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Doctor Who complete reviews: The Curse Of Fenric

Like birds scuttling around for a few scant crumbs, Gothic Horror fans were presumably wondering when the next thrilling 1980s Doctor Who adventure would see a return to the Hinchcliffe/Holmes style of storytelling. A good proportion of 1980s Doctor Who horror stories took their inspiration from trendy blockbuster epics and video nasties, but interestingly, Gothic Horror stories were few and far between in the decade. The only two notable examples were State Of Decay and The Curse Of Fenric, the penultimate adventure of the original run of the series.

The Curse Of Fenric doesn't disappoint though. Not only should it please the horror fans, it's a cracking adventure in its own right, which like all good Doctor Who stories, has several different themes and undercurrents lurking under the surface. It's a bit like Ghost Light in that there's maybe too much happening at once, and on first viewing, fans
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