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Exclusive: New World Clip

Exclusive: New World Clip
Our exclusive clip from Well Go USA's Korean thriller New World shows just how dangerous being an undercover cop can be. Lee Jeong-jae stars as Ja-sung, a cop who has been undercover for the past eight years as the right-hand man to the Goldmoon crime syndicate leader. After the leader's death, the cops launch a new initiative that puts Ja-sung's life in danger, fearing he will be exposed as a mole. Take a look at this scene where Ja-sung confronts his police handler Kang (Min-sik Choi), revealing he needs to get out before it's too late.

New World - Exclusive "Give Up the Law"

The head of the Goldmoon crime syndicate is dead, leaving his top two lieutenants. Seizing the opportunity, the police launch an operation called New World, with the perfect weapon. The boss' right hand man, Ja-sung (Lee Jeong-jae, The Thieves), has been a deep-cover operative for 8 years,
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2010 Nykff: A Frozen Flower Review

A Frozen Flower is a Korean costume drama set in the Goryeo Dynasty. Directed by Ha Yoo, the film focuses on an affair between a King (Jin-mo Joo) and one of his elite bodyguards, Hong-lim (In-seong Jo). As the Queen (Ji-hyo Song) struggles with her feelings towards the King, the kingdom is at unrest due to the lack of an heir. To prevent a revolt against the throne, the King commands Hong-lim to impregnate the Queen so an heir can be conceived. However, things turn grim when Hong-lim and the Queen fall in love.

I really don't have much experience seeing Korean epics, although the film feels really familiar. I hate to say this, but being exposed to Zhang Yimou's works may have endowed me with unrealistic expectations of the martial arts period drama genre. A Frozen Flower is in no way a small production. However, the degree of stylization
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