Can Joe Dirt outdo Joe Schmo?

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Can Joe Dirt outdo Joe Schmo?
truTV, which recently rebranded itself to focus more on comedy and less on fakery, has announced that it's ordered a new prank show executive produced by David Spade. This isn't another hidden camera series, however. Instead, "Fameless" will make its cameras very visible. It's a series that the network describes as "half sketch show/half prank show," one that "will take a lighthearted look at how far people will go to be famous." What that means is this: a group of actors and improvisers will create a fake show, like an SNL sketch, but then play it out with a real person as one of the contestants. David Spade, who's also going to be in the return of "Joe Dirt" this summer, will appear at least once in the series, which is produced by Electus. If this sounds familiar, that's probably because it sounds a lot like "The Joe Schmo Show,
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‘Joe Schmo’ Show Season 4 – Can They Pull it Off Again?

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After weeks of watching Chase Rogan truly earn his “good guy” title on Joe Schmo: The Full Bounty, the time had finally come to reveal to this year’s “Joe Schmo” that the show he was on was, in fact, fake. But as fans of the series reveled in Rogan’s tearful response to news, one question continued to linger: Could they do it again? Is a season 4 possible?

The return of The Joe Schmo Show on Spike in 2013 was, for fans of the series at least, something they thought would never happen. When the show first premiered in 2003, Matt Kennedy Gould, the original “Schmo”, participated in a show he thought was called Lap of Luxury where, like with The Full Bounty, Ralph Garman as well as a stable of actors (including ...

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12 days of reality: Joe Millionaire's slurps, Joe Schmo's schmo

Of the gifts reality TV has given us, it has given us a lot to laugh at and mock. The 2003 Fox series Joe Millionaire formalized that mockery by satirizing The Bachelor, pretending its star was a millionaire when he really was not. It ushered in an era of prank reality shows, most of which sucked big time, but Spike's The Joe Schmo Show perfected the genre by making Matt Kennedy Gould think he was
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