Petition Asks Sesame Street to Let Bert and Ernie Marry

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Petition Asks Sesame Street to Let Bert and Ernie Marry
[1] Now that New York has become the sixth state to legalize gay marriage, it was probably only a matter of time before people got to wondering when one of the state's most famous and beloved pair of long-term partners would be tying the knot. The couple in question is Bert and Ernie, puppets and opposites-attract besties who reside on New York City's (fictional) Sesame Street. A petition is currently circulating which asks PBS to "let" the pair make their alleged love legal. Oh sure, the two may claim to be "just friends" on the show, but plenty of people over the years have wondered -- some jokingly, some more seriously -- if the relationship runs deeper than the show is willing to admit. Read more after the jump. While this may be the first time some Sesame Street fans are hearing about this sorta-controversy, Bert and Ernie actually have a
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Harry Potter and the end of a pop-culture phenomenon

The release of the final film featuring the boy wizard is being treated as a momentous cultural event. But why was it all so wildly successful? And what did it really, deep down, all mean?

I am reading Critical Perspectives on Harry Potter (Part 2), in time for the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 2). The film is the second half of Joanne Rowling's seventh book, which Warner Bros have cut in two, to thrill the fans or increase their $6bn gross, depending on how magnanimous you think global corporations that cross-market wizards can be. By the end of this week, Potter on film is done; it is a beginning of an end.

I bought Critical Perspectives on Harry Potter (Part 2), not because I can't get hold of Harry Potter and International Relations, which actually exists, but because I think it is the best example of the
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