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Best & Worst 2014: TheWrap’s 86 Alternate Movie Awards for Sex, Violence, Music and More

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‘Tis the season for awards, and while voters are busy weighing the merits of top Oscar contenders, the industry’s intangibles have fallen by the wayside. The year in film is comprised of so many movie moments and overlooked details that go unrecognized by Hollywood, so here’s a list of superlatives and unconventional awards that serve as an alternative to the prim-and-proper Oscars. There’s even more ground to cover than last year, so let’s get started …


Best Animal Title: Gold: “Birdman” Silver: “The Dog” Bronze: “Foxcatcher” Honorable Mention: “Big Bad Wolves

Best Movie Set Primarily in One Location: “Locke,
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Two's company by Amber Wilkinson

Earl Lynn Nelson: The audience wonder why our heads are down in the water - we kept our heads down in the water because we were freezing our rear ends off. Odd couple comedy Land Ho! marks the first collaboration between Quiet City director Aaron Katz and Martha Stephens (Pilgrim Song). It's an offbeat charmer that stars Stephens regular Earl Lynn Nelson and Aussie actor Paul Eenhoorn as two old friends who go on an adventure to Iceland. Nelson's good ol' boy Mitch has a foul-mouthed Kentucky wit that bounces off the drier humour offered up by Eenhoorn's character Colin. The film is less about big revelations than the finer points of friendship and it celebrates the liberation that can come with growing old. Nelson, who is a plastic surgeon by trade, has a long-standing relationship with Stephens - her mum is his first cousin - and in the
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Review: Land Ho!

Filmmakers Aaron Katz and Martha Stephens, who have teamed up for Land Ho!, have individually premiered all of their previous features at SXSW Film Festival. They're each known for films where characters are deep in exploration -- about themselves but also perhaps, a mystery (Cold Weather, Passenger Pigeons) or even a landscape (Brooklyn in Quiet City, Kentucky in Pilgrim Song). In Land Ho! (which premiered at Sundance this year), the same type of exploration takes place -- this time in Iceland -- with two primary characters who are gentlemen in their retirement years. It's a change for Katz, whose characters are usually in their late teens/early twenties.

No matter what the age of the characters, however, Stephens and Katz sustain the audience's interest in the type of story that sounds terribly slow and dull when explained in print, but is very rewarding as it unfolds onscreen. Two retired brothers-in-law,
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Film Review: ‘Land Ho!’ a Funny Film Driven by Memorable Characters

Chicago – The pure, character-driven film is as rare as a comic book movie with a bad opening weekend. “Land Ho!” is one of those celluloid treats, the simple story of “Odd Couple” senior citizens – portrayed unforgettably by Earl Lynn Wilson and Paul Eenhoorn – who take a trip to the country of Iceland, and learn how to, and how not to, get along.

Rating: 4.0/5.0

The Foghorn Leghorn machinations of Earl Lynn Wilson blend and clash purposely with the lower keyed Eenhoorn. They both tolerate and love one another, which is the best way to generate drama or comedy, even in the midst of such a simple story. Wilson is a hoot, it’s impossible to make up such a character, and indeed the surgeon-turned-actor will inevitably exclaim, “That’s me, baby!” The veteran actor Eenhoorn clings more to character, but even he gets sucked into the Earl Lynn vortex, and the
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Interview: Director Aaron Katz Gives a Shout Out to ‘Land Ho!’

Chicago – There might not be a more unusual movie this year than “Land Ho!” The film follows two “golden boys,” sixtysomethings Mitch (Earl Lynn Nelson) and Colin (Paul Eenhoorn), as they take an Odd Couple-type trip to Iceland. Writer/director Aaron Katz (“Dance Party, USA”) breaks that ice between the two men.

Katz had both a co-director and co-writer on the film, Martha Stephens, and the one-of-a-kind line readings from lead actor Earl Lynn Nelson (“That’s me, baby!”). Nelson is a retired surgeon, as he is in the film, and he steals the show as a profane, pot-smoking senior who is looking for adventure, and takes Paul Eenhoorn’s Colin along for the ride. What is unique about this situation, beyond Nelson, is the vast and awe-inducing setting of Iceland, and the very human story of two disparate gentleman trying to figure out one of the more confusing times of life.
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Land Ho! – The Review

What land does the title refer to, you may ask? Why, it’s Iceland, of course. Now, that’s a trip and a half! This film continues the comedy traditions of a couple of “fish out of water” foreigners having a wacky adventure on foreign or unfamiliar soil. That set-up may have been best exploited by comic Bob Hope and crooner Bing Crosby when they crisscrossed the globe from 1940 to 1960 in the seven films often referred to as the “Road” pictures. Most recently British comedy stars Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon hit the road for the hilarious TV show and film The Trip (looking forward to The Trip To Italy in a few short weeks). The new film Land Ho! gives that idea a fresh twist by using documentary techniques and by making the two travelers a bit…well quite a bit, older. While most men of their age are settling in for retirement,
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What to Watch in Theaters and on VOD This Weekend

What to Watch in Theaters and on VOD This Weekend
What to see, or not to see? That is the question this weekend. From theaters to VOD and set-top streaming alternatives, here's what we recommend. In Theaters: Boyhood (limited release) Dir. Richard Linklater, USA | IFC Films Cast: Ellar Coltrane, Ethan Hawke, Patricia Arquette 100% Fresh | Our rave review, roundup, interview with Linklater and the actors Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (wide release) Dir. Matt Reeves, USA | 20th Century Fox Cast: Jason Clarke, Keri Russell, Gary Oldman, Judy Greer, Andy Serkis 91% Fresh | Our review and interviews with Matt Reeves and Andy Serkis Land Ho! (limited release) Dirs. Aaron Katz & Martha Stephens | Sony Pictures Classics Cast: Paul Eenhoorn, Earl Lynn Nelson 71% Fresh | Our video interview with Eenhoorn and Nelson New to Streaming: Snowpiercer (limited release and now on VOD) Dir. Bong Joon-ho | RADiUS-twc Cast: Tilda Swinton, Chris Evans, Jamie Bell, Alison Pill, Octavia Spencer 94%...
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Talking road trips and buddy movies with the stars and directors of 'Land Ho!'

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Talking road trips and buddy movies with the stars and directors of 'Land Ho!'
It's a good weekend for catching up on Sundance highlights, big and small. Richard Linklater's "Boyhood" is, of course, the film on everybody's lips at the moment — and deservedly so — but that's no reason to ignore a more modest independent tale of growing up and growing out, albeit at a slightly different age. Aaron Katz and Martha Stephens' droll, laid-back comedy "Land Ho!" is the first collaboration between the two writer-directors, each one with a handful of delicately formed micro-indies behind them, and it is itself a story of an unexpected partnership: the plot centers on two drifting retirees, formerly in-laws, whose friendship is tested and deepened over the course of a spontaneous road trip through Iceland. It's the kind of premise that, on paper, could signify treacly hijinks in the vein of "The Bucket List" or "Grumpy Old Men," but Katz and Stephens' film is far subtler
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Video: Young-at-heart retirees party in Iceland in 'Land Ho!' clip

Video: Young-at-heart retirees party in Iceland in 'Land Ho!' clip
Just because you’ve hit retirement age doesn’t mean you can’t still have adventures. In the utterly charming Land Ho!, two ex-brothers-in-law decide to take a spur-of-the-moment trip to Iceland—and, of course, in the vein of all the classic buddy comedies, they’re polar opposites.

Colin (Paul Eenhoorn) is a soft-spoken man still reeling from a recent loss while Mitch (Earl Lynn Nelson) is a bawdy, larger-than-life character who’s always ready for a good time, whether it’s bathing in a glacial spa or partying in a Reykjavik nightclub. “We wanted to make a comedy that
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2014 Sundance Film Festival: Martha Stephens & Aaron Katz’s Land Ho!

Martha Stephens and Aaron Katz might have made a strong case for working in twos: as a tandem in both the directing and screenwriting departments and by working with a pair of co-leads. In Land Ho! (Sony Pictures Classics – 07.11), This Is Martin Bonner‘s Paul Eenhoorn (Trading Card Series Profile #14) and Earl Lynn Nelson (Trading Card Series Profile #7) initially come across as a contrasting pair of retirement-aged misfits deeply set in their ways, but a little road-tripping exploration of the earth and parallel exploration of self in a volcanic setting demonstrates that the dynamics of this bromance are in continual flux. It was at a rowdy post world premiere screening Q&A at Park City’s Library Centre where the Stephens/Katz, Eenhoorn/Nelson and crew fielded questions about the directing style, film pop culture references and the unique scape. Here’s our video footage:
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'Martin Bonner' Director Chad Hartigan Preps 'Morris from America' in Germany

'Martin Bonner' Director Chad Hartigan Preps 'Morris from America' in Germany
Following his semi-autobiographical Indie Spirit-winning breakthrough, “This is Martin Bonner,” starring Australian "Land Ho!" actor Paul Eenhoorn as a man inspired by his father, Karlovy Vary juror Chad Hartigan is sharing more details on his third feature. We drove together from the Prague airport to the festival. He told me that he's excited about scouting locations in Germany for his next feature “Morris from America,” a drama which found root during his tour across global festivals, including the Czech Republic's Karlovy Vary, with “Martin Bonner.” The coming-of-age story will be financed by Medienboard and Sudwestrundfunk out of Germany and cast with German actors, except for his young American lead, who'll be playing "an overweight African-American child living in small-town Germany and falling in love with a local girl,” Variety reports.
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Earl Lynn Nelson and Paul Eenhorn Talk Land Ho!, the Physical Demands of Shooting on Unpredictable Geysers, Their Sundance Experience, and More,

Land Ho!’s unconventional and likeable stars, Earl Lynn Nelson and Paul Eenhoorn, take audiences on a bawdy and adventurous road trip across Iceland playing a pair of aging ex-brothers-in-law who rekindle their friendship and joie de vivre while on holiday. Opening July 11th, the quirky comedy written and directed by indie filmmakers Martha Stephens and Aaron Katz embraces life as a never-ending adventure where you’re never too old to reconnect, make new acquaintances, and explore the world around you. During an entertaining roundtable interview, Nelson and Eenhoorn talked about their filmmaking journey, the appeal of their characters, the grueling production schedule, their odd couple dynamic, setting the story against a stunning Icelandic landscape, the physical demands of shooting on moonless moors and unpredictable geysers, their Star Wars reference, what it was like on set working with two directors, their Sundance experience, what Robert Redford had to say about their film,
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Land Ho!, a Buddy Road Trip Through Iceland

Land Ho!, a Buddy Road Trip Through Iceland
Land Ho! is a How Grandpa Got His Groove Back for the geezer set, a buddy road trip through Iceland, starring two divorced men with a combined age of 150 years. The writer-directors, Martha Stephens and Aaron Katz, are 30 and 34, respectively, young enough to be their leading men’s grandchildren but just old enough to empathize with their wrinkles. Ringleader Mitch (Earl Lynn Nelson) is a rich, reluctantly retired doctor who fancies himself the Joe Francis of septuagenarians. (And his taste in women doesn't skew much older.) As for the polite but prickly Colin (Paul Eenhoorn, the late-blooming talent of This is Martin Bonner), he’s aware that he’s merely a freeloading passenger in Mitch’s mission but quickly shakes off any guilt about his companions...
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Chad Hartigan Puffing Away on Third Feature; “Morris From America” Set for Fall Start

Much like his past collaborator in Land Ho! (starring Paul Eenhoorn) filmmaker Aaron Katz, Chad Hartigan is not restricting his films to Woody Guthrie’s This Land Is Your Land topography. Reported by Variety’s Guy Lodge, the Luke and Brie Are on a First Date and This is Martin Bonner helmer is moving eastward into Berlin, Germany for a third feature film that he described as, a “part coming-of-age tale, part fish-out-of-water” type of narrative. Shooting is set for a September start with some German backing involved.

Gist: This centres around an overweight African-American child living in small-town Germany who falls for a local girl.

Worth Noting: The Next section-Sundance selected This is Martin Bonner was the winner of the John Cassavetes Award at the 2014 Independent Spirit Awards. It travelled the fest circuit including my coverage of last year’s 48th Karlovy Vary film fest.

Do We Care?:
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Exclusive Interview With Earl Lynn Nelson And Paul Eenhoorn On Land Ho!

Land Ho! is one of the more amusing and thoughtful films to release during the 2014 summer movie season. It stars Earl Lynn Nelson and Paul Eenhoorn as a pair of ex-brother-in-laws who were once close friends but ended up drifting apart through various circumstances. They find themselves dealing with aging and loneliness as their wives have long since left them, and in an effort to reclaim their youth, they decide to take a vacation together to Iceland. What looks like your typical odd couple road movie becomes an engrossing study of two people facing down their personal adversaries and regrets while taking in the amazing sights that Iceland has to offer.

It was truly a lot of fun talking with Earl Lynn and Paul when they were at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel for the Land Ho! press day in Los Angeles, California last week. Like his character in the movie,
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Land Ho! Movie Review

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Land Ho! Movie Review
Title: Land Ho! Sony Pictures Classics Reviewed for Shockya by Harvey Karten. Data-based on Rotten Tomatoes Grade: B Director: Martha Stephens, Aaron Katz Screenplay: Martha Stephens, Aaron Katz Cast: Paul Eenhoorn, Earl Lynn Nelson, Karrie Crouse, Elizabeth McKee, Alice Olivia Clarke, Emmsje Gauti Screened at: Sony, NYC, 5/28/14 Opens: July 11, 2014 You probably heard the advice “Travel while you’re young. You have the energy, and once you get kids, you’ll have to put off long trips for many years to come.” There is some truth in this: of course you have more energy when you’re 20 than when you’re 60, and traveling with young kids or teens can be [ Read More ]

The post Land Ho! Movie Review appeared first on
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Land Ho! Review

I have to give Land Ho! credit, because seniors typically don’t get their shot at proper road trip comedies. It’s always frisky teens searching for sexual nirvana, or boyfriends trying to save their relationship – but what about a couple of grey-haired grandpas rekindling their friendship abroad? Just because their bedtime might be on the early side doesn’t mean these two silver foxes can’t rage it up American Pie style – but that’s a completely different movie.

While this is Aaron Katz and Martha Stephens’ show, serving as joint writers and directors, Executive Producer David Gordon Green’s influence can be felt throughout – almost as an homage to his indie workings. Land Ho! is the unlikeliest of buddy comedies, but just like Gordon Green’s Prince Avalance, this natural adventure was missing a certain sense of enjoyable establishment – sufficent for some, but problematic for others.

Earl Lynn
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Top 3 Critics’ Picks In Theaters this July: Aaron Katz & Martha Stephens’ Land Ho!

Land Ho! – Aaron Katz & Martha Stephens

Limited Release – July 11th

Distributor: Sony Pictures Classics

Awards & Fests: Announced as a sleeper hit acquisition at the Sundance Film Fest (there is nothing sleeper about this gem) by Sony Pictures Classics, this was picked up smack-dab during its premiere week. So far, this has traveled to both coasts with showings at Tribeca and Laff.

What the critic’s are saying?: Like most critics, Variety’s Justin Chang recognized the power of two identifying “pitch-perfect turns from Paul Eenhoorn and relative newcomer Earl Lynn Nelson, but also a seamless writing-directing collaboration between rising indie helmers Martha Stephens and Aaron Katz.” Indiewire’s Eric Kohn points out how it manages to avoid certain trappings found in the subgenres, “Indie road trip comedies are perhaps the worst cliché of low budget American filmmaking, but “Land Ho!,” the story of two aging men on a meandering vacation in Iceland,
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Want A Hit? Watch This Exclusive Clip From Sundance Dramedy 'Land Ho!'

Generally speaking, indie cinema tends to focus stories about journeys of self-discovery, friendship and more on younger people, but when it comes to the genre, co-writers and directors Martha Stephens (“Passenger Pigeons”) and Aaron Katz ("Cold Weather") have decided not to play into standard expectations. Their dramedy "Land Ho!," which premiered earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival, not only sets the action in Iceland, it centers it around a unlikely, elderly duo. Starring Paul Eenhoorn and Earl Lynn Nelson, "Land Ho!" tells the story of two former brothers-in-law who decide to vacation together in Iceland. Already mismatched — one is an American Southerner, the other Australian — Mitch and Colin avoid their issues with aging and loneliness and more, with women, nightclubs and other spirited adventures, as they take in the landscape with their rented SUV. And in this clip, we even see drugs play a role in their...
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Watch: Video Interview with 'Land Ho!' Co-Stars Paul Eenhoorn and Earl Lynn Nelson, the Unlikely Hits of Sundance

Word spread at Sundance in January that "Land Ho!" was a sleeper hit, and sure enough, it was soon scooped up by Sony Pictures Classics, which will unleash the comedy on audiences July 11. (It's at 83 on the Tomatometer.) Check out the video below to see why it's a load of fun.  The two writer-directors, Martha Stephens ("Pilgrim Song") and Aaron Katz ("Cold Weather"), cast Australian actor Paul Eenhoorn and plastic surgeon non-pro Earl Lynn Nelson to enact the story of two ex-brothers-in-law and friends who reunite on an exotic trip to Iceland. The movie is both raucous adventure and sweetly intimate bromance. And the dynamics at work are obvious from the video interview below, which starts with quiet-spoken Eenhoorn and is utterly taken over by bigger-than-life Nelson.  Trailer is also below. 
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