel hauntings are sent to explain the happenings of a haunted insane asylum.

Recently I have began to realise that sometimes it’s better to go into a movie having no idea what it’s about. This is what I did with Episode 50. I had no idea of its genre (although I had a hunch it was a horror), and no plot summary to go by. Unfortunately, instead of being a pleasant surprise, Episode 50 was a bit of a let down. Please be warned, there are spoilers in this review, albeit it terribly revealing ones.

The film opens with some definitions of the different types of haunting, e.g. poltergeist, written in white text on a black screen. This is promising,
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DVD Review: Episode 50

Episode 50

Stars: Josh Folan, Chris Perry, Natalie Wetta, Keithen Hergott, Eleanor Wilson | Written and Directed by Joe Smalley, Tess Smalley

Ghost hunting and paranormal investigation is the hottest thing in reality TV right now, with new show after new show appearing on Us television each year. Well now the concept has been brought to the movies with Episode 50, which follows the ghost-hunting crew of the (fictional) television show Paranormal Inspectors as they shoot their 50th episode (hence the films title) at the West Virginia State Lunatic Asylum, which – at least in the “reality” of this film – is considered one of America’s most haunted sites.

Of course this wouldn’t be a horror movie if something didn’t go awry. And like many a “found-footage” flick before it, the premise of Episode 50 is that Paranormal Inspectors was cancelled before episode 50 could air and so nobody knew what
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