Halloween 2017: Add Lovecraft to Your Halloween Viewing Schedule with The Whisperer In Darkness

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Throughout the month of October, horror fans celebrate by binging on our favorite tales of the macabre. We bust out our favorite Blu-rays, scour our collections and watch our old favorites from Romero, Craven, and Carpenter, while also checking out newer offerings. In my humble opinion, you really can’t have a proper Halloween season without the inclusion of H.P. Lovecraft. His stories made an indelible mark and influenced horror and science fiction for years to come. The genre wouldn't be what it is today without his work and the way he inspired other storytellers, and the inclusion of a Lovecraft story is essential in any October viewing schedule.

The Whisperer in Darkness is a classic entry in Lovecraft’s oeuvre (and one of my personal favorites). It was adapted for the screen in 2011 by Sean Branney (who also directed) and co-writer Andrew Leman. The story tells the tale of
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Q&A: Composer Fabio Frizzi Discusses the Thrill of Performing Live & Reflects on Working with Lucio Fulci

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They collaborated creatively through multiple decades, creating cinematic magic on the screen that still resonates with horror fans today. As far as one-two punches go when it comes to directors and composers, Lucio Fulci and Fabio Frizzi pack a huge wallop, and in the years since Fulci's passing in 1996, Frizzi has kept the spirit of Fulci's movies alive through his music, including recent live performances of his scores, two of which will take place on October 29th and the 30th at the New York City's Music Hall of Williamsburg. Ahead of the anticipated shows, I had the honor of catching up with Frizzi for our latest Q&A to talk about the joys of performing live, collaborating with Fulci, The Beyond Composer's Cut, and more.

Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for us, Fabio. Fans of your work have been able to see you perform
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#SDCC14: On Day 3 (July 26) Vamp Out with True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Salem, Ahs: Coven, Constantine, Grimm, Sin City, Lovecraft, Twin Peaks, and More!

Day 3 of Sdcc '14 marks the end of an era with "True Blood's" last panel. It's joined by fellow fangers "The Vampire Diaries," the witches of "Salem" and "Ahs: Coven," "Grimm," Sin City, "Constantine," Troma, and lots more.

Per usual, we have the horror highlights along with info on a few other panels that should be of general interest (plus a couple of things for the kids). Be sure to visit the official 2014 San Diego Comic-Con website for the full lineup.

Day 3: Saturday, July 26, 2014

10 Am - The Simpsons

Celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Simpsons-no gifts please-with creator Matt Groening, executive producer Al Jean, supervising director Mike Anderson, and director for life David Silverman. Topics include the new Treehouse of Horror, Simpsorama, a visit from Homer Simpson and much, much more.

Saturday July 26, 2014 10:00am - 10:45am - Ballroom 20

10 Am - Idw: Summer Blockbusters!

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Top 11 Lovecraftian Horror Films

The work of H.P. Lovecraft has inspired not only legions of fans throughout the years but an entire sub-genre of horror. Highlighted by frail, false realities masking a horrific and unfathomable truth… and of course, tentacles, fans embrace Lovecraftian horror films like the squishy appendages they feature.

And with the release of Dead Shadows, we remember our Top 11 Lovecraftian Horror Films.

This list contains not just movies inspired by the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, although some of them are certainly here; it also has movies that fall into the Lovecraftian-inspired category. Cosmic horror of the unknown and unknowable that could fracture sanity hovering over reality. Cthulhu. And, of course, those tentacles we mentioned earlier.

As for honorable mentions, how about the wildly popular hit HBO show "True Detective" for starters? There are certainly some Lovecraftian influences there, including Rust Cohle's ideas on fate and religion and the cult of Hastur operating in Louisiana.
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'Dreams in the Witch House: A Lovecraftian Rock Opera' – Album Review

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'Dreams in the Witch House: A Lovecraftian Rock Opera' – Album Review
Fans of legendary author H.P. Lovecraft know how closely the ideas of sound, music and strange vibrations are woven into his literary works – from the supernatural serenade called forth in "The Music of Erich Zann" to the sonic “resonator” that opens a dimensional portal in From Beyond. Many musicians have tapped into Lovecraft's tales for inspiration – sometimes purely for fun, as in the case of Re-Animator: The Musical, co-produced for the stage by another horror icon, Stuart Gordon. As you know, Gordon's long association with Lovecraft's work began in earnest with the 1985 classic Re-Animator, and includes a memorable episode of the Showtime series Masters of Horror: “Dreams in the Witch House.” That same tale, which Lovecraft penned in 1932, is now the basis of an epic rock opera produced in association with the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society. While Gordon is not involved in this project, it does feature one
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The Whisperer in Darkness and Bringing H.P. Lovecraft's Horrifying Vision to Fruition: A Movie Review (DVD)

Director: Sean Branney.

Writers: H.P. Lovecraft (story), Sean Branney and Andrew Leman (screenplay).

Cast: Stephen Blackehart, Annie Abrams and Matt Lagan.

Enthusiasts of H.P. Lovecraft will eat up the cinematic adaption of the tale, The Whisperer in Darkness. Made by the members of the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society, this film is very clearly a labour of love that came close to not finishing due to funding issues. But thankfully, Sandy Peterson, author of Call of Cthulhu, the role-playing game, saved the day by injecting the money needed to finish the project.

When turning Lovecraft’s works to cinematic expression, some liberties were taken. This movie nicely reproduces the style in films like Dracula, Frankenstein and The Mummy with the set designs and title cards. Also added is a Little Shop of Horrors style (the original) ending. But ultimately, this movie is an update than a wholly faithful adaptation. Had it
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Fantasia 2011: ‘The Whisperer in Darkness’ marries 1930s stylistics and Lovecraftian bleakness

The Whisperer in Darkness

Directed by Sean Branney

Written by Sean Branney and Andrew Leman, based on the story by H.P. Lovecraft

USA, 2011

Fantasia imdb

The Whisperer in Darkness is an extraordinarily well-crafted film and it completely achieves its objectives. Oddly, the film’s greatest strength is also its greatest weakness.

The Whisperer in Darkness has two goals. First, to be a faithful Lovecraft adaptation.

While the film takes a few liberties with the original short story, especially in its ending, it does so in the interest of being even more bleakly Lovecraftian. The film is very faithful to Lovecraft’s ability to parcel out creepy information in dribs and drabs from a variety of different medium including lost books, letters, recordings, phone calls, overheard conversations, expert testimony and found artifacts. Most importantly, The Whisperer in Darkness captures Lovecraft’s ability to give us protagonists who come to heroism late in their own narrative,
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H.P. Lovecraft’s The Whisperer in Darkness Sets the Horror Film Festivals Ablaze: A Movie Preview

Director: Sean Branney.

Writers: H.P. Lovecraft (story), Sean Branney and Andrew Leman (screenplay).

Stars: Stephen Blackehart, Barry Lynch and Conor Timmis.

The movie The Whisperer in Darkness is complete and touring the film festivals around the world. The filmmakers couldn't be any happier. Now the pressure is on to produce the DVD for the rest of the world to enjoy. With this seminal tale that is part science fiction and part terror, the onus is on how effective the actors are in reaching that creeping revelation.

“There are monsters in them thar hills,” as the hicks in the bayous like to call it.

And the written version, Albert N. Wilmarth, (Matt Foyer) an instructor of literature at Miskatonic University provides the narration. He’s corresponding with Henry Wentworth Akeley (Barry Lynch), a man who lives alone who claims to have made contact with these mysterious creatures. The response from Wilmarth,
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God of Clay and More Upcoming Horror Flicks at the Bigfoot Crest Theater

We recently received a metric ton of updates about upcoming events at the Bigfoot Crest Theater in Los Angeles so strap in because there's a lot for you guys to check out - including what could be The Greatest Monster Of All Time!

The Bigfoot Crest is going to be putting on some very cool screenings over the next two months, including showings of Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster, The Thing, a new H.P. Lovecraft film (The Whisper in Darkness) and what wins the award of most unique looking new monster The God of Clay (see images below and know that somewhere The Foywonder is giving high fives to random strangers).

Check out all the details below, and see even more at the Bigfoot Crest website.

From the Press Release:

The historic Bigfoot Crest Theater in Westwood – recently hailed by Los Angeles Magazine as one of the best screens in
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The Whisperer In Darkness Review

[Our thanks to Dejan Ognjanovic for the following review.] The Whisperer in Darkness is the first feature length film by the folks from the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society. Their version of The Call of Cthulhu (2005), directed by Andrew Leman, was a brave and surprisingly successful medium-length film (47 minutes) done with a lot of care and talent. Unlike numerous other flicks which (ab)use Lovecraft's name merely to sell yet another same-old creature feature and/or slasher, The Call of Cthulhu was obviously a labor of love, but also of knowledge about what makes the Great Old One truly great. It was shot in the style of a 1920s silent horror (which means: in glorious black and white), with period-style music and inter-titles. The Call......
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to give or to keep: Cthulhu playing cards

Until I run out of cool giftable stuff to tell you about or until we run out of days till Christmas, I’ll be sharing some neat-o things that your geeky pals might enjoy, or that you might want to give to yourself, if you’ve been especially good this year. Here’s a great stocking stuffer for the worshippers of the Great Old Ones on your holiday list. Says Innsmouth House: Weird illustrator Darrell Tutchton and weird graphic designer Andrew Leman teamed together to created a fabulous deck of Lovecraftian playing cards. It's a 52 card deck (plus 2 jokers) of standard playing cards, but the face cards depict Cthulhu, Shub Niggurath and Nyarlathotep; the ace of spades has an Elder Sign and Lovecraft himself is the joker. Poker, gin, hearts, go-fish, and all traditional card games will eat away a bit more of your sanity with this deck!
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