Check Out Little Reaper the Latest Short Film From Peter Dukes

Sometimes in life there are rules you can’t break, but everyone especially in their younger years goes through life lessons that they must experience rather than be told. Such is the case of the teenage reaper in Peter Dukes’ Dream Seekers Productions’ Little Reaper.

We’ve had the pleasure of covering Peter Dukes’ work before with the two shorts A Goblin’s Tale and The Beast. You can check out those reviews here, but you’re here for the reaping. So take out those earbuds and check out this film.

Short Film: Little Reaper

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More pictures about Peter Dukes and his films can be found on his Facebook page.

Little Reaper stars Athena Baumeister and John Paul Ouvrier, with John Michael Herndon, Katharine Stapleton, Allisyn Ashley Arm, Katy Townsend and Sorsha Morava. Danny Derakhshan is executive producer with Melissa Cottingham, Shane and
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Exclusive Stills and More! Filmmaker Peter Dukes Talks Little Reaper

It’s no secret that we here at Dread Central are stalwart supporters of indie filmmakers so it’s a pleasure to bring you a first look at Peter Dukes’ engaging horror-comedy short Little Reaper as well as some exclusive stills, a poster, and word on his next project.

Written, directed and produced by Dukes, the film, a project by Dream Seekers Productions, stars Athena Baumeister in the titular role as the Grim Reaper’s (actor John Paul Ouvrier) teenage daughter, who when tasked with handling her patriarch’s daily duties, comes up rather short and with some rather amusing results. Actors John Michael Herndon, Katharine Stapleton, Allisyn Ashley Arm (of Disney channel fame), Katy Townsend and Sorsha Morava round out the cast.

“Death is a common theme in my work,” said Dukes of Little Reaper, which he funded with additional financing from Little Reaper executive producer Danny Derakhshan and associate producers Melissa Cottingham,
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