Bloodfest Club is Coming! Check out the Trailer!

Anyone who saw the Late Night Grindhouse screening of Hobo With A Shotgun at The Hi-Pointe Theater a couple of weeks ago saw the big-screen premiere of the trailer for Bloodfest Club that played before the feature. Bloodfest Club exists at this time only as a trailer, but the filmmakers are hoping the positive buzz the trailer is generating will help raise money to finance a feature-length version of the film. Bloodfest Club will be the second film from the writing team of Oscar Madrid and Jim Ousley. Their first, Hooch & Daddy-o, was an award-winning mock documentary (available on Netflix). about a fictional 80′s cop show directed in 2005 by Donna Northcott (who directed the recent Abominable Dr. Phibes stage show that was part of Vincentennial). Bloodfest Club will mark the directorial debut of Madrid and stars writer Ousley as Sonny Kane, a slow-witted, Chuck Norris-obsessed janitor at a High
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Vincentennial: Dr. Phibes Stage Play Opens Friday the 13th!

Celebrate Vincentennial , the Vincent Price 100th Birthday Celebration, with a stage presentation of one of his classics: The Abominable Dr. Phibes – in 3D! St. Louis Shakespeare’s Magic Smoking Monkey Theatre has based their new play on the 1971 Vincent Price horror favorite. The police are baffled when prominent doctors are found murdered in bizarre manners, which seem to resemble the 10 Biblical plagues! Detectives soon discover that all the crimes are linked to the mysterious Dr. Phibes, who was believed to be killed in a car accident. It’s a race against time (and bees, bats, frogs, rats, ice-makers, carousel unicorns, etc.) as the detectives try to stop Dr. Phibes before he kills again. The parody is directed by Artistic Director Donna Northcott and features Richard Lewis as Dr. Phibes, Luke Lindberg as Dr. Vesalius, and Ben Ritchie as Det. Inspector Trout, with Nicole Angeli, Casey Boland, Jaysen Cryer, Ruman Kazi,
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