2010 in Review: Austin Film, in Photos

Before we wrap up 2010 in review (you can read all the articles here), I wanted to share some of my favorite photos with you from local movie-related events. Click the photos for articles about them. Special thanks to Paul Gandersman for our Machete red-carpet photos (including the one below of Danny Trejo) and Tate English for the Dobie photo below. The other photos are mine, for better or worse.

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Short Film: The Ballad Of Friday And June

Embedded above is the touching story of a pretty ukulele player and her pet puppet dog. It’s The Ballad of Friday and June, produced by the Jollyville Pictures filmmaking group in Austin, TX, which just this week relaunched their website. This specific film by them is directed by Tate English, whom I’ve never written about on Bad Lit before, and edited by Don Swaynos, whom I have.

There’s a strong streak of melancholia running through Friday and June that really makes the film absolutely endearing. The premise of pairing a ukulele player and a puppet would seem to anticipate a screwball comedy, but even though there are some very funny parts to the film, it really plays more like a heartwarming drama.

Part of the real key to the film’s success is the authenticity of the dog Friday’s dialogue, which sounds exactly like what a
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Quick Snaps: Last Night at the Dobie

I wasn't at the Dobie Theatre last night when Landmark showed movies there for the last time. I did go to the theater on Saturday and took some photos during the daytime, which I'll share a little later this week. It was unfortunate that the theater closed during the same weekend that hundreds of students were moving into the dorms above it, but many local Dobie lovers still persisted in getting to campus for one last movie there.

Among the faithful was Austin filmmaker/film lover Tate English, who saw the last movie at the Dobie last night, and snapped a couple of photos of the Dobie's final message to Austin on its marquee. You can see the other side of the marquee after the jump. If you're on Facebook, you can also see Tate's entire Facebook album from his last evening at Dobie. Thanks again to Tate for giving
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